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DarkSide of Google Sheets - Creating Dark Mode and Making it Better!

About this Tutorial

Create dark mode with Conditional Formatting.

Video Transcript

0:00 This is a controversial video very controversial because we're gonna go dark We're gonna go light versus dark so many people have so many opinions about What you should be working in should you be working in dark mode should you be working in light mode totally dependent very opinionated People will 
0:17 have different opinions My opinion is do what you feel is right. Here's a light mode Google Sheet, and what we might want to do is What the first thing you do when you create a Google Sheet usually is Color the header, right?
0:34 We're gonna color the header a little bit dark green here. We're gonna put the text as white and Then you sort of start working on your data right and you have all this data Before we get to dark mode because we're gonna create dark mode And it's gonna be this single button right here but I wanna explain
0:53 a couple things that are way easier than doing this One is ah go up to extensions add-ons and go get an add-on called sheet styles This is a one click click button addon you install it its totally free and in one click you can change the entire background and text color and text font of your sheet you
1:13 have papyrus style which is what I think is the most preferred style of working in sheets its not dark mode its not light mode its sort of a less contrast beige paper looking kind of thing but if you're trying to actually use dark mode here's dark style in one click you can turn the text white and the
1:32 background black but I don't think that's the optimum way sometimes you're using rows of data you want to see the difference in rows so you have data style which actually has alternating rows but even dark style if you are using dark mode I think youre doing it wrong but Im going to explain that later
1:46 of what youre doing wrong and its a really easy little tweak but first let me get back to making this button actually work what were going to do is were going to select the entire sheet go up to format conditional formatting and we're going to change this format rules to custom format were just going
2:07 to do equals A1 what we need to do is we need to add a dollar sign in front of the A and a dollar sign in front of the 1 so that every cell and every row looks at A1 the formatting style is our background is going to be black and our text is going to be white and were going to click done and here once
2:25 we click that button it turns into dark mode ah but again there is a problem with this dark mode and I'm going to explain that now ok were going to go back to what we had before which was this conditional formatting was not on ah and we had just a bar across the top lets see if we can get there and were
2:46 there so this bar across the top it denotes that there is a header there and there is some text there right lets actually make this a little bit bigger were going to increase the font to 12 and I don't like using this font I like using something like quicksand or Carla lets find Carla start with a K 
3:04 love it ok here's the deal we do a lot of stuff in this header right we do bold we bold it we try to make it a little bit bigger and that brings so much attention to the header and what we really need to do and what we want to do during our data management of in Google Sheets is that we want the header
3:26 actually to recede into the background We don't necessarily need to see the header all the time and it's not the focus of our attention but we do put this dark background on it and I think you can make a little bit of a change we don't need bold we don't need it to be even a different size we can make
3:42 the entire sheet the same size what I do think we need to do is again recede it to the background a little bit and how we do that is whatever color you have as a dark background in the header so in this case it's dark green we're actually going to change the text to light green and what this does is 
4:03 it decreases the contrast you still are able to read the header but it like fits into the design a little bit nicer I do this with check boxes all the time we can see this like if we have check boxes here I'm going to change this text even to a darker green the check box is totally available and totally
4:26 you can see it you can see the check box but it like fits the design a little bit better because it's dark green we can even change the text color background to this light green and now we have like a nice let's delete all these rows if you want to delete all the rows really quick again free Google Sheet
4:44 add-on tiny sheets will just delete all your extra rows and columns click but now instead of like a white sheet with some headers right we now have like a nice green sheet that's like well orchestrated our we can even change this text color from dark black to dark green right and now it's all fitting
5:05 together and this you might see in some viral habit trackers or some viral sheets that you see templates you might buy on etsy look really nice designs they look like good designs and I think this is one of the keys to it is getting that color right and then mixing it.
5:20 Mixing the color where instead of black and white and color or white you have the color all over the place and it all fits nicely together and so I want to go back to the original idea of this video which is that this button turns everything black or dark right and are we able to do it in other colors
5:43 than just black let's look let's go up to format conditional formatting let's see did we think yeah we don't have the rule anymore but let's do it again we are going to apply to the entire range we are going to change this custom formula again equals dollar sign a dollar sign one and our formatting styles
6:02 are a little bit limited but they are not limited beyond what we want we want the text to be green and the background to be dark green.
6:10 Done. And so now when we turn that on everything is that way. So what if we want this header to stay the same?
6:17 Right? What if we want just the data itself to change? Or do it some other other color like right if we everything's the same So what we can do is add another rule We can do the exact same thing but we're gonna just use Column row A No not row A sorry row 1 colon 1 gonna do that and were gonna use the
6:44 exact same custom formula equals A 1 A dollar sign dollar sign A dollar sign 1 and were going to change the you background to light and the text to dark green done now in our original one we do need to change this to B 1 done let's make sure this works yeah oops where did our oh I think because we had
7:22 uhm overlapping here so now we just need to add another roll the one same thing apply one one custom formula equals we'll do this again a one and we want our dark text and our light background oh one done.
7:54 Somethings wrong here ah i see the mistake i made i said b1 so this actually needs to be b2 sorry you're probably watching this video and like oh my god he's an idiot but yeah now i have two different formulas they're all looking at the same cell here a1 and they're just doing different things that is
8:15 sort of one of the downsides of conditional formatting is that if you want to do different formatting for different things even if the initial trigger is the same in this case its just a1 true or false were going to have to have multiple conditional formattings and they cannot overlap their range or 
8:30 its gonna be a little weird like i said like i was doing before right a1 to g1 is making it lighter and b2 to g2 is making it darker so when we click this a1 it sort of flips right and i think its really cool and i hope you learned from this video 1 how to do this dark dark mode but 2 how to make dark
8:50 mode a little bit easier or nicer on the eyes where you don't have just white text on the dark background but you use a color some color and a light color you can mix colors but it gets a little weird i like to have the same color of the light text as the dark text but just lighter that's it hope you
9:09 enjoyed this video and this fun little design tip, bye