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Invoicing in Google Sheets for Freelancers

About this Tutorial

Introduction to creating a filter so that you can bill for a certain time period of hours. Great sheet for Freelancers or Gig Workers.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Let's work through a very common problem for freelancers, which is invoicing. We're gonna write some work we do here, a date, the number of hours we do, and a rate, where we can get that rate from here, settings.
0:13 So we create a very basic invoicing database here, and what we're gonna do is we're gonna make sure we're filtering the start and end dates, so that we only bill or invoice for work that we've done within a certain range, inclusive of those dates, so we want to say the entire month of April.
0:31 And then we're also gonna get the sum of hours and then total that to have the total bill, so that our invoicing or billing is super easy.
0:40 So we have a few examples here, we have like March and April. Now, if I went over to invoice and I just did filter, range, it's gonna be timesheet, we're gonna get A, B, and C, but we're gonna condition, the condition is going to be that B is greater than or equal to, and we're gonna click over to our
1:04 invoice, the start date. We're also gonna add another comma, and do exactly the same thing, B except, it'll be less than or equal to, and then we're gonna go back and click the end date.
1:18 So now, we have everything we've done within this month of April, because we have the start date of April 1st.
1:26 If we choose March 1st to March 31st, you see our dates change, so we have very different billings. For ours, what we can do here is we can do a sum, right, of whatever is here, but we might not know exactly how far down to go.
1:51 So what we can do is we can take, this is actually super simple, we can take this same filter, and we would filter B column, but we actually just need the hours column, so we need C colon C, and then we're going to do a sum of that, so wrap the entire filter by the sum.
2:13 The issue might be that if we have nothing here, uh you'll get an N A, so I go if N A, I add that there, and add a nothing there for N A.
2:25 There. So now if there happens to be nothing there, like if we choose maybe the wrong year, we have zero instead of like an error or even one.
2:39 Here we can do the same thing. Wrap filter with if N A and just put nothing. Okay, but now we need billing, our billing.
2:48 So we did just F6, the number of hours, times the rate here in the settings. You can do that in the separates.
2:56 Or not. But let's say go back to 24, 24. And now we have a pretty simple way to bill invoice.
3:06 You can always file, download, PDF, and we can set some parameters here. If we wish, and export a PDF super easily to bill next time we need billing done.
3:17 Just keep writing in the timesheet here, and we have an automatic billing.