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How To Use SEQUENCE() Function in Google Sheets


Returns an array of sequential numbers, such as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Common questions about the SEQUENCE formula include:

• What is the SEQUENCE formula and how does it work?
• What parameters can I define using the SEQUENCE formula?
• What are the differences between the SEQUENCE formula and other spreadsheet formulas?

The SEQUENCE Formula can be used properly to generate a sequence of numbers in a column or row. It's parameters allow the user to specify how this sequence will be generated. For example; the user can specify the starting value, end value, step size, and how many elements should appear in the sequence.

The SEQUENCE Formula is commonly mistyped in Google Sheets as ""SEQENCE"" instead of ""SEQUENCE"".

Some common ways the SEQUENCE Formula is used inappropriately include:
• Using the SEQUENCE formula to mean a range of numbers instead of the sequence of numbers it produces.
• Adding too many parameters to the formula and making it too complex.
• Neglecting to define the proper parameters for the numbers needed in the sequence.

Common pitfalls when using the SEQUENCE Formula include:
• Not accounting for decimal places or steps of fractional numbers.
• Not properly customizing the step size to ensure a performance.
• Not properly defining the parameters for the desired numbers.

Common mistakes when using the SEQUENCE Formula include:
• Not double-checking and correcting the formula before use.
• Not tailoring the formula for the specific number and format needed.
• Using the formula when an alternative method might be better suited for the task.

Common misconceptions people might have with the SEQUENCE Formula include:
• Thinking the SEQUENCE Formula creates an array or list of numbers instead of a sequence. 
• Thinking the SEQUENCE Formula should be used to generate random numbers instead of a sequence. 
• Misunderstanding that the SEQUENCE Formula only works with integers (whole numbers) instead of decimals."

How To Actually Use SEQUENCE() in Sheets

SEQUENCE(rows, columns, start, step)

1Better Sheets Tutorial

Create a sequence of numbers that magically appears as you type in each row. Put this in A1 and start typing in column B: =SEQUENCE(COUNTA(B:B),1,1,1)

Learn more about the SEQUENCE() formula:

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