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Announcing OnlySheets

About this Tutorial

Introducing OnlySheets, the paywall for Google Sheets.

Video Transcript

00:00 Hello. Welcome better feeds members. I'm so glad you are here. And I am announcing only sheets. This is the official announcement video.
00:10 I'm so glad you're watching right now. There are four parts of this video. One, why did I make this where you can sell access to a Google sheet with Gumroad when Gumroad already exists?
00:22 I'll explain why second. I will explain how it works. I will actually be going into the code and showing you the code three.
00:31 I need your help. And the third part is how you can help. There's two ways to help one use it will abuse it, see how it works, use it and share with me how you're using it.
00:42 And the second is over the next few days I will be announcing only sheets to more and more people beyond the better sheets family.
00:50 And so I need those stories. I need you to tell me, how are you going to use this and forth?
00:56 I'm going to give you an exclusive members, only discount where it's going to go from $20 down to zero. Thank you so much for being a better sheets member and watching this whole video to see what it's like.
01:09 All right. So why did I make only sheets? Well, let me explain the problem that I was facing. Every single time that I created Google sheet and I think I want to sell it.
01:24 I need to sell it through some third party. I need to sell it through Stripe, through Gumroad through buy me a coffee with coffee links, and I need to provide them a link.
01:33 Now that link, well, the purchaser, I don't know who's going to buy it, right. Like if I had a client and I give them edit access or view access I know them they're already paying me and I know their email address and I can just give it to them.
01:47 But if I'm selling a template or notes or a list of some sort, then I have to go to the Google sheet and I have to click here and I have to change the share policy.
02:02 And I need to change it to anyone with the link. Now, most of the time, like almost 100% of the time, this is not a problem.
02:11 There are two situations in which this could be a problem. One someone maliciously or with bad intention wants to purchase one and then sell it themselves, or wants to sort of just spread it around to communities.
02:26 They share it. Now I see that that it's maliciously, but the same action happens when someone wants to help. They're like, Oh, I love this sheet.
02:34 I want to take some screenshots of it. And then they also end up giving it out the URL for it.
02:39 And there's nothing that the creator can do except go back to this page and click restricted. And now that link doesn't work.
02:48 And so all of the nice work that someone did really to help you, help you promote your work, help you promote what you're doing, your designs, your templates, or lists.
02:59 They're trying to help you, but they've maliciously in with good intent exposed your data. And now there's no reason for people to buy it.
03:09 So then you fix this, right? And you click restricted and all of that Goodwill sort of evaporates because the person who shared it feels really bad, or they don't feel bad and they're doing it for bad intent.
03:23 Well, what, well, this sucks, right? Like this doesn't allow anyone to have it a nice user experience, right? As a creator, I don't have the security of knowing who's buying it and have giving them access.
03:36 Second, the purchaser sometimes there are some situations in which you want to give, edit access, and then the link then like it is shipper exposed, like that link that anyone can edit on the internet he's really exposed really, really badly.
03:56 So how do you find that, that middle ground, that Goldilocks zone of giving the link without giving the access, but allowing the purchaser access.
04:09 And that's where only sheets comes in and I'm going to dive into the, into the code, but I want to give some, I want to, I want you to, to pause this video and go try it out for yourself, not buying it, but trying to go to only, sheet's done X, Y, Z, right?
04:25 Scroll down past the watch. Now past the buy. Now, scroll down and go to try now. And by clicking trial for free Gumroad, it's totally free.
04:37 You will get access to a hundred ideas. And some of you have already gotten the hundred ideas from the GG stack Gumroad and Google sheets that is here, but it is a brand new sheet.
04:50 So you don't have access to it until you try for free with Gumroad click that, okay. Button over there. And you will be able well to try that that is only sheets, only sheets is powering that button and that sheet yes, only sheets powers only sheets.
05:07 I'm using this log and this sheet to sell this sheet. And I can give you this URL. You can look up here, you can try to go to this URL and you can not get there until you purchase it.
05:22 This is really, really cool because now I can make a video. I can expose the link and still be able to sell the sheep.
05:30 And again, wait until the end of the day, you're going to get an exclusive discount as a better sheets member.
05:36 You get this for free and I'm really excited to share it with you, but first, let me show you how it works.
05:42 It's, it's all code it's. We're going to CR we deploy it as a web app and also all of this stuff that I'm going through now really fast is on the read me page.
05:52 And over here, let me move my face a little bit over here. A bunch of like 32nd videos, like eight 30, second videos for like four minutes or nine.
06:03 And this walks you through step-by-step in 32nd bits on how to use it. So once you buy it, you've watched these videos end in like four minutes.
06:13 You can start selling Google sheets on Gumroad. And then, okay, so let me get out that out of the way.
06:20 And now let's go back to the code. Let me explain the code a little bit. Truly this was set up from last week.
06:29 I expose exposed. I shared for free on get hub and through vendor sheets a Stripe integration basically saying this is Stripe Webhooks.
06:38 Use this Google co Google script as a web app and everything you sell on Stripe, you'll be able to get it in a Google sheet.
06:47 And literally I set this up only sheets were supposed to be using that, but I set it up. It works, but when I did it on Gumroad, it works way more beautifully.
06:58 You can set this up once and then you have this really cool little settings page, which you can add num a number of different Gumroad codes here.
07:10 And it allows access to these sheets or you all you have to do as a user. And you're using this is set sheet URL set.
07:18 The code that the Gumroad is the Gumroad product link is set the access level. So say someone want to viewer view it or edit it because there are a few times you might want to sell, edit access.
07:32 I programmed a little email notification here. You can turn that off. If you want to just allow Gumroad to send those emails.
07:38 And then you say with doc type, it is because this is mindblowing. It's not only sheets. You can actually share slides and Google docs in this.
07:48 So also I've been pointing you to only sheets that XYZ. Yes. Use that. But I also, once I coded this and you can now use it for not only sheets, I got not only sheets.com, which redirects you to only sheets.xyz.
08:05 So you can go to not only sheets.com or only sheets done XYZ. I think that's really funny that I start it's called only sheets, but it works not on, not on the sheets.
08:18 It works with not only sheets. So yeah, what happens in the code is that gum roping sends a message to this web app.
08:29 Every single time that you get a something purchased. And if it matches one of these in this column here, it will then go to the sheet, your L and be like, Hey, the purchaser needs access to this Google sheet, give them viewer access.
08:47 And it uses their email because Gumroad ping, sends emails in Gumroad ping messaging. Let me see if this looks good and you get this log of every single thing you've ever everything you've ever sold and it, along with the permalink and along with the email address.
09:07 So what's really cool is that you can see sometimes Gumroad things that you sell don't match. One of these it'll show up here, just so you know, it's like, Hey, the Gumroad ping happened, but we didn't find a match.
09:20 So nothing happened. We didn't set give them access, but anything you said here that does have a sheet URL, viewer access it wills, and then you can send an email notification that says you can write the email up here.
09:33 What's really funny too, is that this gives you a log of all of this and these permanent links are really, really close.
09:44 I set this up. I had a really funny little thing that happened. I tried to re-type this, and I didn't know if this was a capital IRA, a lowercase L, so there was some trouble.
09:53 So I have some videos there where I share with you some troubleshooting and which brings me to my next thing, how to help you have two ways that I'm requesting you to help one and the best, the best way you can help is by using this.
10:11 Again, I'm going to give you an exclusive discount at the end of this video. So what, this is all free for you as a better sheets member.
10:18 And what I need you to do if you want to help is go and use it. And let me know if there's any problems whatsoever.
10:27 I am standing by today for the rest of like, I think the next 10 hours, and I'm going to be available really very fast customer support for you.
10:38 If you're watching this video in the beyond, what day is today? January 28th. If you're watching this beyond them, please feel free to email me any issues or problems you have.
10:47 I'm more than happy to help andrew@canfieldgroup.com. Or you can just reply if you bought better sheets and you got it for Gumroad reply to any email you get from me through Gumroad that's probably the best way to reach me.
11:03 And you're getting this. If you are already a vendor sheets member, you're getting this, this through an email, reply to the email and tell me what happened or what didn't happen.
11:14 If something you expected to happen didn't happen. And if you have an idea of how to use this and you're not served, so you're not ready to set it up right now in the next 24 hours.
11:25 Totally fine. Just email me what you're thinking about, and I'm more than happy to help. And also if you tweet about it and ping me, or even email me the tweet, I'm more than happy to reshare retweet, share what you're working on and how you're making money using this.
11:41 And I think that is a SU that is the best way you can help. The second way you can help is that again, over the next few days beyond today, after today, I'm going to be releasing this to a wider one, the better sheets, the wider, better sheets, the community.
11:57 And so if you use this in the next 24 hours, please feel free to reply to any post that I do about this, announcing it with what you are selling put a link to your Gumroad product that you're using with this totally, totally great free advertising for you, for anyone who's interested in seeing
12:17 what only sheets does, then they can see how you're using it. Then on next week, I'll be releasing it to much, much wider audience people who are not a part of the better sheets community nor a better sheets member.
12:32 And so again, if you see only sheets out in the wild feel free and please help share it, share it, tweet it Facebook at LinkedIn share it right about what you're doing.
12:46 And again, if you have, if you are on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on Facebook and you post about it, feel free to email me the link to that post.
12:54 And I'm happy to like it, share it, comment on it. And I'm so excited that people will be using all only sheets for selling their Google sheets.
13:04 Okay. The last thing, and this is what you've been, this, this is what you've been watching. This whole video for you wasted not wasted.
13:11 You spent 13 minutes with me. Okay. All you need to do is go to only sheets.xyz or not only sheets.com.
13:20 It's the same site. Go click up at the top by now. You've probably already tried it too, already been on this page before.
13:26 And all you need to do is add to cart. And over here, we're going to check out, Oh my God, I have two of them.
13:32 Cause I tried it earlier. Discount code, better sheets member. And that will bring it up as zero. And you're going to get that for free, no charge whatsoever for bedsheets members.
13:48 Thank you so much. See if it goes down to zero from $20 to $0, you save $20 in 14 minutes.
13:55 Thank you so much. You're going to get an email and if it doesn't work, if anything whatsoever, doesn't work to your expectation.
14:02 Let me know. And also go ahead and watch this killer YouTube video that I made. Announcing only sheets. It's really fun.
14:12 I'll put this in the link as well. Bye.