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NEW TOOL Parse Spintax for Content Spinning

About this Tutorial

Introductng a new tool from Better Sheets. A free Google Sheets™️ Add-On to parse spin syntax content.

Revolutionize Your Google Sheets writing with Spin Tax Content Spinner! Say Goodbye to Tedious Editing. Get All the Variations You Need. 

  • Spin randomly to get one variation
  • Spin text for all variations
  • Spin text for all variations including duplicates

Spintax is written with pipes separating content you want to randomly select. {Hi|Hello|Hey} would either be Hi, or Hello, or Hey.

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Video Transcript

00:00 Alright, in this video we're going to introduce you to a new tool from BetterSheets called Spin Tax Content Spinner, and I'm going to talk about a few problems that I have encountered in Google Sheets and why I created this in the first place and then also how you can use it.
00:15 So let me just show you real quick something that you might be doing in Google. So, let's say we were like writing a headline, and we know sort of the structure of the headline is some text, but like one word, we want to see the difference, the different headlines with different words, but we don't
00:39 want to edit the entire, headline. And there are some ways, and there are many ways to do this in Google Sheets, but none as sort of elegant or flexible as Spintax.
00:53 So, I'll explain Spintax in a moment, but let me talk about how you might solve this right now, and maybe even some more ideas.
01:00 Right, this is, the headline is this headline and then a word. And totally fine, right? You're gonna write this, this headline rocks.
01:10 We're gonna have these selection of other words. We might come up with other words, and we just wanna write that word out and or phrase, right?
01:17 And we can, look, totally fine if you, Have the time and you really wanna like type this out each time, sure.
01:25 We're going to type it out every single time. That is totally away. It's just exhausting, right? It's tedious, it's boring, right?
01:37 We are sort of limited to the number of words. Here we can't have, let's say, a hundred or a thousand or even ten thousand options here, right?
01:48 And this is only a headline. There's many other applications for this kind of textual syntax and we'll talk about that later.
01:56 But what if we did it another way? What if we, we have this list, right? We, we don't need to retype these words.
02:03 We just need the words, this headline again and again. But what if we sort of take a some kind of filler, like we, we know it's we let's move this down.
02:24 We have this, this style, right? This, this headline and then a word or phrase and we know what the word or phrase is, it's in this B column.
02:33 And we can, so we can take this and we can say, oh, this is going to be equals let's say substitute.
02:41 Text to search is going to be dollar sign A, dollar sign one, because we don't want to change that as we, we're going to copy it down.
02:50 What are we going to search for? We're going to search for this phrasing word here. And we're going to put that in quotes.
02:58 And then what are we going to replace it with? We can replace it with, with, with whatever. Whatever is in B column here, B2.
03:04 And we do want to switch out this B2 each time we copy and paste it. So we're going to hit enter, we're going to copy paste this all the way down and we have great.
03:13 We have our answer right now. We can sort of type in any amount of work. We can get AI to produce a.
03:22 Certain number of phrases here, right? We can ask crowd crowdsourcing. We can get other people or we can just sit down and write a hundred different versions of this headline.
03:31 Right? This headline rocks. This headline is awesome. This headline faces failure head on. But like this formula. Like are you going to remember?
03:42 Subs. Dude, great. This is a great application of this, right? I love substitute. I use this a lot. I use this in creating templates, creating formats.
03:50 It's awesome. But you're like, ah, there could be a better way to do this. You know, we could wrap this with array formula.
03:57 I think. Let's just like see if that does.. The trick. Gonna get some reference error and see. Yeah, exactly. We can do one formula, right?
04:08 We don't have to copy paste it. But there is still a better way. Now, if I want to. What if I want to switch out this?
04:17 What if you're, I'm like, Oh, there's an. Word to. Like, okay. Now we're getting a little more complicated. I need to now.
04:27 Wrap this substitute with another substitute. It can totally substitute. Totally possible, right?. We are going to take word. To. But like, are you.
04:42 You're going to remember how to do all of this. I teach this in other videos and it's totally fine, right?
04:49 . We're going to do C2 colon C8. Got a little error here. There we go. Then we need to put that.
04:59 And now we go this. Mm. I, your headline is awesome. Okay, we have to type this out this again and again and again, right?
05:10 But what if I'm like, I just want to see all the variations, right? You're like, ah, okay, I got this headline sucks.
05:16 My headline rocks. Your headline is awesome. But what if I could just get these. Lists and say, do all of the versions.
05:26 I want three times this number of lists. This is a list of seven and there's three options for the first word.
05:33 What if I want to create essentially 21 options now? How do I do this? We're five minutes in the video and we're like, okay, now.
05:43 We have a problem now. We're like, oh, no. Well, that's where SpinTacks for content for Google Sheets and for content spin name comes in.
05:52 We're going to install a Google Sheet add on. Let's go to get add ons. We're gonna, we can search for SpinTacks.
05:58 You can also go to SpinTacks, SpinTacks.BetterSheets.co. You can go there. And see the you can get a little bit more information about it there.
06:08 But you can also just go to work, go to the workplace, Google workplace marketplace. And look for SpinTacks. It is the only thing that comes up, SpinTacks.
06:19 It has zero users right now. We're gonna be the first user. You know, individual install or admin install. Easy enough.
06:29 You will go through this sort of allowing access to your spreadsheet. It is adding three custom functions. We will use right now in this video.
06:42 So we'll. Close this. I think there it is. So now in addition to from butter, but from better sheets, we have sheet styles, which styles your sheet and creates a better color.
06:55 We have button size that creates really cool three by three cell buttons. We have tiny sheets, which makes one by one sheets.
07:03 Now we have. Spintech's content spinner. There is a little bit of info here if you want it on how to use it, but I'm going to show you right now.
07:09 There are three functions that we have added to our sheet. Okay. All we, but we need to do a little bit of work to make sure that our headline is properly formatted.
07:23 Okay. So let's actually duplicate this and I don't want this headline like this. I want to take all of these and delete all these.
07:33 I'm going to go. I need to do no equal sign. All I need to do is curly bracket this capital this with a pipe character.
07:43 My. Okay, pipe character. Your to have the three options at the beginning and then have the word headline and now I just need all of these words in with pipe pipe, pipes as well.
07:57 Interspersed with them. So the delimitator is this pipe and this is all you need to do. So now we have our spin tax in the correct spin syntax.
08:11 We have curly brackets around the things that we want to spin. We want to see. We also have the pipe character in between each of the things we want to spin.
08:24 So. The first function that we have available to us is equal spin. This will get a random version. So again, we have to make sure that we have our spin syntax correct.
08:37 And if it's not correct, it won't work. But if it's correct, we will have a random one. So the random one it selected out of all this.
08:44 Was your headline is awesome. Great. So that's it. If you just want one version, awesome. Done. But if you're like, I want to have every single possible version.
08:56 Well, we can create another headline. Let me actually add a line here. So this is spin. Spin function. And we get this headline needs an edit.
09:09 But now if we want to get all of them, if we want to get every single version possible, but without duplicates, we're going to use spin all.
09:18 And here we type in equals spin all. And again, if you install this Google Sheet add on. Spin all will be here.
09:26 It'll be an auto complete. And all you have to do is spin all a to. Now load it for a couple moments.
09:34 And now here are all of the options. We have taken this one piece of text that we're like, Oh, just change this my your headline.
09:41 We want rocks is awesome needs help. And we now. You have should be twenty one options. That's pretty damn cool.
09:51 Right now if there were any particular like if there were duplicates. This spin all will de duplicate it. If you want all the duplicates, I don't know if there's going to be duplicates here.
10:04 We're going to use. It was spin everything. And we just do equals spin everything. Select it. We go A2. I don't think we're going to have any duplicates in this one.
10:17 Let's see. Scroll down and see we have no duplicates. How do you get duplicates? Why am I talking about duplicates?
10:25 Well, what if we, instead of like socks, we want, in here we go, last. So what we did is we took out one and we actually created another spin tax inside of rocks.
10:43 So instead of saying we have the choice here. We have more choices within. So we have this loading and you'll see there are now duplicates because we have this is rocking rocks.
10:59 We'll parse out first and here we go. So we have, we'll basically give us more chances. To have this is or less chances to have is rocking a rocks because it'll parse out this first.
11:11 It'll be like a 50 50 chance in the spin spin one and then 50 50 chance that it's is rocking or rocks is a selection amongst all of these other ones.
11:21 So we actually end up with more duplicates here even though there's. The exact same headline so that's why we do de duplicated in the spin all but if you want to see what is the actual chances of each one we're only spinning you know randomly here in the spin spin everything will show you all of the
11:39 chance the chance of every single ones head but they're not different. Hope this makes sense. So again you can get spin tax content spinner over at spintax.bettersheets.co or by searching on the Google Marketplace Google Sheets add on marketplace just for spin tax it's totally free right now better 
12:00 sheet members are getting notified of this first so if you're not yet a better sheets member become one now. I'm going to be getting these tools first.
12:09 Also I'll be putting out much more content about using this. I just think it's really cool. I want to see what you use how you use it.
12:16 If you have any needs and uses of it show me. Let me see. I'll take a look at your sheet.
12:21 I also have sheet improvement videos that I put out. So if you show me your sheet. And you allow me I can make a sheet a little bit better.
12:30 Thanks for watching.