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Shaman: AI Blog Writer

About this Tutorial

I will introduce you to the power of AI writing in Google Sheets using a tool called Shaman. If you're a blogger looking to take your writing to the next level, this is the video for you. With Shaman, you can unleash your blogging potential by incorporating AI into your writing process.

Video Transcript

00:00 So you want to write blogs with AI. This is the AI writer in a Google sheet called Shaman. I've named it Shaman because it communes with Ghost.
00:11 The reason I did that is because I use Ghost as a blogging platform. It's like WordPress but a little bit different.
00:18 And I wanted an easy way or simple way. Way to take any writing that I do in Google Sheets and get it to ghost.
00:24 But then I realized I could probably write with AI and I did. So this video is to walk you through me writing a blog post.
00:32 If you're a Better Sheets member and you're watching this on Better Sheets, go down below and you can get a copy of this directly in Better Sheets.
00:39 If you're not a member of Better Sheets, you can get a copy of this directly in Better yet let me tell you about BetterSheets.
00:42 BetterSheets is comprehensive tools, tips, tutorials, all about Google Sheets. I make cool stuff like this, like an AI writer inside of a sheet.
00:50 I make FAQ writers with schema already attached. It goes to Ghost recently. Gosh, I created a mall inside of a Google Sheet.
00:58 I'm creating all kinds of cool things all the time. And showing you tips and tricks on how to make your sheets better.
01:03 If you're selling sheets, if you're using sheets, if you want to outmaneuver your boss with your spreadsheets, better sheets is the place to be.
01:11 Tons of topics, Apps Scripts, I teach you how to do Apps Script from zero. If you already know Apps Script, I show you how to do cool stuff with it.
01:21 So let me get into this and I want to share with you two parts of this video. One is we're going to walk through and I'm going to show you exactly how it works.
01:28 And then the second part of this video will be me starting from absolute zero as if I was installing it when you first get the sheet.
01:37 So we'll make a copy. We'll disregard all the API keys. And we'll add those as we go. Two things you would need to get the full experience of this sheet.
01:47 Well actually three things. One you need the sheet. But two you need an open AI API key. We're going to put them in the API key over here but we'll do that in the second part of the video.
01:57 And the third thing you'll need is a ghost admin URL and a go just admin API key. So that I will discuss, I think, in the second half of this video.
02:06 But the first time, let me show you what how this works. We're two minutes into the video, and then we haven't started typing in anything.
02:12 So what the idea here is, is like if you have any kind of notes about a blog post, you wanna write, you just start writing the blog post ideas.
02:21 Don't say this blog post is about, just start writing this blog post is about spreadsheets that Bill Yeneers use. How do they use them?
02:37 How do they delegate? And, share their sheets. Let's see if this works. I want to see. So the end result, we're going to take this topic, we're going to create a headline from it in a particular style, we're then going to write that post with AI, and then we're going to send it to ghost, and we're going
03:00 to get at the end. URL here that is the draft of that post. So let's go. We've written just a couple lines.
03:09 And now we're in Shaman here. There's the second tab over Shaman. And we can select in the D1 here over 50 possible styles of headline.
03:20 If we want sort of. Let's look at a punchy headline. And we just have to click A1 right now and it will go to AI and ask inside billionaires spreadsheet secrets, delegation, and sharing.
03:34 Very interesting. I might want to run with that. But let's see, like for small business owners, if I want to, if that's going to be something different.
03:42 Mastering billionaire spreadsheets delegation and sharing strategies similar right to an audience but let's see if let's see let's see what Mr.
03:50 Beast would say Mr. Beast style billionaire spreadsheets secrets delegation and sharing this might be based on the the fact we have very little on the topic I've written tons of notes in there before and it It came up with some pretty crazy stuff.
04:04 But let's see, we have also like dystopian narcissistic sympathetic only insiders. Now let's see if that changes it much. Billionaires excel, not Google Sheets.
04:16 Collaboration delegation secrets. Let's see if there's a pun, right? OK, so I can. Spend all day playing with this. There's 50 things.
04:25 Billionaires balance sheets, the wealth of spread sheets. All right. I don't want to do that. Let's go back to punchy.
04:33 There are lots of titles possible here. You can actually go here, see every single title style. There's 50. Eight of them, yeah, 58 of them.
04:44 And you can click this select all, and it will select all of these and write a title for each one.
04:52 I'm going to let that load for a moment there. The worst day ever, my biggest mistake. This is a bad type, that first one, that is a bad type.
05:01 Oh my god, these are all. Terrible. I don't know what this is. All right, so I fixed that little bit on there.
05:09 But here, each one is going to actually that exclusive billionaire spreadsheet secrets. It's actually good. It will now create over 50 title possibilities.
05:19 And you can see them all at the same time. Lot of similar stuff again because I only wrote a little bit if you write more there might be more different But you can sit hit that select all it will select all of these if you want to see a walkthrough of how I built this sheet Any technical walkthrough
05:36 I will have that posted in better sheets as well for members only this video That you're watching now is just to go over how it works and what to do to make it work.
05:46 But there is also a technical walkthrough. I will walk through every single app script in little bit and piece. And then there's also going to be a design walkthrough eventually talking about the design.
05:56 If there's anything interesting about the design here. Alright, so this billion. There's key to spreadsheet dump. Okay, I'm gonna go with that because that is pretty cool.
06:06 Now, what you are going to do normally, if you ever write like an article, sometimes you're gonna outline it. In this particular case, we're not gonna outline it.
06:17 We're just gonna start writing the introduction paragraph. So we go down to A5 and we hit this checkbox. And it will start loading, it says loading right here.
06:25 Usually the introduction is very introductory. Have many able to figure out a prompt around that to make it a little less total introduction, but we're still getting pretty good results.
06:39 And I'll explain sort of as we go. Some ideas of how to use this. So what we're doing, what I'm doing now is I'm just writing each paragraph and it is taking every the idea of the topic, then also all of the paragraphs that have been written before it, and then saying, okay, write another paragraph.
06:56 So it is completing the text paragraph by paragraph, knowing what has been written. So it won't be written. Pete, that was something early on that was going on that it was repeating.
07:07 And then what I'm doing physically is I'm doing these checkboxes that it will automatically start the like AI in each of these.
07:15 And the headline is looking at the paragraph that's written. So I'm not asking it to write a headline until I have written the paragraph.
07:22 Some. Going down the paragraph, hitting the checkbox, clicking that to true, and it's going to load this. And then I'm going to go up to h2 up here.
07:31 It's labeled h2 because you'll see later that is something that in ghost, it'll be formatted as an h2. So we're writing each of these paragraphs, and I'm getting down to now the last paragraph that closing paragraph.
07:44 The closing paragraph is important because it will literally summarize the rest of it. It will take in all of the paragraphs before it and it will write a summary.
07:54 So that's pretty cool. So the introduction is labeled up here on the right introduction. It is really very introductory. And then the last one is a closing paragraph.
08:02 And then there's five paragraphs. In between. What I've been using this for so far is I will come up with like, if I have a faint, vague idea of a topic, I'll use this to come up with different titles that then gives me a better idea than I'll rewrite the notes and then or the topic, then I'll use that
08:22 same title that was really. Good and I'll start writing it using AI. But then the work is not done. This will tell me basically what others think, what has been created before?
08:35 It's taking sort of all of the ideas before and amalgamating them into one thing. And this does not have my experience in it.
08:43 If I. If I took this post and sent it to Ghost and published it, it would not be a very good post.
08:51 It's about 700 words. And you can read it as you go. The headlines are rather verbose. I would take these headers and also they're not gonna have are many keywords, so I'm gonna throw in a bit of keywords in there.
09:08 I'm also gonna read it line by line when it's in ghost. I'm gonna edit it about 700 words, so I'll edit it down a little bit, but I will also add my own experience.
09:18 And generally speaking, I've been getting about 1,200 word blog posts out of this. So I will. Cut a little bit, I will cut even full paragraphs because we're writing five paragraphs here.
09:29 When sometimes you really just want to get like three paragraphs plus a couple more paragraphs with your own experience thrown in.
09:36 I'll add links to important videos and tutorials to show you extra stuff but also reference them. I'll talk about that tutorial.
09:45 And this AI does not know of what I do on better sheets. It doesn't know what else I know, and it doesn't have my experience.
09:52 It has all of the words that exist in the English language, and it has sort of all the data behind it, but it doesn't have my own experience.
10:00 So I will use my experience to add to this. Now here's the coolest part. I will literally click on this ghost button.
10:07 I can also go up to publish send to send draft the coast Go over here. Now we have a link it automatically sends All of that text in the order so there here's the here's the title that we selected Here's the h2 that first headline.
10:25 Here's all of the text and I will just start editing. So my job now is not to go from zero to a thousand words.
10:33 It's to take this, if you look at the bottom here, it's a 713 words. I'll take this 713 words, cut it down a little bit, probably cut a whole paragraph or two.
10:44 I'll be like, you know, it doesn't say exactly what I wanted to say. I'll write it in my own words, right?
10:50 And I will end up with a really good Article nice thousand words or twelve hundred words. I'll have I'll add links here at the end, you know better sheets I'm here in the editor of go so I'm able to add more stuff like links to YouTube videos, a big header here if I want to.
11:14 Where's the header buttons call out? I can add little pieces of information to like, hey, go watch this tutorial, go watch that.
11:25 I'll really cool stuff I can do in Ghost Now much simpler because I'm not having to go from notes and Spending about you know one to two hours or even a half a day Writing that first draft this is Sort of in my mind the first draft has already been written and I'm now being able to like okay take this
11:44 core this big idea I got it down into these sort of essential elements. Hmm now combine these in really cool ways and add my own experience So That is how shaman works Let's now talk about how to actually use it.
12:00 So if you're excited to use this you're like oh my god Give this to me. I want to write with AI.
12:04 I want to I write this sort of way where I'm writing the paragraphs and then I can go straight to ghost or if you just wanna use it as an AI writer, go ahead.
12:12 I have all these crazy styles, I should probably call this styles, not titles. There's some sling stuff. You can also, we have here, what we do and we wanna reset it.
12:25 We, just do select all those, hit the space bar, hit the space bar, and we're ready to go for another one.
12:32 We can delete, delete, and we can start writing another one. All right, but if you do not have all of this set up, let me show you what we have to do.
12:42 So first off, I'm going to make a copy. I'm actually going to, Wait one second. Okay, so this is what you would have I have created a copy of Shaman that's what you will do when you get it if you're getting this from better sheets go It'll be down below if you're watching this video there if you're 
12:59 watching this on YouTube You have to become a member and you'll get the sheet down below for free I might put this out in some way, shape or form as a separate entity.
13:09 If that is, then you'll go down and buy it on Gumroad or something. But right away, here's what I want to share with you, is that the API key section is probably the most important thing you have to do.
13:19 You have to get an open AI API key, and you have to get a ghost admin API key as well as a URL.
13:25 This is important. Second. So I'm creating a new key here in AI, OpenAI. I'm going to call it Shummon Showing, and we're going to create a secret key.
13:38 Once that's done, I'm going to just copy and paste into the C1 here. And there it is. That's all I have to do.
13:44 But now I need a ghost add. In URL. So I will try to link to ghost, there's going to be some there it is.
13:54 Okay, so I can show you my URL. So on ghost, I'm using ghost pro, my domain here is better sheets dot ghost dot IO.
14:03 And you see I have a custom one as well that's blogged up better. But this ghost.io, this is the URL that you'll be using.
14:11 Let's go back here. We need a URL right there, better sheets.ghost.io. And then you will go to Settings to get your API key.
14:22 Go to Settings, this gear on the bottom, go to Integrations. And on, On the bottom of integration, so we're in settings integrations, add custom integration.
14:31 You can see here I've already had one, but I'm going to create a new one for ShamanCreate. And now here we go.
14:40 So our API URL is already here as well, so you don't have to get that somewhere else. And here's an add.
14:47 API key. Keep this safe. I'm actually going to be deleting this once I'm done with the video so you don't have to worry about using this or not.
14:57 But here's that admin API key. Copy that. Put it here. And let's just double check that we have. The correct API URL.
15:08 Again, this is in configuration. I just added shaman. I just called it shaman. You can add, call it anything you like.
15:15 So I'm going to use the HTTPS better sheets.co.io. So now we have our AI API key. We have our ghost admin API key.
15:26 And we have our ghost admin URL. That is all we need. So let's write another blog post using Google blog and post directly to ghost.
15:45 I know this is terrible. But let's see what shaman comes up with if it comes up with anything Streamline blogging with Google sheets and AI integration great It's working right away.
16:00 I don't have to do any Thing with the app script. It's already there If you You have to do something with the Apps Script economy, and I'm happy to help work through it.
16:14 But again, it's working right away. And again, I'm just going to go right each paragraph, and then right the header afterwards.
16:22 Again, by writing, I mean literally clicking this button, this checklist on the left. Side. More like George Jetson working here, just clicking that button time and time again.
16:33 I'm going to wait until that paragraph is written and then click this H2 so it writes again paragraph right at first and then write the headline the H2 for that paragraph.
16:44 We're almost done. We have to. Two more to do. Let's see, we gotta write that closing one. This is also gonna be terrible because I didn't write much.
16:55 Let's write that H2. And the last final piece is gonna be this H2 here. And now hit that ghost. Okay, so the first time that you use it, you will need to authorize the request.
17:12 That's good to know, allow that. And then I don't think it worked. We just have to hit the ghost button again.
17:21 It should work this time. Finish script. Here's our post that we just wrote in just a minute. Right we can add a nice little feature image edit it as we wish we have some nice non-blink page stuff to go by and again you can you have all of ghost editing capabilities here you have publishing you have
17:42 even the title already here if you are looking for more interesting ways to use Google Sheets and AI writers and try to get some cool Google SERP results, some SEO-optimized checkout, Fast Facts, FAQs.
17:58 I just wrote that where it not only writes the questions, which then you answer the questions, but then when it sends it to Ghost as a f- blog post it sends it with google certified started to google created f a q page schema so check out fast facts f a s t f a q s check that out on and i have
18:23 some facts about that some frequently asked questions it's about all creating Service So now you can use shaman, get it down below if you're a better sheets member.
18:32 If you're watching this on YouTube, make sure to become a better sheets member. 19 bucks a month starts. You can get lifetime and get every single template, every single app script.
18:41 All right. Every single tool that I make. Get it over here down on down at better sheets. I go. Bye.