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Reasons you may want to avoid the tiered approach, if you’re looking to sell your first spreadsheet. A tiered version can cause more confusion than you can ever imagine. You’re so familiar with your sheet, you know the ins and outs. Buyers and potential customers do not.  You can almost always change just about everything at nearly any time.
Know what to add, what to take away, and ultimately how to create a spreadsheet anyone can buy at any price.  For example you can create a free template, add in custom formulas and automations into a Pro version.
You can also create an ideal version first at a higher price and release simpler versions for a lower price later.
Pricing is an art. Learn to balance affordability with profitability, understand market expectations, and apply different pricing models to maximize revenue.
But in some instances you will need to make a Free version for people to see, smell, tire-kick. Give’em a little taste. It summons the influential power of “Reciprocity”.
Why “Free” sucks and how to make something people will buy. Sure I’m going to make a whole other course about freebies and lead magnets but for us, right now, right here, free sucks.

How to write a great sales page, that solves problems, and happens to mention it’s a Google Sheet.
Turn Google Sheets into Revenue Streams with a simple sales page. Tell the story your users want to buy into.
Create a short function that runs every time a spreadsheet file is open. Redirects the user to the START tab. You can use this to direct anyone opening your file to a specific tab you want them to start on.
Crafting High-Demand Sheets from Scratch. Turn templates into tools to make sellable spreadsheets.
Someone asked about how to find all the permutations of text and I thought it was a perfect example to show you how to use Spintax add-on. Free for everyone.

→ Get Spintax
Updated the Spintax tool to allow you to generate Spintax. Instead of having to come up with it all yourself, you can let AI generate the Spintax for you. Create variations on headlines, or phrases, or emails.
Learn how to add random movie quotes and famous quotes to a Google Sheet. We'll use RapidAPI to get the code and just have a little bit of editing to the code to be able to use it in Google Sheets.
Find out how to turn some data you can copy/paste from the web into a branded lead magnet for yourself.

Check out Josh's Tweet about the sheet.
and check out his Podia.
The video shows the importance of adding personal touches to a Google Sheet to connect better with users. It explains how to analyze the sheet's data to find trends and best practices for website content. Lastly, it discusses ways to share the sheet widely while still giving credit to its creator.
Create nice colorful sheets (contrasting colors) that look and feel like an extension of your site. Add some padding around text. Decrease text and make your sheets awesome.
Automatically uncheck a whole range of checkboxes. Or just do it yourself with the spacebar.
Create rounded pill form fields in Google Sheets.
Using Canva and a bit of a transparent PNG hack, you can make these very easily too!

also make sure to check out Coupon Code Maker a software product I sell that generates thousands of coupon codes in a click.

Recently updated dashboard makes it really cool! 
Update to Coupon Code Maker
Available for free for lifetime members. Buy via Gumroad if you're not yet a member.
Watch the video because there are discount codes I show you in the video to get Coupon Code Maker for less than $30.  
Yes I use Coupon Code Maker myself. It's how I put products from Gumroad onto AppSumo Marketplace.

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