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One Weird Google Sheet Formula for Bulk Publishing With AI

About this Tutorial

'll show you a game-changing Google Sheet formula that will make your day, especially if you're into bulk publishing and chat GPT. With this formula, you'll be able to insert lists of keywords into prompts effortlessly. I'll guide you step-by-step on how to set it up and use it effectively. Get ready to become faster, better, and more efficient in your publishing tasks. Let's dive in!

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Video Transcript

0:00 I want to show you today one Google Sheet formula that is going to make your day. If you are using chat GPT and you want to do a lot of publishing, bulk publishing, you want to do a lot of cool stuff.
0:12 You have like a lot of lists of keywords here and you want to like insert them into a prompt. Maybe you have a prompt already.
0:19 I am going to show you one Google Sheet formula that is going to make your day. Single Gucci formula that's going to make your day.
0:24 It is going to make you faster, better, leaner, tougher. All right, here it is. So here's our problem. We have a sheet.
0:32 I already have created a sheet that has the open AI access. So I don't even need to go to chat GPT.
0:38 If you want that, you have become a member or you. Or a member already and go to upgrade Google Sheets open AI prompt to GPT for I've that is the newest version of the Apps Script totally free for all monthly and lifetime members.
0:53 So that's already in our Apps Script over here. We have our API key. Over on another tab called API Key, we got it from OpenAI.
1:04 And we want to write. We want to write, based on some keywords, some prompts. We write our prompt. You're an SEO lead.
1:11 Suggest 30 high-volume, low-difficulty keywords for keywords. And we want to run that for many, many, many keywords. We want to say, Google Sheets here.
1:21 We want to say spreadsheets. We want to say Excel spreadsheets maybe. And we want to do this like a hundred times.
1:30 And we want to run this prompt. We want a prompt here. And then we want to get the answer here.
1:35 How do we do this? Well, the answer is going to be easy. We're just going to do AI. And we're going to have our prompt B2 right there.
1:42 So if is blank B2, going to do nothing. So if it's actually blank, we're getting nothing. If it's not blank, if it has something, we're going to run this AI.
1:53 This is going to be really cool to do. But what do we do? How do we get this prompt from here in the Sort that keyword where it says keyword.
2:04 Or here, as a content strategy, just create a compilation of 20 frequently asked questions. Maybe let's reduce this to like three to make it quicker, because I think I only have here 500 max tokens.
2:15 So we don't want to write that. We want to write that for each one. So let's do this one. The prompt here.
2:23 As a kind of strategy, create a compilation of three frequently asked questions about this keyword that are perting into a new person to this topic.
2:30 All we want to do, we've written this prompt, maybe it's an epic prompt, maybe it's like 500 words, maybe it's a thousand words, or less, probably, but it just has this one keyword we need to replace.
2:39 How do we do that? We're going to use substitute. That is what we're going to do. We're going to substitute what text search is going to be prompt.
2:47 Exclamation point A2. What are we going to search for? We want to search for text this key word in a square bracket.
2:57 We put that in ourselves. I'll show you how to change that. What do we want to substitute it with, we wanted it in A2 here.
3:05 So before I hit enter, I want to do a couple things. I want to put a dollar sign from the A, a dollar sign from the two, so that stays the same.
3:12 A2, when we copy and paste this formula, it will change, but I don't want this prompt A2 to change. There, I don't want it to auto-fill yet.
3:21 Now you can see, let's look at it, there it is. So now it replaced that keyword in square brackets with Google Sheets.
3:33 And now I have my answer right away. Let's copy-paste this. It now says Spread Sheets. Formula array formula, the formula sub-stitute, which is what we're using right now.
3:50 I wanna get some frequently asked questions about that. So it's giving us three. What are some effective tips for effect?
3:58 Pretty, okay. Okay, we'll probably. Get better if we get much much like four or five word keywords here long tail keywords here probably be overcoming spreadsheet woes anything we want here we can copy and paste this and now all of these are literally going to be right away and getting our answer
4:22 Getting our actually not our answer our questions really really simple so we can write a prompt here and then we can have some maybe FAQs here.
4:30 Let's duplicate this and instead of that prompt Let's lead all that it's using exact same keywords, but a different prompt.
4:40 So we're gonna do this all again substitute substitute, substitute, text to search. We're going to use, I want to make a video advertisement.
4:48 That sounds cool. I want to search for keyword. Again, I'll show you how to change this keyword if you do need to change it.
4:56 We want to replace it with a2 here. I'm going to use a3. Three, prompt A3. Again, we need to add the dollar sign A, dollar sign three, A2.
5:07 Hit enter. I don't want to automatically do everything. So this is writing a script for a video advertisement. We're only giving it 500 tokens.
5:15 So we should be able to get a response back. We might get an error. This happens regularly in Google sheets if you have.
5:22 Like over 30 seconds to call to the API. So we want to try to do quick, oh, there we go.
5:28 Are you tired of never ending battle with complicated spreadsheets? Yes, yes I am. So we get our advertisement already written.
5:41 We are. Writing six more, this is like epically fast, right? And as that's loading, each one will probably take about 30 seconds.
5:52 I wanna share with you how to edit this keyword. So let's do this, let's say as a copywriter, write a script for a video and emphasizing the benefits of the of all You want to change this keyword to product.
6:07 You just want a product name. How do you then replace it? Well, let's go down to the bottom here and say we have some product names.
6:17 Let's call this one Salad Shaker. I'm going to do equals. Substitute, it actually gives us this keyword already, but we don't want this keyword.
6:28 We want to change it to product. That's it. It is a made-up word here. We product and just change product down here.
6:46 That's all we do right there. Product is change. Now we have a video advertisement for a salad shaker. Oh my God, that's epic.
6:55 Personally, enthusiastically shaking a salad shaker filled with vibrant, whatever, revolutionized the way you prepare salads. Great. Hopefully this is helpful to you with this substitute.
7:06 I think this along with AI in your spreadsheets is going to absolutely Break through any and all issues you have doing bulk publishing book writing book idea generating Again, if you want the app script for this it is completely free for better sheet members over at this video, upgrade Google Sheets
7:26 , open AI prompt to GPT-4 over on better sheets. Become a member today, if you're not a member. Or if you are watching this on better sheets, just get it down below.
7:35 It's right here, bye. Bye.