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Headline Generator: Add Dropdowns

About this Tutorial

Create a headline generator inside Google Sheets. Add dropdown menus to make the generator easy to us.

Video Transcript

 Hello. We're gonna make a headline generator with dropdown menus. We already made our headline generator I showed you in the last video. If you have not seen that video, I will put a link actually below this, I think. And if you haven't seen the other video, just check out this Information and the source of this data is from Landing Folio.

Their headline formula, ZBook, it got their free version. They have a 200 examples there. And the cr creator of Landing Folio is also creating headline. If they haven't released it yet, go over to headline.io and you can get early access. It is actually a headline generator exactly doing exactly what this does, but way better.

And in a web app, this is a very poor version of it in a Google sheet. One thing we didn't do in the last video, sorry, is we have to write these. This information, right? But we might want to, we might know the information we wanna put in there, but we might wanna just make a dropdown. We didn't make dropdowns in the last one.

And I wanna show you two ways to make dropdowns. So again, let me just re review what this does. So you enter your audience, your undesirable outcome, your product solution. You enter these six things and then these formulas on the headlines page will output you headlines, and you can. Create an almost an infinite amount of headline formulas.

And this can be used for many different reasons. And you can create a web app for your company or an internal tool if you'd like. So let's make this a dropdown menu. So one thing is where we can do data validation. We're gonna just list from list from a list of items. So we just enter them by commas.

We just delineate them by commas. And that's it. We go. And now we have a dropdown menu and we can change this with two clicks. We can change it instead of having to retype that. And now we have here marketers or your website's not working. We can go back. We can say developers, or your website's not working.

And see, we can change this audience as many times as we want. Again, can do this over here, we can right click, go to data validation list of items. And we go save. And now we have a dropdown menu. Website's not working or dev time too long. But what I like to do is I like to be able to easily update these or add to them very quickly and to be quite honest, just right clicking, going to data validation and then comma, adding something here freelancers.

Save this to me is a little inconvenient. So what I like to do, you can literally just create one more sheet. We're gonna just call it dropdowns and I'm gonna take this from here and we're going to go copy paste it here. But we're gonna put these all in their own line without the. Out the commas. We don't need those.

Actually, what I will do too, let's move it over here and now this is audience. Now we just change this data validation from, we're gonna go to data validation and change it from list of items, do list from a range, and then we can click over to drop downs. Click here. I'm gonna add I don't know, 10 more, 10.

Probably there. Click okay by that. By the time we get 10 we might come in here and add more, but now this page, it only has a three cuz there's only three unique ones in there. And I can add more to it. I can be like, oh, freelancers, CEOs, and now those are available there. And that's how you add a dropdown menu a couple different ways.

The one thing I would say that is a pitfall with this is you do have to remember how many you've selected for this. So sometimes you might want to let's go back to data validation. You might want to make this range rather large, cuz it's not gonna show anything that's repeating and it won't show any blank spaces.

So you can make it like 50 large here, 30, 30. And it's not gonna change what's in there as long as there's text in there or it'll only show you the text. And one bonus thing I will say is, you can increase this a little. You can make this do a little bit more work, even if you with a little bit of time.

So what if as a result, you. Not just one of these, right? Like you want, this is one audience, and then you have to come in here and you have to select it. But because you have these all listed, what if you wanted to create headlines for all of them? Here's what, here's how, one way that I would do it. And it might not be the easiest or best way, but it.

Grant you magical powers later is you can Now, instead of naming these individually, like this is audience, this is outcome one, this is solution or product, one product you can do audience one, audience two, audience three. Here you can name these ranges. See data main ranges. Remember we have this audience range.

You can also do at range audience. Done. You can add a range audience two done, and that will take a little bit, maybe you only have, five options and now you can go back to here and you can say, okay, here's my audience one, let me add a rogue rose here. So row now, I will copy and paste this and instead of audience, I'll do audience.

Instead of audience one of do audience two. So now as long as I fill this out right, I can name these ranges and then I can easily go get them here. There's one more way we can do this. Okay. And the one more way we can do this is we can name this entire area as audience. In my case, I've named it all. And because it's a range, we can do anything we want that a range can do.

Just like this says dropdowns, exclamation point, C2 to C eight, we can put any formulas on it that we would put to dropdowns, exclamation point, C2 to C eight. So in this case, what we can do is we can take this whole thing, let's go here and instead of audience, we'll do all. And because we have a few, we want to use index to go to the first one, index to go to the second one, index to go to the third one.

We can go index, we go all audience one end exclamation point, and now that's gonna get the range of all audience and the first row until we get that good designers. Cool. Now if we copy and paste, it's gonna say the same thing, but let's change index, let's. Row two, and now we can do 1, 2, 3, 4. We can do as many as we want, right?

We don't have to go through and name each individual cell. We can actually name the entire range and then go to the index of it. And it saves us a lot of time and makes it really easy to create these really great headlines and create whatever formulas you want over here. Boy, that was fun. We made dropdowns.

We made a bunch. We've generated a bunch of headlines. And again, go to headline.com headline.io, check it out. If it's already launched, then awesome. Go grab, go check 'em out. If not, then sign up right here to get notified of their launch. Bye bye.