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How To Use SUBSTITUTE() Function in Google Sheets


Replaces existing text with new text in a string.

Common questions about the SUBSTITUTE formula in Google Sheets:
What does the SUBSTITUTE formula do? replace text with other text.
How do I use the SUBSTITUTE formula in Google Sheets? write the equal sign and then SUBSTITUTE. By the time you type in sub you probably get the autofill to get it in the cell without having to type the whole thing.
Can the SUBSTITUTE formula replace multiple instances of a specific text? Yes
How can I use the SUBSTITUTE formula with case sensitivity? Might want to try REGEXREPLACE instead.
Can the SUBSTITUTE formula be used with wildcards or regular expressions? Might want to try REGEXREPLACE instead.

Appropriate use of the SUBSTITUTE formula in Google Sheets:
Replacing specific text within a cell or a range of cells.
Correcting data entry errors or inconsistencies.
Removing unwanted characters or symbols from data.
Reformatting data by substituting one text pattern with another.

Common mistyping of the SUBSTITUTE formula:
Misspelling the function name as "SUBSTITUE" or "SUBSITUTE."
Incorrectly capitalizing the function name as "substitute" or "Substitute."

Common inappropriate use of the SUBSTITUTE formula:
Using the SUBSTITUTE formula on entire columns or large ranges unnecessarily, which can slow down the spreadsheet's performance.
Applying the SUBSTITUTE formula without considering the context or purpose of the data, leading to unintended changes.
Using the SUBSTITUTE formula on numeric values, as it only works on text.

Common pitfalls when using the SUBSTITUTE formula:
Forgetting to include the cell reference or text within quotation marks.
Failing to use the correct syntax or parameters of the SUBSTITUTE formula.
Overlooking the fact that the SUBSTITUTE formula only replaces the first occurrence of the specified text by default.

Common mistakes when using the SUBSTITUTE formula:
Not anchoring the cell references correctly when using the SUBSTITUTE formula within other formulas.
Neglecting to update formulas that include the SUBSTITUTE formula when inserting or deleting rows or columns.
Using the SUBSTITUTE formula to replace text that could be better handled with other functions like REGEXREPLACE or FIND/REPLACE.

Common misconceptions about the SUBSTITUTE formula:
Believing that the SUBSTITUTE formula automatically replaces either all occurrences of the specified text, or just the first one.
Assuming that the SUBSTITUTE formula can handle complex text patterns or regular expressions, which requires additional functions or techniques.
Remember that the specific usage and best practices for the SUBSTITUTE formula may vary depending on your specific needs and the data you are working with in Google Sheets.

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How To Actually Use SUBSTITUTE() in Sheets

SUBSTITUTE(text_to_search, search_for, replace_with, [occurrence_number])

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