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Creating a Random Motivational Quote Checklist

About this Tutorial

I'll show you how to create a motivational quote checklist that generates a random quote every time you check off a task. We'll start from scratch and create a formula that displays motivational quotes from a list of 100 quotes. The quotes can be easily expanded, and the checklist will update accordingly. This tool will add a touch of motivation and productivity to your day. Enjoy!

Video Transcript

0:00 Welcome I want to show you this motivational quote checklist that made every time you check off a motivational quote shows up here I'll totally random one.
0:08 I'm gonna show you how to create get this quotes page how to get it random It's gonna be really cool Sort of formula combination here, I'm gonna hit delete and we're gonna create it from scratch So two things we need first we need the quotes sheet I've already written here a hundred motivational quotes
0:24 some are real some are fake that are like forge your identity with the fires of resilience or in the labyrinth of light trust the compass of your intuition all different types of very short motivational quotes We're gonna have them display here in A1.
0:38 What we want to do first is get a number between one and however many there are here there's a hundred here but we want to do more flexibility so we're gonna do equals rand between we're gonna do one comma one hundred but we can do this much more flexible we can do count A and we're gonna use quotes
0:57 exclamation point A colon A so now if we add more to this it will automatically add more to this random between alright we need to wrap this next with index because we want to actually index or get a row from one of the in this quotes tab so we're gonna do quotes exclamation point A colon A and now 
1:17 our index is referencing the quotes column A we're looking at a row between one and a hundred that's random at the end here we can add the comma one if we want we don't really have to and now we're gonna hit enter and now we have literally text here that is from the quotes page this is a random one and
1:36 every time we edit anything on this page or check off a checkbox which is in edit it will change so now we checked off this one it gives us a random one of the hundred success stories scripted by meticulous checklists checkless sculptors of efficient empires with resilience as your armor no challenges
1:56 in surmountable gives you a little bit of productivity in your day i hope you enjoyed this really quick custom formula combination if you are a better sheets remember you're watching this on better sheets dot co down below grab this URL and get the you'll be able to get the sheet thanks so much for 
2:17 watching bye