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Twitter Sort Tool

About this Tutorial

I'll show you how I created a Twitter tool sort to organize my list of every tool I use to run better sheets.
Paste a list into Sheets and using a simple formula, I was able to determine the length of each item.

Then, I sorted the list in ascending order based on the length column. I even experimented with sorting it in descending order too!

Finally, I deleted the original list and pasted the sorted one using the "paste values" option. It's all done and ready to be shared. Check it out and let me know what you think! Don't forget to tweet about it if you find it helpful. Enjoy

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Video Transcript

0:02 I realized there's a little bit of a Twitter tool sort of sorting thing I want to create because this doesn't really look good.
0:10 I'm trying to write this list of every tool I use to run better sheets. And I'm like, you know how it starts with like the smallest I realized there's a little bit of a Twitter tool sort of sorting thing I want to create lists like this it's going to take me a few minutes to like move stuff around or
0:24 a minute or two but I can probably do this in Google Sheets very simply. And I can so what I did is I just took the entire list and I'll show you how to do this took the entire list.
0:36 And I will just paste it into here with those new lines. Just pasting will put each item in its own cell.
0:45 And then what I can do is equals len and I take this this is length and the text is D one here.
0:53 It's going to ask me to autofill I'll hit command enter. Now I have the amount. Of characters each one of these is and all I have to do is go to sort.
1:05 Range will be D colon E. Comma sort column will be two which is the length column ascending. I want this to be true.
1:17 I wanted to go from the smallest to the largest. I don't if I set this to fall. Also go to the largest to the smallest, which actually might be cool.
1:24 Well, look at that and then we'll hit enter and here it is. Now we have Google Workspace at the top and loom at the bottom and so I can just take all of this, delete it.
1:36 And if I shift command V paste values there it is. Done. It's already done for me and here something like postmark has that sort of, the number of letters is not exactly the right one because this is going to be like I here and like this the script is bigger.
1:59 So I can just do a couple of edits. I don't know what I need to do here but not at all the like moving everything around.
2:08 It generally does get it right. Oh here's Canva as well. Move that and there we go. We're done. Every tool I use to run better sheets.
2:17 Tweet. Done. And I hope this Twitter tool sort can. Using sort to do this makes it easier for you too.
2:25 Here's what it looks like when it's in order from smallest to biggest. So yeah that's it. Just using sort to do that.
2:33 Super simple, easy to sort the length, the size of words.