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Create Hundreds of Tweets in a Google Sheet

About this Tutorial

Write tweets fast! Create hundreds of tweets in a Google sheet with ease and tweet each other's tweets! Learn how to do it with our step-by-step guide 

Video Transcript

 Hey, better sheet members. How cool would it be if we could create hundreds of tweets in a Google sheet, save them, and for, say, our community or users or our employees or our colleagues or a group of people that we're working with. What if we could tweet each other's tweets? We put in some text, we put in some hashtag, we put in an account that we want to tag a url and we.

You are URL here. Twitter intent. So we wanna do this in a Google sheet though. Okay? So we could go to tech dot c cym mi.org, tweet tens, and we can create one here. But we want to create this in a Google sheet. So here, let me show you what this does first. And then we'll create it in a Google sheet.

So it says, I can make anything in a Google sheet. And that is a text we say generate and we see here Twitter slash intent tweet.  That's a question mark. Text equals I, and then it has, it takes every single part, one of those spaces and turns it into percent 20. Okay, and let's look at the hashtag. We're gonna put that in here.

we're gonna click generate and this puts ADD or, and hashtags equals and just says Google Sheets. Okay, we're gonna recreate that. Let's look at the via. We're gonna do better sheets. Generate that. Where is that? That goes here. It says via equals Better sheets. That's it. All right. That should be easy. But the url, this one should be hired, right?

Well, what happens to the URL generate? We find the URL is here. Okay. We.  the colon is a percent three A. The slash is a percent two f. Alright, so what we have to do is we have to replace each of these non alphabetical characters. And we're gonna use rejects replace let's start, let's first do the.

So we wanna get, actually first thing we want to get is this intent. We want this. So first we're gonna do equals this. Okay? And then we are gonna, one sec. I definitely forgot one important thing, question mark. All right. And we're gonna do, and so if there is text, we want it. So if is blank. , let's do B three.

So if it's actually blank, it's gonna do nothing. If it is true, it's going to do, we're gonna take rejects replace. We're gonna take that text b3, and we're gonna replace anything a space.  with, what are we gonna replace it with? A percent. 20 or percent percent. 20 . Cool. So now if we look at this, we have, let's, actually, let's try it, right?

We're gonna click on it. Let's see if it does. So we go to Twitter. It's loading, it's loading. , what's happening? Nothing. Oh, one second. Okay. We definitely missed this. And text equals, all right, so let's put that at the beginning. So if it's blank, I'm gonna put this and we're gonna put

concatenate. Let's put an M. Equals. Let's try that. Let's test it each time. See if it works. We're gonna find some problems. There it goes. So already we have created a Twitter intent and we've replaced the spaces with 20 so that it actually works. So now all we have to do is add the other stuff. All right, so let's add the via.

So what does via do? Via is going to be. Not your URL via so and via equals that. So that's all we have to do. Awesome. So again, we're gonna go to the end, put an and we're gonna say, if is blank which one is this? This is a count D three Comma. Comma. If it's false. So it means it's not blank. We want, what was that again?

We want.  via and via equals. That's what we're gonna do. And actually do ? Nope, we don't need that. Yes. No, we actually don't. We just need the amper sand text. Nope.  equals end quote. Now we'll use an ampersand D three. Let's see if that works. So now in our tech, let's look at that actually, just so that we see it all.

And via equals butter sheets. Let's test it out. Close that, see what it's doing, and via at better sheets. Perfect. Okay. And now we're gonna have the hashtag. So hashtag we have Google sheet. . So same thing we wanna do an and just to add it. And if is blank, this is c3, comma, comma, we're gonna do. And hashtags equals C and C3 and parenthesis.

Let's test that out. Let's see if it. Ooh, this is exciting. And we have a hashtag hashtag Google sheet, so we can add hashtags, we can have text and we can have an account. All right, now here's the big finale we're gonna try to add. What are we gonna add? A url. Okay. So what we need to do is we need to use rejects replace.

We need to replace , the, let's try the colon First percent, three A. All right, so wait. First we have to find out. Okay. It's URL equals, and it's going at the beginning, but I don't know if that really matters. Let's put it at the end. And

Let's do, and URL equals. . Okay. What is it going to equal? Well, we do want it only if it's blank. So let's do, if is blank. And what was that? D c e e three. Okay. So it's not blank. We're gonna have equals now we need an and rejects replace. Okay. We want to replace E three.  and we want the colon to replace with percent three A.

I think we need to put that in quotations percent, three A. Let's see how that goes first. We want to go all the way to the right. Oh, and we have percent three A for the colon. Let's double check that. That's correct. Yours percent three A. And now we need. . Oh, this is gonna be the hard one. Okay, so I don't know if this is gonna work right off.

There's one more thing to do. So right in rejects we're gonna do add another rejects. Replace rejects, right on that E three. Okay. We're gonna end it there com, we'll go back. Whoops. And we want to replace that with percent that, no, that was not two A. What was. . Two F percent. Two F. Okay. In parentheses.

And what happens there is we have percent two F. Oh, perfect. Okay. , let's see if this works. Let's see how it works. Is exciting. And we have. Text here we have our url, we have a hashtag and we have avia. So we have all of our things. We have everything we need here to create tweets, and now we can create any tweets you want.

Let's move that back up there. And now we can take any of this text. All we have to do is. <AFFIRMATIVE> add that we can even add at the very beginning. This is really, really complicated, but it's fun, right? Is blank and we go B three. I guess we always need text, right? And B three, oh, we go, if is blank B three, and then we will put at the very end there.

Oh, I did that wrong. So this should be B. There we go. So now these are all blank until we start writing. So I can make anything in a Google sheet. Oh yes. We love Google sheets. Boom. And now we have a Twitter tweet moneymaker. Yes. We love Google sheets. Wow. This is really. We can make, we can give this to our community.

We can build this for others. We can create hundreds of tweets. If you have a, if you have some sort of phrases that you can put in between, I, I did in another video, a headline generator. If you combine that headline generator and this, you will have hundreds and thousands of tweets that ever, that your whole team can create and tweet.

This is amazing. Hope you had fun making this. If you wanna get the code and you're a member, go ahead. In the description of the video on Loom members have access to this sheet. I'm probably gonna be putting this on YouTube, so Hi YouTubers. If you're not a member yet become a member and you get access to the Google sheets we're making or you saw how to make it so you can make this on your own 100%, or you can absolutely go over to the Twitter tweet, intend creator and use their online web app.

Have a great one. Enjoy.