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Interactive To-Do List

About this Tutorial

Create a simple to-do list that does so much more.

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Video Transcript

 We're making an interactive to-do list. We're gonna make our to-do list come alive. Here's how it works. Anytime we check off one of our chores, we do, it actually changes the text to what we did. So instead of just a checkbox, it actually is changing the text. So how we do this is let's just get our to-do over here.

We're gonna do a checkbox in column D. I'll just build it right next to it. So we're gonna go insert checkbox, nothing special about the checkbox yet in the to-do column. We're gonna do equal sign and then we're gonna do the formula. If now, if takes three arguments. First it takes a logical expression, like a true or false statement, and what that true or false statement is for us is the checkbox.

So we'll refer to D four here. That's the checkbox. The checkbox, when it's unchecked is false, and when it's checked is true. So what we need to do, right? See, when you make the comma, it'll tell you false. It is. And so what we first do is a value. If true, then we put the value if false. So right now it's false, so we need to put it, what is the results?

We go, laundry dropped off. And then we put the comma and put the value of false, which is now unchecked. It's false. We say drop off laundry now. It's really cool here. Google Sheets will tell us as we fill out a formula what the result is. So it'll tell us right here, drop off laundries. So we hit enter and it says drop off laundry.

Perfect. Now we just do the same exact thing. Dishes. Clean dishes, vacuum floor vacuumed, and we can do this all the way down. The only issue with this is going to be, we can just take this piece it there. Go here, dishes clean. The only issue is that what if we. Change these items, right? What if we realize we, we misspelled this, we have to double click.

We have to go in here and edit it. Now this is an absolutely great way to do it because it keeps it clean. This E four. Column E column and E four row is the only row. You'll see. You don't see anything else here, but sometimes we have data, sometimes we're not doing a chore list. We actually wanna see what is the checked and unchecked state.

So down here we have two columns, a checked state and an unchecked state. And when we do our formula, it's actually only references to three other cells here. So it acts exactly the same. But we're referencing here, so I'll show you this. So we just go, if we do the same thing, B 13 is the checkbox.

Now I want, what's our false state? That is going to be unchecked, that'll be F 13. And then what is our checked state? That'll be E 13. The other way around E 13 and then F 13 C told us right here, so now drop off laundry. Laundry dropped off. So we say we have three arguments there. They're just each referencing a different cell.

And that's how you make an interactive to-do list.