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Transform Information Into an Info Product

About this Tutorial

Transform your information into a money-making machine! Learn how to turn your data into an info product using Google Sheets. Easy steps to follow. Boost your business now! We are selling a Google sheet here. We're selling information, we're selling curation, we're selling the time and the effort and the energy and the focus around, uh, this kind of information that of course information is free online. But we'll make it better.

Video Transcript

00:00 Hello welcome. So this video is called transform information into an info product. It is really cool. Uh, Jade has been brave enough to allow us to go inside of her product.
00:12 She's has it for sale. It's called bootstrapper press directory. It's on gum road. It's gonna be on AppSumo soon. Fingers crossed, um, and really excited to show you what's inside.
00:23 Uh, but not all of it. So she has been brave enough to, uh, allow me to show you a few of the items.
00:29 It is a Google sheet. We are selling a Google sheet here. We're selling information, we're selling curation, we're selling the time and the effort and the energy and the focus around, uh, this kind of information that of course information is free online.
00:44 If you have access to the internet, you can find all this information. In fact, what's really funny or interesting. I shouldn't say funny is that all of the information could basically be found for free on her site.
00:56 bootstrapper.directory. Um, this is our site and in fact, I was the one who like was going through her site. I was like, I I'm on here by the way, I'm in the directory.
01:06 Um, there's other stuff like 70 other people in here, their stories there, their life is sort of summarize and a bunch of links to other, other stories and other articles.
01:17 And I kept finding myself going back to the site and finding myself like going into every single directory. And I literally did this.
01:24 I was like, I went to every single person, 70 people, and I looked at what press they were getting. Where were they getting PR, where were they getting interviewed?
01:31 Where, where was Jade finding all of the information to link to these people? Um, cause he was finding my sites.
01:38 She was following me. She was finding when I got on podcasts and I didn't even keep a good record of where I had podcasts.
01:44 I didn't keep a good record of all of the articles I've ever been featured in. Um, and so I was like, well, if she's finding stuff that I'm not curated for myself, what is she finding on other people?
01:55 And I kept going into each and every one of these people I'm looking at the press and then going and seeing well, do they, does that podcast accept, you know, emails for potential guests?
02:06 Those, this article is, is the writer active in this, in this community? Would they also be interested in, in what I'm doing?
02:15 Um, and so I kept, I kept spending time here and then I went to Jade and I was like, JB, I really want this information.
02:22 But I been spending a lot of time. Um, could you just put it into this other format? And um, and it's a Google sheet.
02:28 So she did it. Uh, she put together, uh, over 50 places, uh, online sites, online, um, uh, podcasts, newsletters, P people who interview people who accept interviews, written interviews, people who accept guest posts, um, all over online and, and all about.
02:47 Bootstrappers all about online businesses, all about people who are like me. Uh, I'm my own founder. I am my own founder.
02:55 That's a weird thing. I am my own owner. I I'm not owned by anyone else. Um, I run my own company.
03:02 I run, run my own profitable ventures, where are people like me getting press? And, and this was the answer. Um, and there's thousands and thousands of us right there.
03:13 There's millions of us. Um, so what was interesting is how Jay put this together is she put into Google sheet and I want to share with you again, and we're going to dive into the sheet right here.
03:25 She's given me permission to share with you not all 50, uh, cause you gotta pay for that all and pay for off of it.
03:31 But here's four and here are the, um, what she has in here. She has a few tabs. She has a few pieces of information and then it really gets to the point where like, what does this outlet want and how do you get in contact with them?
03:45 Right. This saves me hours upon hours instead of going to her directory, going to each individual person and then finding out if the person's article or a podcast, how can I get in charge getting charged in touch?
04:01 This is I found it, this isn't, it was a list of 50. She showed me for here to share with you some data from the sheet.
04:08 Um, it has the type of content. It is the type. Is it a podcast interview that text-based interview? I particularly love text-based interviews because I can do the main synchronously.
04:17 I can do them anytime I walk I'm on a little different times on the most people in the world that, uh, speak my own language.
04:22 Um, podcasts interviews are really tough to, um, um, schedule, uh, especially being in the time zone that I'm in. Um, and so what's really interesting is there are some statistics here that she's put in as well, just to give you some idea of like, what is the potential impact that you could have?
04:43 Of course, all of these ventures, all of these outlets, um, are, are gaming. Uh, we're in a really great space right now.
04:51 Um, online businesses now we have world is just increasing more people are coming online every day, every year and we're just growing right more tech, more interesting people, more interesting stories.
05:04 And so let's get to this sheet, right? One thing if you're building an info product and you've come to this video to find out what should I do?
05:15 Um, there's sort of two things that I'm going to cover in this video. One is we're going to actually change this sheet.
05:22 We're going to add a couple of cool features that she could put onto the page, right? So sometimes we get really stuck in just adding more information and then hoping that somebody comes in like talks about it, right?
05:36 But we can be our own promoters right? In our sales page on AppSumo on Gumroad. We should be putting in all the features and all the things you can do in this sheet.
05:45 Well, I'm going to add a few things to this sheet so that she can put them in that sales page and say, this is what's inside.
05:51 Instead of just relying on the data, we're going to rely on a couple of cool tricks. We're going to think about how people are going to use the sheet mainly because I'm the one that is using the sheet.
06:01 I, I can think about that. And you should think about when you're compiling information, curating information, what use is this?
06:09 How can I use this in like, as a user, right. Got to sit in our user's shoes. We'll do that.
06:16 But also we're gonna make it a little bit prettier because one, a big problem with info products is if we screenshot them, we're giving away the info for free.
06:30 We want some, we want some cool sales materials, some screenshots, something we can share online. Um, we want to do it in a way that obviously doesn't give away what we're, what the actual insight is, but does share a little bit of it.
06:46 Um, either with like nice design, um, maybe screenshot for the features, but you'll see, I think as we go through, I have, um, so we have two parts at the beginning.
06:57 We have some, some actual things we're going to add to this to make it way, way, way more nicer design based on what Jay does.
07:06 Not just like on what I think is good, but what actually Jade is doing on her site, how does it, how does it look and feel?
07:14 It should look and feel like a Jade product, not an Andrew camp feed, better sheets product. It should feel like the design, the color choices, um, the text should all feel and look like do shepherd directory or what Jade would do.
07:30 So I'm gonna go through some color picking. We're going to do that. Um, we're going to add a start sheet or a read me sheet because we need something to screenshot.
07:41 Um, other than the data, um, we're going to add a couple of cool little tools to the actual list. Um, we might get into some filtering and sorting maybe.
07:52 Um, and then we're gonna, this is gonna sound weird. There is one way where we can take the data and abstract it into stories.
08:02 Um, and we might go into that, but I will also share some ideas that I have for additions that we won't be able to do in this one video right now.
08:12 Um, but their ideas of what Jade can add on, if this becomes even a modicum of successful, like tend to 50 people by this, you then as a, as a maker of this, not just Jay, but if you make an info product and you get in front of 10 to 50 people, any change, you do anything you add to it.
08:35 Anything you, you twist in it, you can email those people and then immediately get feedback. Does this work for you?
08:41 Does this make it more useful for you and those tests we can do every week, every two weeks we can ask, what else do you want?
08:48 How else do you want to read this to those people? And then we can get great word of mouth. We can get great share value.
08:55 We can out, what the hell do they say about the chic, but in testimonial put in ways to promote. Maybe we don't know ways to promote this, but when we talk to people who buy it, where do they find it?
09:06 How do they find it? What else do they read? What else do they do? So we might also, Jay's got a pretty cool thing going here, right?
09:15 She has a great directory of 70 people. Um, she finds out all the press that they're getting. Then she goes and gets P other more, more people press right now, people are buying this press directory, they'll get pressed.
09:28 And they're bootstrappers and there'll be edited. The directory really, really cool flywheel here potentially for Jade. Um, but we really need to make the sheet like sing.
09:37 We need a mic. We don't want it just to say what's in here. We want it to say so let's all right.
09:44 That was my time. Say that was creepy. All right. Let's, let's start, let's get you something you've watched this video for too long, not to get to, uh, any succinct real thing.
09:56 So first I would absolutely add a page here called start or start here or read me. All right. The very first thing I did is it deleted all the columns and rows.
10:07 We're not going to use. I also made the share. This was comforta comfort, uh, prep, uh, text, but we're going to change this text a little bit.
10:16 I think it's going to be something a little more, um, headlining kind of, we got this. So, uh, we're using like black hands.
10:25 Um, next thing we need some color in this sheet. Colors help us so much make this really feel like something else.
10:33 So for a two colors, I'm going to go to view uncheck grid lines that makes it hot. We're going to go over to bootstrapper press directory.
10:42 And actually when I go to the directory, it's all black and white, except there's this like little blue or purple here.
10:49 And I wanted to get that. And here's this green as well, but that's more like Gumroad, but I went to this Gumroad and I found this wonderful pastel of a purple.
10:58 Um, I just put the color, sorry, the image into this color finder. We have our color here so we can make this look really, really cool.
11:08 Can maybe put this as a background. Um, let's just see what happens if we make it as a background and, uh, add a custom color and we're going to change our, um, font color to wipe, to match that, um, that we saw before.
11:31 Okay. That's a little harsh. It's a little high contrast. So we're going to make it a little gray. That's go just between what I selected there.
11:40 Great. Now our font looks a little, um, I don't know how to say this cluttered. I like the thinness, the like boldness, but also space between these letters.
11:54 And I don't think black hands does that. So let's switch. So I found out a few different ones. I like, um, let's go through them.
12:02 I think this is ultra. I didn't actually like this because it looks a little too, um, curvy. We also have let's do we have Merryweather?
12:12 Which this is really cool. There's also, um, like courier new is sort of press every like newspaper type, but Merryweather, it looks a lot nicer, I think in this case.
12:23 Um, but really Ariel black is going to be, this is funny that I use aerial here is going to be useful.
12:32 Um, but I think I'm gonna go with the Ariel for now. I think, uh, yeah, we're going to go with Merryweather actually.
12:39 And it's really a toss up between bold or not bold. We'll go bold because it's a headline or like a header.
12:46 Um, what we could also do is make it a little bit bigger. That's not bigger that's um, and this headline is pretty important because you want, like, it shouldn't be the name of the thing, right?
12:59 It shouldn't just say boot strapper press, but maybe something like how to use, um, directory could make it more specific, like how to get press, but we can also put that in here.
13:17 And what I would do here is I would number like even anywhere between three and like eight to 10 videos.
13:24 Um, you can go a little bit crazy here, but I would make some loom videos, even if they're not like with a camera, like I have it here in the corner.
13:31 Um, they're just like screenshot tutorials of like, do this, do that through this. Um, even if they're like 30 seconds, they're going to help people use your sheet like a hundred times better, a hundred times easier.
13:44 And your customer support is going to be way lower because you have this sheet and people can come and use the sheet, see what they need to do.
13:51 So a few things that I might start with is how to sort or why, um, how to find the best press.
14:07 And some of these could be very, um, abstract, I mean, um, sort of more about strategies than tactics, but most of them should be tactical, like, do this, do that, do this.
14:21 Um, you could break it up into like, get podcasts, how to find podcasts. And what I might do in that kind of video is first off in the first two minutes, Joe, just how to filter in the press.
14:39 Maybe even using filter, um, only selecting podcast here. So you can just do, and these are features that are in Google sheets, but showing someone how to use it is really, really cool.
14:56 So we can just go over to filter. So we turned on the filter and now we just go to our filter here and we're just going to uncheck everything except podcasts.
15:15 Okay. And see, now we have all of our podcasts and views and just showing someone that they're showing someone go to that filter, I'll check everything, check podcasts.
15:22 Every, you have all your podcasts interviews, bam so much easier to use this sheet, then not knowing that. And that makes it so much easier to use a sheet that has a hundred, 200 items.
15:35 What Jane could also do in this kind of, um, in a Google sheet is, um, do the filters for the user without having to use the filter function.
15:48 So we could just go, just duplicate this page and all of these pages that you create or filters that you have, you could use those as features that you talk about in the sales page.
16:00 Find, go find all the podcast, interviews, find all the tech space interviews. There are things you can talk about to users without telling them what is actually in the sheet.
16:09 So we have, so we have a copy of the press. What'd you going to name it sort or filter a podcast what's called a podcast or, um, we can keep this row, but we're going to delete all everything else.
16:26 We're just going to clear them out. And we just going to use filter and we want press eight E any colon.
16:38 And what do we want to filter by? We want press, uh, B colon B equals podcast in podcast interview. Yep.
16:53 And so now we did exactly what filter does, right? But we did it for the users. So they have no clicks, right?
16:59 Or one click. They had just click on this page, really tiny little, um, improvement here, but an improvement we can talk about to our potential buyers say, Hey, we have a list of, you know, 5000, 1, 50, 200 potential press offerings, but that might not be what you're looking for.
17:20 You might be looking for our podcasts only. So you can search through that. Okay. One thing prior to two things we're going to add to the sheet that I think are really, really helpful is turning this info into an info product is having some interactivity other than just grabbing the day, just getting
17:38 the data. Um, it sort of from zero to one, what I'm about to tell you is going from like one to 1.1 and 1.2.
17:48 So what I would do is I would add two columns. We're going to make this a checklist, insert one for the left.
17:56 We're going to actually insert two columns, the left. And we're just going to create check boxes. You'll see in a moment life.
18:07 So I've created the checkboxes in the, um, header. We're going to do it, that one we're gonna write skip. And these are obviously an editable like you for whatever you want to do.
18:24 And we are going to actually make these highlight these and just double click on the little right there. We got an arrow, double click.
18:33 It's going to be much smaller. There we go. Now, what does this do? Oh my God, I don't need a dictionary.
18:44 All right. What does this dif um, what this allows you to do is turn this info into a product because now we can click down.
18:55 You can click, skip. I have to skip because if you have something like 50 or a hundred potential press things, not everyone's going to use all of them.
19:07 That's just a fact that's just happens. Right. Um, and you want to give the user some thing to do, even if the thing that they are reading is like, oh, I'm I don't have that MRR.
19:22 Or I'm not this type of person. Maybe they only interview, um, non us people. Maybe they only interview US-based people.
19:30 Maybe they only interview people with PR with products that are profitable. Maybe they only interviewed people with products that have revenue.
19:36 Maybe you're your pre-seed free. pre-AP pre-launch only launched. Um, for any reason we can skip so we can skip. And any time that we use this, we want to make sure, like, we're getting pressed right there.
19:51 We're actually following through with what we need from this sheet. So we clicked done. And what we can do also, Jade is make maybe on star, we can do this.
20:04 We can also do it on another tab. If we want is make a progress bar and say like, or a dashboard, actually I will create a different one, a different sheet.
20:13 Okay. And just a couple of minutes, I set up this sort of dashboard that will, we will do the formula right now.
20:19 So for dashboard, for following along, you know, how many did we skip? How many did we send? How many did we get?
20:26 How much we get, this is a really cool thing we can think about workflow. We can think about, um, process sorta later on your own.
20:33 But I just want to show you what we can do here is goals column here. And we're just going to go to that press.
20:42 We're going to go to a column, go to true. It should be one should be, oh, I know what is wrong here.
20:59 So we're in the range. There we go. Let's change this to a nice, cool number. Like come SLAs or the text.
21:23 We just want the, you don't care about the formula just yet. We can change that sent or done. We'll be B to B.
21:33 There you go. And then this one will probably be user feeling going out yourself. Then we can probably make that a nicer purple, like the one that we have as our custom and filling in this as a user, you might want to tell that to the person in our video.
21:52 So we got this cool looking dashboard where you have one thing left to do what we could do maybe is set up like a progress bar or something as we go through maybe every five, maybe every six or seven, or show them in different formats.
22:12 Um, the numbers, right? Well, what I mean by that? And I didn't really explain this very well is maybe we want to show like how many podcasts interviews, how many textbooks interviews, or what kind of niche content.
22:27 So what we could do is this based on, we don't want to have to continue adding like filters based on this, uh, based on if we add more types, what we could do is say, Hmm, equals falter.
22:51 Oh no, we don't want that. We want unique press. We'll see to see Nope, there we go. Column D two on the change.
23:09 This still come that we get a little bit bigger as well. Let's change the alignment. I can give this a little bit more room, surely a lot more room like this big, nice big something screenshot of all right.
23:46 We have these as our, we want to know which one's skipped and which ones that would fix this and which 1 cent we could do here to make our lives a little bit easier is move this here too.
24:04 That we want to be clear that this is all, and this is going to be based on the filter. So how do we do this filter?
24:13 We could do count all the filter. We're going to filter. What are we going to filter? The first column? Actually, we don't even do that.
24:24 We can do is talk. If no, probably should count filter, all filter. What are we filtering or filtering press, um, a, we're going to filter it by if the top, the press a is true.
24:48 That should bring us one. Before we do the count. All let's look at filter. Alright, so we can filter the C column and we just want the C column.
25:03 Whenever it says true K in the Aycock and this is how we do it. Filter press T to see comma, press eight to eight equals true.
25:13 And we have our answer, but we don't need the answer right away. We want a count, all, see a count.
25:21 All what's going to happen though, is something a little interesting, right? Let's look at this. Um, but we don't want to just based on filtering for all of them.
25:34 We want only the podcast interviews. So we need to add the press. I think it was D to D column D equals and click over here and take him.
25:47 Now. Let's look at this. Let's just double check that it's the correct column that I got. It is deep. And we can also click a couple more.
25:58 What's one more and see if it says one here still. No, we skipped this podcast interview. So let's look at why that might be.
26:31 Let's see what happens if we copy it here. We also want to copy it, this to remain true. Oh, but you need these to arrange you for, copy them over to the right.
26:50 They're going to move on us, except we don't want to move this one. We'll do this to stay the same.
27:09 Hmm. Well, it is correct. It's only one. Okay. So we do have counsel, but the issue is going to be what's this.
27:22 So everything should be 1, 1, 1 for right now. Great. But watch, if we do a couple interesting things, let's do this.
27:35 Let's click done on all of them and uncheck, skipped. Okay. Go back to our dashboard and double check that it's correct.
27:45 Probably won't be seeing now we have one, two and two, which is not correct. We can fix this and I'll show you why, why is it happening in the filter?
27:56 In the filter? We got to do one more filter, ends up being an a, but we're counting, whatever the answer is.
28:07 And the answer is all not applicable. So what we do first is go if N a we put any comma and then nothing.
28:16 We don't do anything we don't do to, uh, we don't need to do to, um, quotes. Now we have nothing, but we want still account.
28:25 So we do count all. And now we have a zero and we add that all the way around. There we go.
28:35 And now as we add more types here and a user fills out them, if they're skipping them, if they're sent, if they're working on them, they will have a running tally of how many they have.
28:53 So why did count all and filter is because we actually can use our filter in another way. One second. We can use our filter to show us what are the actual things in here.
29:05 So like, what are the actual presses that we skipped? What are the ones that we said? Which ones are text-based, which ones are podcasts based.
29:16 So I think I showed this to you a little bit, or you might have seen it. If we just take off, let's actually keep an eye on their, take off, count all.
29:28 We need a reference error. That's fine. But now we have the names so we can show our user, which ones did they send?
29:39 Which ones did they skip? If they ever want review them, they don't have to go through the process. And this is easy when there's only four, but very hard when there's 50, a hundred, 200, um, we want to, which ones do we skip?
29:54 Which ones are we done with? Which ones do we can color it as much as we want here, we can do as much as wrong.
29:59 We can put it, um, in different formats here, sorted, but it'll still all be in this area. We just want to know what's the website, maybe whatever you want to show.
30:12 So one thing we can do here is join to join. And we're going to join with what are we going to join with?
30:18 We're going to join, let's you, this pipe. And now all of the websites are in one cell. We can make the cells bigger or as small as we want.
30:28 Um, we can also show if we want to, in this case, I'm not going to show it. We're just going to have numbers.
30:36 Um, we also might want to show how many total there are. So we're gonna actually, maybe we want to have exist.
30:45 Um, I'm going to actually make this a little bit nicer to look at. I'm just going to insert one to the left here.
30:54 We are also going to set these all to the same way. Not all of them. We're going to fix this way.
31:06 Okay. So let's do one little thing here. We want to add a progress bar and we did. Um, but I'm going to show you a really cool thing with spark line.
31:15 So this is sparkline and what we're doing is in D five is our, is our data on that's our number that we're going to show a little progress bar based on what though we're going to show a chart type bar.
31:29 Max is going to be actually are everything that exists minus the ones we skipped because as we skipped them, we don't really want to show like here's a progress bar.
31:38 You'll never get to a hundred with a hundred percent. Well, so we minus the skipped and then our color, we're going to add color one.
31:46 And it's going to be a hashtag this, this hex code, this hex code is the purple. So we can keep our color theme in our spark line, progress bars.
31:58 Well, we can also add a color to which will be, um, in this case, I'm going to use black. I'm going to just black.
32:10 And then let's go and look at what this looks like as we get there, right? We go from zero to see what it looks like with zero or back to our dashboard.
32:25 And then we have since gone now type in one step and one done. So this is a cool, this is actually a third, right?
32:41 So we're a third of the way done because there's four, we've skipped one. We have one sentence. So this is one out of three left to go through.
32:50 So that's a really cool little progress bar we can do here. Um, we can put this in any place. We can put it across the entire, um, dashboard, if we want.
33:00 I like the idea of like little progress bars. Like maybe there's a progress bar here as well, based on how many podcasts interviews there are on the sheet, maybe based on how many texts based are in the sheet and how many other types of interviews there are, or press we can get.
33:15 Sometimes they're like submissions, guest posts, there's different types in the actual directory. Um, I think giving an interactive dashboard is one thing we can obviously screenshot cause it doesn't show us the exact data that's inside the sheet.
33:31 Um, it gives us the user something to do some interactivity other than just copy and pasting using. It gives us the workflow to use this information.
33:41 Uh, it derives really cool visuals as well. One thing we can add to, and I think it would be useful on the start tab is there is data inside of this sheet, right?
33:57 There is data that exists on this press and we can abstract that into stories. We can say, you know, something like instead of just doing that incident, in addition, having these statistics, that Jade has done a really cool job of putting into words, instead of just having like numbers that we sort 
34:16 by, we can actually read these. These are actually readable. What do they want? They're there, there's fully their stories here.
34:23 And I think these stories, uh, lend itself to, um, how we promote this as well, because the story of someone using this is going to be well, they are something they want to talk about.
34:38 The thing that they are with people who want to talk about it with that. Right. Um, but there's like a type of person that's going to use this press directory and it might be interesting as well.
34:52 And so if a net for the next few minutes, I'm going to talk about interesting things we could add to this, to help our users get more out of it.
35:02 Okay. Well, one thing is we need to outreach. One thing is the people that use this sheet need to send an email, put a click on a contribute page.
35:10 They need to share their story. So one thing we could do on the dashboard or on another sheet is provide the workflow.
35:18 Literally the step-by-step instructions of how to go from using the sheet to not using getting the sheet, to using the sheet, right?
35:27 How do you get that in interview? What do you say now? We have that workflow, right? We have an outreach workflow that we can write about.
35:35 We can put on the start tab, can put that in number of places, how to outreach. That might be a whole video, maybe a good five minute video, maybe a good two minutes a day.
35:50 But what is the story that we're going to tell, right, as a user, are we going to tell the same story?
35:56 50 times? Probably. Probably not as well. There's probably some points that each of these outlets love that they like. And Jay has done a really cool job here of sharing with us.
36:10 Some of those stories, right? She has it on the bootstrapper press director. You can go find those people. So I would add, you know, one point of data that I would add is all of the people on the bootstrapper directory that got this kind of press, because I want to match myself right with the people
36:28 , not just the data automatically with the stories I want to match myself with the story that's being told, what is a similar story that I have to these people.
36:36 Um, and so I think there's another addition that could be added here. And again, this probably won't be needed until there's like 10 50, a hundred buyers, because then you can iterate through like, what is the actual thing that's useful here is what I think it's like a story craft or tool.
36:53 I think it's something like generate a story from these formats. And again, Jade has gotten the data and all she needs to do is grab all of those stories, put them in a list and figure out what are the formats?
37:09 What does starter story? What is the format that starter story loves to use? What's the format the Fillory loves to use.
37:16 What's the indie hacker format and see where those all match up. Right? Go going from minimum wage to $75,000 a year, going from a 50 K in credit card debt to, um, to a hundred K job, those kinds of formats stories.
37:34 And where do those stories all look similar and how can I fit into that? Well, we can also generate, we don't have to just figure it out on our self.
37:42 What we could do in this sheet is create a story generator or craft a story craft or tool, um, that takes our story points.
37:51 Hey, what, what were you like a year ago? What were you like now? One year use the phrases took me one year to learn how to code took me five years to go from this, to this, put those points in as a user and generate these stories out of it, using a format.
38:08 I think that would be really powerful and that might sell more sheets. So oftentimes we will create info products that we might not sell that we might give away for free.
38:21 And so I will also share with you some ideas about that. So one let's go through what I shared with you already.
38:27 We want to make our sheet more interactive. We want to make our sheet more, um, photogenic. Um, we also want to add features that we can say, Hey, this is in the sheet.
38:36 This will save you time. This will save you clicks. Um, we want to make our users faster, better, um, healthier, happier, um, sexier.
38:46 And we can do that with our sheet. Uh, we can do that by adding filters that we know the user is going to use.
38:54 We can do that by adding a very short start, uh, sheet here with some videos, even with some like, um, faceless, uh, tutorials, if you want to do a screen share, let's say just add some nice music.
39:09 Um, I think also, uh, adding a dashboard to make it, to make the user know that they have some visual feedback.
39:19 I guess that would be the idea is you do something, something, some progress bar comes up, some number, uh, adds up.
39:27 We, we see progress over time. Um, we want to see that as a user, we want, we don't want to just buy the info.
39:34 We're not buying them for we're buying an info product here. Um, we can also, if you're creating a free sheet, maybe we're not selling this.
39:43 Maybe we are curating content and then giving it away for free. We want to do all of these things as well, but also want people to share.
39:51 So what I would recommend is something like, um, create a Google drive, put some screenshots in there, um, and then write on every single one of these pages share, like share this sheet with your friends, share the sheet with other entrepreneurs, make it really pointed.
40:07 Um, direct them to the Google drive, direct them to literally write a tweet for someone and be like, I love this sheet, click here to tweet, and you can create a Twitter, um, URL.
40:18 It's called a Twitter intent URL, go search warrant. Or, um, if you're a better sheets member watching this, uh, I have the sheet 100 Twitter templates.
40:26 You'd get it for free as a member. Go ahead. If you're not a member, buy it. Um, and that is the entire, it's a hundred Twitter templates and formats that you can in one click tweet out and it will go right into your draft and create right back to week for you.
40:43 Um, it's a Twitter intent URL. Put those all over your free sheets. I absolutely highly recommend it. And in fact, insist, please let me tweet about your sheet and let me know what I should say about in the tweet.
40:56 Write the tweet for me. Um, I think that's always really useful. And also here's like, here's the craziest thing. You can do that as well.
41:04 Even if you are selling your sheet, um, there's no rules, obviously you don't want to impact someone like impact someone's user experience negatively.
41:19 But if people are having fun, if they love your sheet, they love your data. They love what you're doing for them.
41:24 They, you are faster for them. They'll have that extra time. They'll have that extra 10 to 20 seconds to click, click the Twitter intent URL and share a tweet about what They're doing in your sheet.
41:35 So highly recommend that it's been a long video. So I thank you so much for watching the entire thing. I hope you have turned your info into info products, things by.