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Magical Numbering

About this Tutorial

Create a sequence of numbers that magically appears as you type in each row. Put this in A1 and start typing in column B: =SEQUENCE(COUNTA(B:B),1,1,1)

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Video Transcript

0:00 Alright, better sheet members and friends and family. Check out this absolute magic that you can do with sequence. So we're gonna do equals sequence.
0:12 How many rows we're doing. Count all. Count A we're gonna do B, colon B. And then columns one. Start one.
0:23 Step one. We're gonna get an error right here, but if we start writing something, writing Hello World. Now we have absolute banger.
0:36 It's <laugh>. It's actually numbering as we go, right? Like this is pretty cool. This is pure magic. You can spit fire from your fingertips, fingertips all the way down as many rows as you want.
0:52 It's just gonna keep numbering them over and over and over. Isn't that cool?