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Creating A Dark Mode Theme | Announcing Dark Habits

About this Tutorial

Build a habit tracker in dark mode. Learn how to use emojis and checkboxes effectively.

Video Transcript

00:00 But as she remembers we got a different monitor set up today. So no video, you don't even have to see my pretty face.
00:08 But you do want to see this pretty, pretty dark theme template I put together or sheet I'm going to be selling the sheet on Gumroad.
00:18 And I think also on AppSumo marketplace here in it is early October, I wanted to create a dark theme, a dark mode, sort of the template, and walk through a couple of the things that I put in here.
00:35 But the real thing we're going to do is this sheet has some pretty cool things in it. I'll show you those.
00:46 I'll discuss a little bit of how I came up with this a little bit tiny bit, how I came up with this idea of tracking vices or bad habits.
00:55 But honestly the real meat of this video is going to be me walking through, changing the colors a little bit.
01:05 They're not quite done. So this shape is about 98% done. The last 2% is going to be me and us in this video changing the colors because the very first thing I did was I, I knew I was going to make this a dark theme where the background is black and the, and the text is light or rather the 
01:28 background is dark and the text is light. And the very first thing I did when I did, she thought new is I just went to here and I use the darkest black possible, and this is actually wrong.
01:42 I did that. I met, I created the sheet. And then now in the last, the very last thing I'm going to do before I start making the video to introduce people who are buyers to this sheet, before I start sharing how to use this sheet for you members.
01:59 I'm going to walk through actually literally my process in figuring out what is the final colors and how does this look?
02:06 So first again, let me walk through the sheet then we'll I'll show you some tricks that I put in here, some cool things.
02:16 And then, and I'll, again, I'll explain why I made this and then we'll get to the coloring at the very end.
02:26 So first off, why did I make this what I want to make a theme, a dark theme. And I kept thinking about I have this one interesting brainstorming process where it's called a bad brainstorm.
02:40 I come up with bad ideas. I come up with like the very worst things you could possibly do in Google sheets.
02:49 And then usually it comes up very good results, like really interesting thing. So I thought, oh, there are all these trackers in strict trackers.
02:57 Even one of the members has asked me and I helped them work on streak tracking. How do you track a street?
03:05 How do you track each day a T a date and how do you know how many things you've done in, in a row?
03:14 And we have this here and in this sheet we can even look at it in a few different ways. We can have this last two weeks.
03:21 We have some data here. We track very simply by a checkbox. Again, I'll come through this in a second. We can set our goals here just to get the sheet out and working.
03:34 I only have 14 days or two weeks as the goal. It looks like you can change it. You can change it here, but that does nothing in the sheet.
03:42 I'll show share with you what actually happens in the sheet.  And there are a couple of cool things we can do later.
03:48 Maybe I'll go into that as well of what else we can add to this to get your, get your mind going.
03:56 But what I was looking at is I had recently used kin habits and I had recently been seeking out a way to stop some vices.
04:08 So how do I, how do I stop doing things like I'm, I'm actively, literally right now trying to stop eating pizza.
04:18 I don't drink, I haven't drank alcohol in over a year and a half. And the one thing that helped me there was an app or a telegram app called 0%.
04:32 So there's zero. We can go here and look at it. Let me give him a cool shout out to 0% d*** club.
04:42 It's free. And I started this January 1st, 2020, and I still haven't drank any alcohol.  So I was like, well, the person who runs this as is Johnny, or he made this, isn't going to make another one.
04:56 And I kept asking him like, can you just make this for other things that I want to quit doing? Because all it is is in telegram.
05:04 I just answered. Yes, I did it or no identity. And here in dark habits, we have that similar thing we just clicked.
05:11 Did we not do it? And that's all we, so if we didn't, there's a little slight difference. It's not answering yes or no.
05:18 It is just like don't, if you don't click here, that means you did do it. If you do click here on a day in the day, like, oh, I didn't drink, I didn't drink coffee.
05:28 It says, great job, no coffee. Okay. And it tracks here, coffee, you didn't drink on this day. You can see the past two weeks.
05:37 This is yesterday. So today's the 5th of October. So I wouldn't show up yet. And so tomorrow, which we're going to say is our current streak.
05:48 And we can track all kinds of things here. So instead of just saying, Hey, we're not drinking alcohol. It's like, okay, well, what things do you want to choose not to do?
05:57 And that's why I made this is like, get me more like now I've conquered, I'll call with this, give me a similar thing, but I want to do other stuff.
06:06 I want to stop doing other things that I don't want to just stop drinking coffee, but some people do. Some people want to stop drinking, soft drinks or Cola.
06:15 Some people want to stop biting their nails. Some people want to stop watching p*** and some people want to stop gambling or going to a casino smoking.
06:25 Some people will want to quit their addiction to maybe a cell phone. After some certain time I'll call different types of alcohol.
06:32 We all have our vices, fast-food TV and Netflix. And then some general stuff in case I didn't cover anything. I have some emojis here which I'll get into.
06:44 So yeah, that was the reason why I made this as I wanted to create a tracker for multiple things and see what kind of streaks I could get on.
06:50 And the idea of this is that a habit starts within two weeks or in, or it can be stopped or started in two weeks.
06:59 If you do something for two weeks in a row, every single day, that becomes a daily routine. I started doing some workouts and the moment I did two weeks in a row of everyday 14 days in a row, it internalized.
07:14 So this that's the point of this is to get to two weeks and we're done. We, we have conquered our vice and you know, it's not that easy.
07:23 So this is the intro sheet here. Let's look at the goal sheet. So how I set this up is you set up your goal, say, what do I want to stop?
07:35 You select an emoji so you can have up to 10 here. All we're going to do is we're going to add one here.
07:41 So I'm going to add gambling. I don't want to stop no gambling. I don't gamble, but some people do pick your emoji.
07:49 I already have one here, which is a casino little slot machine. You're always going to do in, in this version of it again, this simplified, most simple version is it's always going to be 14 days is our goal, this filling out this does nothing just gives us like all of idea how we attract
08:08 . So if we haven't gambled today, we're just going to click here and great job, no gambling done. It gives you a little bit of feedback a little bit like, okay, we did it.
08:17 If I do it again, it's only going to check the date. So if we go to data and maybe I'll change this to dates we can just, for the sake of this, I'm going to change that to four.
08:31 I'm going to go back and add a couple more. So each time we do this, it's just adding one. Even if there's it's going to just add the same day, cause it's, timestamping that date.
08:43 I'll show you how I did this as it is a on edit script. If you make a copy of the script, actually, by the way all better sheets members, get this for free.
08:54 I will put the link in the description of this loom video.  So you can copy it and make a copy for yourself and you'll get the script as well.
09:06 So you can review the script. We're using it on edit so that if the edit is on the track sheet and it's in the exact row that we're checking off on and the value is true.
09:18 So if for some reason it messes up in the value is still true and we uncheck it. Then we don't want this happening.
09:24 So all these three things have to happen. And then what we do is we get the value of the emoji.
09:30 We figure out we log it, we figure out the date and then we actually format the data a little bit, because usually when you do new date here it will give you the whole timestamp, but we can't do timestamps because we use dates to see streaks later.
09:45 So we just use the date, not the timestamp. We get the word. So we grabbed the emoji, but we need the word as well to log it.
09:54 So we find that on our original sheet, and then we set the value of the word, we've set the value of the emoji.
10:03 And then we give an alert, this UI dot alert, great job. We use the same word. And then we set the edit where we edited it, the checkbox, we set that back to false.
10:17 So just in case this doesn't happen, this is what's letting us edit and log it only if it's setting it as true.
10:26 I'm going back here. Let's, I'm gonna do some of these, just change these dates, just so that if we look at the past two weeks, gambling's Ariana, we have three days already streaked three days, and this gives a nice representation of here's 14 days.
10:48 We use sequence here, 14, 101. And this just means give us 14 from the number one to 14 iterate once each time.
10:59 And what this is doing is it's today minus the number of days ago. So this is, that's pretty simple. What each of these are doing is pretty complicated.
11:08 And I'll try to explain as best I can in short, we're filtering out on the data sheet or not. We're not filter, we're filtering out everything, except for those that match the date and what this vise is.
11:22 So on here, we can grab all of the dates in the past 14 days that have the vice gambling, which means we tracked it.
11:31 We set it. Yes, we did do that. And we put a little emoji in there because we're just filtering for the emojis.
11:39 And then what happens on the streaks? This is the fun part. This is where we have so much fun. First we grab all of the vices from the goals to have we select, we use this.
11:56 This is crazy thing, basically, this match, I, God, this is so complicated. Basically, it's going through the past two weeks and it's saying, add this at symbol and then everywhere, where at symbol exists alone.
12:16 That's the end of it. If that makes sense, this is pretty hard to explain. But this is how we knew how we do straight.
12:25 What is the latest streak it's using this? And this add symbol can be anything as we add it here, there we go.
12:32 But it's there as well. We get this number, which we know, okay, the latest streak is number six. Then we use this repped.
12:43 Okay. So repped repetition, this char code is actually looking at this emoji, finding the code of it, and then saying here, go to this character, the character that is represented by the code of this emoji set that how many times?
13:02 So that's six times. And because our goal is always 14, we do 14 minus this for the other ones. And so we can see of visual representation of our street is six days and we need to fill that.
13:12 We need to get to 14. Well, what I did here, and then this is a total number of days, we'd done it.
13:19 That we've locked. So sometimes you want to see just like, okay, we out of the last, you know, hundred days since I've been doing this, we have, you know, 50 days.
13:26 We've not that correct. These two emojis are what sets these two so we can choose anything we want. We can say, let's use the beer and let's use black, the black box.
13:43 Cause we don't really want to see exactly how many we have left, but we want to see, okay, we've not drawn at six times.
13:49 Great round of applause. See this value it's because we haven't selected our emoji's yet, which might be a thing to fix later.
13:58 Let's go select our emojis. So if we're gambling, let's say we want actually blank and we want to know, okay, we've gambled before.
14:09 So let's go. Where are you gambling? One second. All right. So I had affected a little bit of data validation there, but now I am now we got it.
14:24 So now we want to get rid of all these. So in 14 days over the phase on 14 days, we want to get rid of those.
14:31 You can choose to do that, or you can choose to do either when you want. And again, in the video that I described, how to use this, I'll explain this a little bit more for users.
14:41 You know what this represents and what you can change. The, these are like the nose you've tracked these and you haven't tracked these.
14:48 So you want a current streak up 14. Bam, bam, bam. We want 14 days do not break the chain. Okay.
14:56 So what else do you want to see if you have any questions over this, you can email me or take a look through the sheet and see what we did.
15:09 So want to share this with you because I also wanted to go through and change this theme. And here's where we were started.
15:19 Start here, dark mode sheets. I really have fun with these because they just are different. Obviously on the phone. If you have an Android version of Google drive, you can choose dark theme for your sheets, but if you're on the web, they don't have it yet.
15:36 What's funny about this. I did check this on my phone after I sent it to this black background and it reverses it.
15:45 So, so that's a weird thing. So if you're in dark mode on Android and you have a black background in cells, it reverses it.
15:55 Okay. So what I want to do is I want to fill this with not the blackest black and I want to have the text not be the whitest white.
16:05 Why is that? Because this contrast is exactly the same contrast as the whitest white and the blackest black with text it hurts your eyes after a while.
16:17 I've already noticed it with this. It's like the contrast is just too high. So what I will do is I will select all of this.
16:25 I will go to this one. You notice the text here was just one darker. So I thought that was nice.
16:37 I think this is okay if we do that again, but instead of using this one, I'm going to use a customer.
16:45 Many news custom can see it's 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, but we're going to use four for four. It's tiny, tiny difference, but it makes a difference because we can control it a lot easier.
16:57 So this is 6, 6, 6, actually. I want it to be 8, 8, 8, just a couple more down, chose a little different. And then all of this text is make it custom.
17:13 Oh, it's effort three. So let's do so FFF is the whitest white. And then what do we got here? DDD.
17:23 I think that's going to be good. See, it's a little bit less contrast. It's a little bit easier on the eyes and it's gray, right?
17:35 Let's do one more. Try and get the next ones. E CCC BBB. Let's go all the way to a no, that's actually a really nice, all right, I'm going to keep that they start habits though.
17:52 This is not AA. What was this? This was something else. This was 8, 8, 8. Great. I think that's okay. We can probably do a little bit better and probably do some color here.
18:07 Can do something like, oh God, that looks terrible, but you can play around with this if you wish to. I want to make it a little brighter.
18:18 Yeah. Just to be different from this dark habits. So what I'll do is first thing I will do is I will go to each sheet and I will try to recreate this, this, this one.
18:35 And then the text is going to be this or this one. It's be that one. Great. Thanks. This looks so nice.
18:47 Even though it is gray, right? It's still dark mode, right? It still gets rid of the bright white of a sheet, but it doesn't give you that high contrast, like a black dyes, right?
19:04 One quick way we can probably do this is just each of these copy and paste format alone for the Y just do command Y for all of these to save us time.
19:20 We don't need to do there. There we go. And Y for that, and then we'll go back to track or just fix each one, these, and I'm just in the middle of this and I'm just going all these things.
19:41 I'm just doing command Y now on each of the sheets I didn't want to, or you like doing this on every single one, but it would just do command Y for this text and that takes it down just a notch.
19:55 And we're done. So this dark mode of dark habits called dark habits on now is a nicer, less contrast. Because you're on the eyes, especially if we're going to use this for a while, if you're creating a dark mode sheet, I implore you to try create it with the blackest black background and the whitest
20:20 white text. But then do try to figure out for your theme, what works better. Sometimes colors work better sometimes. We need to use custom colors.
20:32 Something like if you want to go on Halloween, it's the month of October. Now you want to go a little Halloween, do something like this.
20:42 Can give you a little bit brighter, but go for that. Yeah. Looking at, Ooh, we can use colors. I'm going to come in and Z make it really your own thing and enjoy creating a dark mode.
20:58 And hopefully you get a chance to check out dark habits. By the time you get this video, you'll see and you'll see this template and then you'll be able to watch this video, make a copy of it and have it for your own use by.