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Generate Hundreds of Business Names

About this Tutorial

Create business names quickly with this Google Sheets trick.

Video Transcript

 Hey, welcome. So this video is to go into how I created this business name generator. And what is this document is solving is how to do, get a lot out of a few words. So this often happens. We will get an idea for a new business name or a domain we wanna get and we. Try a lot of iterations, but like our mind can only think of a few.

But if we have a place where we can once save these kinds of additional words that we might wanna use or save business names and then. Create a list of an extraordinary number of variations, permutations, or iterations. We can do a lot with a little, and then we can even use this list to go and see if there's dot coms available, if there's dot cos if there's anything available, if there are Twitter accounts available.

So what I did is, , these two ro columns are individual words that I wanna put together in a number of ways, right? There's an app, Sumo, there's a better sheets already. But I wanna know, is there a better Sumo? Is there a Sumo app? Is there a better doctor, better agency, better Farm ? What other names are available?

And I have very different names here, but maybe you have iterations, you know, maybe it's like, is it better sheet or better sheets? And you want to try and you want to notate all of them. You can put the same word here, right? You can put sheet, or you can put spreadsheet, and you can, or spreadsheets, right?

And now you see you have app sheet, app spreadsheet, spreadsheet, app. And then you have the other way around. You have better sheets, better sheet, better spreadsheet, better spreadsheets. So you can have these listed out and you only have to type them once. Well, what's interesting as well,  is, you don't know which side it might be like, you know, better sheets.

Sounds okay now, but when I was doing it's like, is it sheet better? Probably not. That's probably a bad thing to, for people to be saying about your company. It's a, it makes you sheet better. So.  if you want, if you d don't know which side this extra word should be on, maybe like map, is it agency map or map agency or is it farm map or map Farm or drone map or map Drone.

What this list does is it puts it on both sides. Okay. So how did I do this and how can you recreate this generator? Well, one is you have access to the sheet. You can go grab the sheet, but I will show you actually exactly what I did here, which is a bunch of array formulas and I used curly bracket.

So let me, Duplicate this first. I'm gonna delete this later after I show this to you after I do it again, exactly what I did. Cuz I have a sort here, we're gonna sort it at the end, but let's break it down to this first thing. So what did we do here? Let's see, what did we do? So, . What we're trying to do is we're trying to get every iteration, so we get sheets with app, better map notes panned up.

We're also getting app with sheets, Sumo doctor, agency, right. So, and then we also wanna flip it. Okay. Well first off, we need to get this one with everything. So we do let's see here. So we get an array formula and we're gonna put in brackets.  and D 4 2 11. So what does this do? Actually, let me show you.

What if, if we only do this, if we only do B four and D 4 2 11, it is doing Sheets app. So that's the first one here and the first one here. And that's not what we want, right? We want this first one with everything. Okay? So what are we gonna do? Well, we wrap it in an array formula. Okay. And we end it with a.

And now. Cool. We have sheets with everything. Okay, so now we wanna add sumo. Okay, so what if we just do this? What if we just put a comma and then we just do beat instead of before? It's the five, right? That's gonna give us an error. What we really need to do is wrap an array. , we need to wrap everything with a

curly brackets. Okay? And instead of a column here, we have the two lists that we want, right? But we don't want them in different columns. We want them in all one column. So we just gonna go here, we are just gonna go here, change this to a semicolon, and suddenly we now have everything in one line. So we.

Gungho we're, we are fast into this, right? That is simple, right? We took, we put these in curly brackets and we said, okay, we want B four with everything now we want B five with everything, and we want it in that order, right? This B four and puts it in this order. So if we go equal, let's just do this and this.

That's where we started, and then we get that. But if we want the other way, we gotta do. D four and this Abhi. Cool. So we're gonna do a little bit of a copy and paste here. We want to grab this, and we're just gonna hit semicolon and copy and paste it a few times and just do this for each one. And this is literally what I did.

It took me one, I did this one time, and then I had everything there. So b. , where are we? B six.  seven B, eight B nine. I'm just gonna change all those and B 10. Cool. So now we have this one with all of them, but we want it on the other side as well. Okay. So we need to get this with all of these at the beginning.

Okay? So we're going to go back here, add one. And we're gonna do D four. Right. And we're gonna change it from B four. Sorry. D to B. And now we are gonna copy that. Actually I'll, I'll copy with the semicolon so we don't have to copy that again and again. So that's D four. That's D five Now. And see now we're adding, the D is in.

D six change. D four to D seven and paste again. D eight. We're doing it right in front of that last curly bracket. The nine, I think I added one extra. Let's see the, oh, I need to do D 11. Oops. Okay, so I added one more. And you know what? I forgot. B. . I'm gonna go back. B there. B 10. We need also B 11. Okay, we're gonna add that there.

Change the 10 to 11. Boom, boom, boom. And now we get, we should have, right? Eight and eight. Eight. I don't think it's eight times eight. Yeah. 60. It's more than.

There we go. We got everything. Oh my God. We have a hundred of them. We have a hundred names, but one thing is left to do. We might put these in different orders. We might have these. This is in the order that is here, but we don't want that. We actually just wanted an alphabetical order just to see what those look like.

So we're gonna do a sort  sort. We're gonna sort all of this. We're gonna go down to the bottom at a comma. Column one. Ascending is true. We want it to ascend from A to Z and and parenthesis in both. We have everything here. We have all of our names in alphabetical order. And we also have an export here, which all I did was take a array formula over.

and got everything. We can also just do that in curly brackets if we want, instead of array formula here, but put array formula here. So now I can just go file download as a CSV and I can use that list anywhere and everywhere I want to use it. So now what's really cool is you are able to now know, you now know this sort of array formula trick to create really over a hundred names.

You couldn't do this with. All kinds of things that you want to generate from a couple of different options. You can now generate this massive list from just a few options here, but.