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Make Vertical Bars - Make Progress Bars with Sparkline: Part 3

About this Tutorial

we're gonna go through what does it take to make a vertical progress bar.

Video Transcript

 Hi. So in the first two videos, we created a progress bar. Then we hid those bars when they were actually completed. Right now we're gonna go through what does it take to make a vertical progress bar. What happens is that sparkline doesn't transpose and you can't turn it sideways, so you can't use the exact same formula.

What you can do, let me move my face. What you can do is use this chart type column. So spark line has this other chart type we've been using bar, but if you use column and you put in 55, there's no maximum, right? So what you get is just this, you can change this number to anything and it doesn't change.

So what you need to do and I did it in this one is give a y minimum and a y maximum. Set those two values in the options. And you'll get a vertical progress bar. That's it. And you can also change the color as well. You can. Make this why min and why maximum formula if you wish. You can do a lot of different things to fit the same things you can do with the progress bar.

Sorry that we did hear the type, the bar chart type. I'm gonna show you though one more way to do a progress bar vertically. And this is not to say that either of these ways are better. This one takes one. Row, and it takes the size of the row. So if I actually increase the size of this row right now, it, it takes the minimum maximum of this row.

That might not be ideal for a variety of reasons. You. , you might want to take up multiple rows. So what I do here, and I've done this a couple times, is you have some number that you're gonna change, right? 30. You wanna change that to 45. And this is just me changing this automatically and you see this vertical chart showing up.

And then if we get into a hundred and this takes exactly 10.  Why that is here, I will show you. There's 10 rows here. Why that is, is because what I've done in each of these in each of these cell blocks, if statement, that if this number C 79 is above 99, then market as one. So it has a value of one.

If it not, it has a value to zero. Why am I doing that? Here, I'll show you zero here. , this will be zero. What and why is it changing in the color? What it is I went up to format conditional formatting, and I gave these rules to all of the entire thing. So I just have to set this rules twice to set for zero if the value is equal to zero.

Let me move my face again, . If the value is equal to zero, the formatting style is the text inside is white and the fill color is white. And then the other one, and then I put a little border around it to see the border. But let me show you the other. One Commissional formatting the value is equal to one.

I set the same thing, but just green, right? So the text color is green and the fill color is green if it's one. So all we're doing is using this if state if formula right here. So it's like 12, it's gonna be one 10th, and it's not absolutely exact, right? It's not gonna change when it's there. If it's 19, it's not gonna change.

It's only gonna change to. This gives a really nice vertical representation of progress, if that's what the story needs and or what the chart needs. I have put these on the side of some project to give an overall estimate of where we are in the project, and it's been very well taken. It's really nice, you can set a single number.

Do you know, some kind of formula here if you want to go a little bit more. But I felt this was a, it's a nice way to do a vertical bar chart and gives you a little bit more playroom. See it, it fills the entire cell if we go back up here, this cell is not filled all away.  Left and right.

You can set your co even though you can set colors in these bar charts, this one's cool. You can even set different colors all the way up. And it's pretty simple to execute. Just have this if function, if, and set each of these one or zero. And that's it. Next up I'm gonna be showing you though, if you do wanna go back to using progress bars and you wanna change the color of them that's a really funky thing to do and it really makes you feel like things are changing as you are progressing through something.

That's gonna be in the next video.