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Turn Titles Into Lower Case Hyphened Slugs

About this Tutorial

Create a slug maker inside your sheet. We'll take any title with any case, even if it's wrong. Our sheet template will lower case the whole line, and replace any spaces with hyphens. This way we can enter any kind of title we want and get a hyperlink slug out for use in blogs or cataloging.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Hey, in this video we're gonna make a slugger. What is that? Slugger means we're gonna take some text, some title here.
0:08 We're gonna say, you know, we're gonna create a title like three formulas to make pure magic in sheets. Or we're gonna have- another sort of a- maybe we're writing a blog about five formulas to make a program, a project management easier.
0:36 We want to introduce hyphens in here. So all of these- titles and maybe we have some short ones too like I just opened just wrote about, you know maybe better, we'll call it something like, we'll do like better formulas or best title like how we're going to create a formula.
1:01 Or something even like nine, right nine great formulas right and no matter how we write it here in this title we want to do a few things.
1:14 One when we slug it meaning we put hyphens where there are spaces we might have these weird capitalization issues. We don't want anything capitalized.
1:26 So the first thing we're going to do is use lower and we're going to do A2 here. We can autofill this for everything.
1:34 We'll come back to this in a second. And then the next thing we want to do is we want to actually put that hyphen there.
1:40 So we're going to use substitute. I think we're going to search here. We're going to search for we're going to use literally a space.
1:49 And then we're going to replace it with hyphen. And let's see. That does it. And again, we can do everything but let's just actually look at two of them.
2:02 And see, we have lower and we have substitute. So we can actually probably wrap the substitute around the lower. So instead of a two, we have lower a two.
2:16 And there we go. So now we can do everything in one cell. And we can just tap. We have these titles here.
2:23 But what about the rest of them? How can we make this better where we have a slug here? This is that slug.
2:32 We can try to wrap a ray formula around this. And the one thing we have to do different is go to A2 and do A.
2:42 We're gonna get a reference error here. This reference error will say, a ray result was not expanded because it would overwrite data in B3.
2:50 The moment we see that we go to B3 and just delete that. But now it's gonna change and say before we have to actually delete all of these things.
2:57 So now, as we go through this, let's see. Let's write another one here. Better formulas. And it automatically creates the slug here.
3:11 So now we can add this at all. Anything here, we can add anything to this title column and we'll have a slug ready for.
3:23 And it's already lowercase letters. It is hyphenated. It is ready to rock and roll. But I do want to make one advance thing.
3:34 So if you're watching this in Europe, beginner at cheats and you're like, you know, this array formula is all good and well right now, but it's.
3:42 It's in this B2 column B2 cell and it doesn't, it's basically it's taking up this formula is in this row.
3:52 So I can't really like do anything with this column. Yeah, like you have to move this to somewhere else. You can import range.
4:00 You can do. Something else here, but what if we want to actually hide this formula in the header? What we can do here is do equals we're going to use curly brackets and we're going to write slug.
4:18 And then we're going to have a semicolon and x. Actually, I don't want to do, I want to do array.
4:25 I'm just going to write this right now. I'm going to take this array formula. I'm going to cut it. And see we have these now two B1 and B2 is slug in array formula.
4:37 And it's just this curly brackets with this semicolon. But instead of literally the text array formula. I'm going to put our function here.
4:45 And now we have in our header the word slug. We can capitalize that if we want. And we have our array formula that actually fills out here.
4:56 So now, no matter what, if somebody looks into here, it says, looks at this title says, yeah, you got the title here.
5:03 Yeah, you created your slug here. Everything is lower case. And everything is hyphenate. All these spaces are now hyphens. That's great.
5:12 How did you do that? They might not look in the B one here. So so here we got a slugger.
5:19 We can take any titles and we can. We've built this slug sword assembly members. You can grab the sheet in the down below.