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How to Use Sheets For Network Building

About this Tutorial

Using People Chips and Date Chips to make a quick network building list even faster. Great to integrate Sheets with Gmail like this. Makes building the list and doing follow up so much faster.

Video Transcript

0:00 So here's a really quick tip to build a network with Google Sheets and it sort of uses Google Sheets, but I also want to show off some pretty cool in new interface changes, meaning chips.
0:13 These are people chips. So in the past, if you want to create a network, let's say you're like moving to a new town or moving into a new industry and you're like, Oh, okay, I know a few people, but I want to like build a network.
0:25 What you would do is, or what I suggest you do is create a sheet with just 52 rows put person, email the date and then meet them after you meet them, send them a follow up based on our conversation, right?
0:42 You must do this afterwards. And if every single person you meet suggests to you one person to meet, then you will never run out of people to meet.
0:50 This is a very fast and very good way to build a network. I use this when I'm first moved to Los Angeles.
0:58 I literally like went down a list of people I knew. I went and met them. They suggested someone. I went and met them.
1:04 I reached out to even cold emails and cold DMs. And I got people on the books and I went and met them where they are, made it really easy, bought them a coffee, and then they suggested someone else I go and meet based on our conversation.
1:17 Based on what did we talk about, what did we need, what are the, like, the next moves. And that's sort of the key to this, but here's something about Google sheets.
1:23 That's really fun is this new people chips. Again, it used to be like you want to type in a person's name.
1:31 You had to go find their email address somewhere else. And it's like Sharon at gmail.com. If I wanted to meet like Andrew, myself, I go like Andrew at.
1:42 And I'd have to go find their email in my Gmail or in somewhere else. And then I have to like write the date.
1:47 If I wanted to write the date of when I met them, I'd have to go, when did I meet them?
1:51 But now there's some really cool date chips and email chips that make all of this so much easier. So the date chip, I can just type in today.
2:00 And, There it goes. Hit enter and I have today. And this is a date that doesn't change. It used to be if I typed in equals today.
2:09 This would get me the date of today. But it would also change and update every single day. But now at today, or, That's actually wrong.
2:17 I don't add the parentheses. That's a muscle memory. But you can also do tomorrow. Okay, I'm gonna meet this person tomorrow.
2:24 That's the date that I'm gonna meet them. And then whoever they suggested, I can write right here. Well, this person and email has also gotten easier and I can do it now in one column.
2:35 I can do at Andrew. And now, It's gonna go through my, the people in my workspace. It's gonna suggest them.
2:43 And now here's a people chip. It will give you this message here. So we just click do not show again.
2:49 And you can just, or you can just dismiss this message. Basically, mention people are given might be given access to this document.
2:57 You don't want to do that. Especially if you're trying to build a network. So it's hit dismiss, but also click that do not share.
3:02 Or button. Do not ask again button. Alright, but now look at this. This email address has everything baked into it.
3:10 And it's a chip connected to my inbox. So I can even create a new email right here in one click.
3:18 I don't have to open Gmail, copy and paste their email. I'm like, oh. Oh, yeah, I want to do network building.
3:24 Network building. Hey, we talked about whatever and wanted to know if there's one. If there's one more person you'd suggest.
3:36 I talked to about this. You know, this is super fast and super easy to. You'll be able to. I'm just gonna delete that.
3:44 But now this person and email is now just a contact. This is great. Makes awesome. Makes it so much easier to build a very quick list of network building.
3:59 Makes it very easy to email them. Follow up. You know, maybe I say follow up date as well. Follow up date.
4:07 And so I have marked, you know, what date did I meet them? Maybe this is meet date. And then I can just, oh, I've added them.
4:15 I sent them an email. So I do at today. Not no parentheses. I keep doing that at today. Okay, you actually need to get that at today.
4:26 So if you go with it here and just type in text and then delete it and add text again. It doesn't work.
4:30 At today. Now hit today's date. Boom. You can also do at date. And you have the options of date to day state and tomorrow's date and yesterday's date.
4:39 So really easy sheet to build. For networking, right? Right inside of Google sheets is going to be connected to your Gmail.
4:49 Great for a workspace. Also great to build a contact list. If you're creating new venture, any type of thing here, really cool to see this being more in sheets is much more integrated into the workspace world.
5:03 Which it's our behavior. We already are, right? We're already checking our Gmail and copying pasting emails into here. We're already adding dates, doing such meeting dates, follow-ups, all that kind of stuff.
5:16 Now it's much more integrated, really cool. And hopefully this has been a good tip for network building. Again, I've used this before.
5:23 One just build a list of people you want to meet, ask them to meet. Once you've met them, ask them for one more person to talk to someone to email or, or meet as well.
5:34 And make sure you do that follow-up. Follow-up is like so easy and so few people do it that it is mind-bogglingly effective to build the network.
5:43 It's just do that follow-up. Ask, hey, is there one more person you would suggest? Talk to you. And funny enough, that kind of favor never goes out of style.
5:51 Three months later, you can ask the same question. Six months later, you can be like, hey, I've made X and Y progress.
5:57 Is there one more person you suggest I talk to? So now, as you're building your list, you don't need 52 people to- a meet once a week.
6:04 You only need like 10, then maybe five of them are gonna suggest someone else to know you have 15. Then about, you know, 15 weeks, you can suggest- hey, is there one more person you would suggest?
6:16 Now you have like 10 more people, so now you have 25. So in six months and 26 weeks, you could build up a list of people to meet every- basically a week just from starting with like 10.
6:26 Really easy and effective way to network build and Google Sheets is coming together, making it super easy and super fast to be able to do things like this much, much, much faster.
6:35 Really cool update to Google Sheets interface and I thought this would be a fun video if you're trying to build your network, give you a little tip, a follow up and ask for one.
6:43 And suggestion, bite.