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How To Use ARRAYFORMULA() Function in Google Sheets


Enables the display of values returned from an array formula into multiple rows and/or columns and the use of non-array functions with arrays.

Common questions about the ARRAYFORMULA formula include:
How do I use the ARRAYFORMULA formula?  carefully

What are the benefits of using the ARRAYFORMULA formula? Add formulas to your top row without having to type them out for every row.
The ARRAYFORMULA formula can be used appropriately to apply a single formula to an entire range of cells. It can also be used to create a dynamic array of values from a single formula.

What is the purpose of the ARRAYFORMULA formula? to use non-array functions with arrays.

What data types can be used in ARRAYFORMULA formulas?  Any range

How can ARRAYFORMULA be commonly mistyped?

How can the ARRAYFORMULA formula is used inappropriately?
Some common ways the ARRAYFORMULA formula is used inappropriately include using it to apply a formula to a single cell, using it to apply a formula to a range of cells that is not the same size as the range of cells the formula is being applied to, and using it to apply a formula to a range of cells that is not the same size as the range of cells the formula is being applied to.
If you're looking to use ARRAYFORMULA to get an array from another place and put it into a column/row, then you can instead use curly brackets around an array. use: { } around a range is far easier and less to type.

What are some common pitfalls when using ARRAYFORMULA?
Common pitfalls when using the ARRAYFORMULA formula include forgetting to include the array when entering the formula, forgetting to include the range of cells the formula is being applied to, and forgetting to include the range of cells the formula is being applied to. An ARRAYFORMULA won't magically know what you're trying to do. If you misuse it, it sometimes will come up with an error.

What are some common mistakes when using ARRAYFORMULA?
Common mistakes when using the ARRAYFORMULA formula include forgetting to include the array when entering the formula, forgetting to include the range of cells the formula is being applied to, and forgetting to include the range of cells the formula is being applied to.

Common misconceptions people might have with the ARRAYFORMULA Formula include:
Thinking that the ARRAYFORMULA will always provide a quicker outcome. Using Curly brackets is far easier if you want something quick to reference an array.
That the ARRAYFORMULA is a universal formula that can be used for any calculation. That the ARRAYFORMULA can be used to apply a single formula to multiple sheets in a workbook at the same time.

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How To Actually Use ARRAYFORMULA() in Sheets


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