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How To Use TODAY() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the current date as a date value.

Common questions about the TODAY formula include:
• What is the TODAY formula? Creates a timestamp, not only a value but a moving value that changes each day.
• How can TODAY be used in Google Sheets? Can be used to get today's date into a cell, and it will update each day.
• What is the syntax of the TODAY formula? No need for anything inside the parentheses.
• What are the different results of the TODAY formula? You will get a Date, which you can format as you wish with TEXT(). You will want to wrap the TEXT() formula around TODAY(). You can get the current month by wrapping the TODAY formula with MONTH(). You can get the current year by wrapping the TODAY() formula with YEAR()

How can the TODAY formula be used appropriately?
The TODAY formula can be used to insert the current date into a Google Sheet's cell.

How is the TODAY formula commonly mistyped?
The TODAY formula is commonly mistyped as TODY, or TODW, or TODT, or TDAY, or TOODAY, or TODAAY, or TODAYY, or ATODAY, or TDY.

How is the TODAY formula commonly mis used?
Some common ways the TODAY formula is used inappropriately are using it to calculate next month or last year, using it to add or subtract a number of days from a date, or using it to compare dates between each other. You can easily do that with two dates, you don't need to use the TODAY() formula.

What are some common pitfalls when using TODAY?
Common pitfalls when using the TODAY formula include forgetting that the formula updates the date when a new day starts and not using absolute cell references when referencing data in another cell. If your formula changes positions then your cell reference will change too.

What are some common mistakes made when using TODAY in Google Sheets?
Common mistakes when using the TODAY formula include forgetting to convert a date to a valid format and entering an incorrect date format. A common mistake is to forget that the date will update. Another mistake is to forget what time zone the sheet is based in. If you change timezones and don't change the timezone of the sheet, your calculations might be different than what you expect.

What are some common misconceptions people have with TODAY()?
Common misconceptions people might have with the TODAY formula include thinking that it only works in the current sheet and not across other sheets in a workbook and thinking that it will automatically insert the current date when it appears in a formula as a text value, instead it updates every day.

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How To Actually Use TODAY() in Sheets


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How to use the TODAY function in Google Sheets (Syntax & Examples)

The Google Sheets TODAY function returns the current date, as per the local date and time settings on your computer.

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