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Find Hundreds of Available Domains From Keywords with Concat and Array Formula

About this Tutorial

Build a list of domains you can buy right now. Easily check if the domain you want is still available.

Video Transcript

 Hey, better sheet people, better sheet members, whatever you want to be called. This is a fun project. We're gonna be picking out a domain, at a, at the start of every project, you're probably trying to find a domain. Every project side, hustle, new business. You need to make sure that your business name is unique, and then also that the domain exists.

And we might find yourself like doing pr new project.com. Going to, I use name.com. You might use something else. See new project.com is taken and then oh, I'll try a company. Or Okay that's available 8 99. But what else is new? Project alert? And you might have some amount of like keywords or one keyword word, rhino.

It's supposed to be Rhino. New project for Rhino, new Rhino or Project Rhino. You might have some. Phrase. And then you have, ooh, project Friday is available. And you're searching through them, right? And you're trying to figure out what's the best one? I have another video coming out of I'll create a very interesting let's say naming grader, domain name grader.

I made this last year when I was trying to pick out a new new. Name newsletter, app, ad tech name. We ended up doing getting Hype Letter. It's down here, hype Letter, but we went through all these and we made a little greater here in a Google sheet. We said, okay, we're gonna definitely want it.com.

We wanna be able to search for it and see if it's available. And then we had some criteria. We wanted to go for the possible, the possibility of being happy. It has to do with money. And we also wanted a. Least length. And I'll be going through this and I'll be actually making this sort of in a new version for you to see how I make it and how I come together and figure out this rating system.

You, you need to go through if it has a check mark, if it's true or false or accounting, it's, it gets a little complicated and it's fun though. But for this video, I'm gonna. Rely I'm gonna create a domain finder. Basically what we are gonna do is we're gonna have our input, we're gonna do spreadsheets that's our name, and then I have the, this list of 182 key, like addon words, like audio, ATM assets, arrow cheap cities.

And what happens is, if you. Keep track of these and you have these sort of like little catchy little words that you want to add to a new project name to make it and find the new one that like exists. You're gonna have to add this to all of these, but you can do, use a concatenate function and I can show you how to do that with array formula.

And then you're gonna have to check 'em, gonna be like, okay, spreadsheet choice.com and you're gonna go here, right? And this. This is a drag to come here and type this out every time. So we wanna have, oh, that's available. So really what we want to do here, I made this already, is we want every single word here.

We want to add the.com and then we want to concatenate it with this name.com/domain/search so that we can quickly just click on it and go to this site. Spreadsheet alert.com. Is it available? Yes, it's available. What else? Spreadsheet ask. Ooh, I might get that. Is that available? Spreadsheet ASK is available, right?

So what we can do is very quickly go through these and just, oh, spreadsheet baby. I wonder if this one is available. That's funny, right? This makes it really fast and really. Fun. Oh, it's taken darn. Really fast and really fun to go through and change all these names. And I'm gonna show you how to do this really quickly.

We do we only need a few array Ray formulas up here. It's three formulas to do this. I'll be right back and we'll start this. Okay, so I have a blank sheet here. The very first thing we want to do is we want to have an input. We have an input word. And this could be any word you want. And we want to combine it with all of our keywords, right?

Okay. So if we did this only one, we would use concat. We would say we want this, and we want to concatenate it with keyword A one. If that's one. And absolutely one solution is to do this and now copy and paste this, right? And now, Time we go down, this one goes down, increases one, and sure, that's fine.

But that's not really that simple and it's not gonna save us much time to save us time. We actually want to do keywords A through A, we don't need to. Force that, and we want to wrap array formula around this. Okay, now watch what happens. Everything happens. So we have every single option here available for us, and it goes all the way down this entire sheet.

Cool. So all we did was array formula, concat, and then the first part, which is that one word and input. And keywords eight A. All right, so we, now we have our phrases. Now we just need to add.com. We can do equals can cap. We can do this and what is that? Dot com, right? But we're missing everything else.

So what do you think we should do? Array formula. We can do this. And then we just do a to a. And now we have all of the dot coms, we've dot com, them all and absolutely we can just do run this. We can put this right in the middle. Got that with.com so we can do that as well. And now we have everything.com in one if we want.

Okay, so what if we don't want it? We want 'em in two now we want to check the name. So what are we gonna. We're gonna go grab the domain, we have it here. Domain search. We have name.com/search or whatever. We have this right? We can go conka,

and we want to concat this phrase, comma B one. Alright? But that's not all we want to do. Wrap that around. Wrap around that array formula. And then change that B to B one. B one to B, and now we have every single one that we want. What's interesting too, is we can absolutely combine these, all right, we can say, let me do this.

Let's just grab this and I'm gonna put first, we're gonna concat this and.com, and then we're gonna con.

This. Whoops. We want that one. And we're gonna concat everything there. And so now if we delete both of these, everything is in one column and we can click on all of these and see if they're available. Spreadsheet apps.com. Is it available? Yeah. Wow. There's so many of these dot coms. I'm actually really surprised.

Oh my God. But this makes it really easy to find a domain spreadsheet, blogs. Who needs that? Okay. They're all, if you had spreadsheets, any, what isn't available, spreadsheet daily. Let's see if that's available. That sounds like a fun one.

Searching. Searching. Is it available? It's available. Wow. Did I misspell spreadsheet. Are all these dot coms available? Spreadsheet, debt spreadsheet, gem. Oh, that sounds wonderful. What a spreadsheet. Gem. Is it available and it's searching. It's available. Wow. Okay. So we've found our domains.

We have a bunch of awesome keywords at the end of our word, we have the word here. We used Concat, a bunch of. And we used array formula to get this, and now we can find a ton of domains. Hopefully that was fun for you as it was for me. Maybe I, I'll go buy spreadsheet baby bite.