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Announcing OnlySheets 2.0

About this Tutorial

In this exclusive video, I will explain the benefits of using Only Sheets and why it exists.

I'll also show you how to set up Only Sheets 2.0 and how it can be used to sell templates and other info products.

Throughout the video, I'll address common issues and provide tips for maximizing the potential of Only Sheets.

Stay tuned for Payment Process step-by-step instructions.

Get OnlySheets 2.0 here: BetterSheets.co/tools/onlysheets
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Anyone else can purchase OnlySheets for $30 via gumroad here: https://gum.co/onlysheets

Video Transcript

00:00 Welcome Better Sheet members. This video is exclusive to Better Sheet members. We will not see it anywhere else, only here on BetterSheets.co.
00:08 If you are looking for how to set up Only Sheets that's at the end of this video, this video is five parts.
00:15 The first I'm gonna explain a little bit of why you would use only sheets like selling templates selling lead giving away lead magnets selling info products in Google Sheets.
00:25 I'm also going to tell you what is Only Sheets, like, what does it do, and then I'm also gonna explain why not to use Only Sheets where you might think it would work, but then it really doesn't.
00:35 So I'm gonna explain that to you, and then I'm also going to explain what's the difference between Only Sheets 2.0, which is, $10,000. Which I'm releasing now versus the original Only Sheets, uh, and I think you're gonna be really excited about some of the features that have been requested.
00:49 And so this is my request to you to request more features because Only Sheets 2.0 is only realized because people ask for things because members like you literally emailed me back and said, hey I need to do X, Y, and Z.
01:03 Or just X, I need, hey, I needed to do this one thing or I need, needed to work with this thing.
01:07 You'll see. That's why we have Stripe, and Gumroad, and Zapier, and all the others, Pably, and to greatly make. And then, yeah, at the end of the video, the fifth part, the final part will be setting up Only Sheets itself.
01:20 Self. Only Sheets 2.0. I'll show you how to set it up in this video. So first off, why Only Sheets?
01:27 Why does it exist? I would use Only Sheets, and I do use Only Sheets, one to sell Only Sheets, but also other templates and other info products.
01:35 I created a how-to guide on how to sell Google Sheets for fun and profit. I sell that through OnlySheets. It doesn't take payment itself.
01:44 It works with payment processors, which I'll explain in a second. But why you might use it is if you've created a template, if you've created an info product, even if it's like contact lists or a workflow or a planner or a checklist of any size, even if you give things away for free, what you want to
02:06 do is you want to capture someone's email address. I'll give you this checklist for launching on Product Hunt or a checklist for talking to wholesalers or a realtor checklist or a teacher, you know, planner or a teacher template.
02:21 Or like a, a course planning template. You can sell all of those through anything like Stripe, Gumroad, Etsy, even then combine it with something like Zapier and then give any purchaser a link to the site.
02:36 Okay. So not site, but cheat. But yeah, you can also give it away for free. You have any way to capture someone's email address and then you zip it on over through Zapier.
02:47 Even Gumroad, you can give away free things and then you capture someone's email address and then you deliver it by email address.
02:54 So what does OnlySheets do? One thi- the number one thing it does is it prevents you from having to go up into this share button and share with- here you can see anyone with the link.
03:09 See, that's what normally you would do. If you normally sell a Google Sheet, you would have to have a link that anyone with that link could have access to.
03:18 Then you sell access to that link. You would say I'll deliver it by email to you. I'll deliver it here or there.
03:26 Or like, go onto this website, here's a form and then the form captures the email and then it shows the link and go- here's the link.
03:33 And there's a couple of inherent problems with that. Two inherent- number one problem is that I like to make videos about the Sheets that I'm doing.
03:41 And so if I do that I have to make sure that I create a video of the URL, I have to create a new Sheet, make the video of that Sheet and then delete that Sheet because up here you see the URL.
03:55 I can't release publicly the URL of the Sheet if I have set that URL, the share to anyone with the link.
04:02 Second off, I can't revoke access to anyone, meaning if somebody gets access to that some way, somehow, then I can't revoke their access.
04:17 So what OnlySheets does is it literally captures an email address, that email address. It could be through Gumroad, through Stripe, through Zapier, any automation whatsoever.
04:26 It captures that email, and then it says, okay, what did they buy? And it has a link, not a link, a code, a little permalink code, which I'll talk about in other videos on and at the end of this video on how to set it up, briefly, but it depends on Stripe, Gumroad, Zapier, whatnot.
04:42 But you have a little code, and that code could be any letters, any numbers unique to that sheet. So now it says, okay, we got an email address, and we know, okay, they bought zoomo, z-o-o-m-o, that's the permalink code that I put in for this sheet.
05:01 So it goes fine. It sends a URL of the sheet, and then it literally is in your Google Drive, it will take the email and add them as a viewer, and it'll do that each and every purchase.
05:13 Giving only the people who have gained exact access to the sheet access to that sheet. Now, why this might not be fool-proof is because if somebody buys your sheet, they then can copy it themselves, which you want, you want them to use the sheet, copy it to their drive, then they can share 
05:31 it. But it is much less likely, like, probability-wise, it is much less likely that someone who's bought the sheet will share it with someone who may not in a, in a, in a fair way.
05:43 It is more likely that if somebody gains access to your sheet in, without paying for it without anything, that they may share it and, and it might not be acting nefariously.
05:56 They may not, they may think like that it is available to share. And that's for myself, too, when I'm created.
06:02 So I started creating a sheet and I realized like, oh I need to share this with only people who pay.
06:07 Members, let's say. I will, like I said, I will sometimes share the URL and be like, oh no, I have to go back and fix that.
06:17 But if I remain, if I keep this shared to restricted, only people with access have access meaning it's restricted, then I know I can't share the sheet and have people not pay.
06:29 I, this URL is safe. So as I said, it's really good for templates, for checklists, for workflows, for planners even app scripts.
06:36 If you want to sell an app script without having to deploy to the Google workspace account, if you don't want to go through that process and you're like, Hey, here's a script I wrote, but I want to sell this script like I, like I'm doing with only sheets, then only sheets really good 
06:49 for you. Why is Google, why is only sheets not good for you is because if, if you're working one on one with clients and you need the Google sheet to remain in your drive and they get access.
07:03 I don't know. And you need to create a new Google sheet for each and every person who buys the sheet in your own Google drive.
07:10 Then only sheets is not for you. This is actually one of the, the number one request that I could not fulfill in this particular 2.0 version and probably is not an only sheet seems probably a different, a completely different product.
07:21 The request was Thank you. Can I give a personalized sheet to each buyer? Now why you would do that is maybe because you are an agency, you're working with a client and you're doing the work in the sheet, but you just want to give them access.
07:37 And that, and this is not for, only sheets is not for that. Only sheets really is for like having a template, having a, some.
07:45 Some checklist, a workflow, even with Apps Script, I'm going to be selling, actually I already sell AI powered sheets that have access to open AI and you just insert your API key and the sheet starts working with the AI.
07:59 I do that and I would recommend doing that as well with only sheets. You can create really powerful apps that have, that include APIs.
08:09 If you are watching this video as a better sheets member and you don't know how to use API, external APIs in your sheet, then you better go take the course spreadsheet automation 101 because that goes in three hours.
08:22 You will learn how to do Apps Script. You will learn how to send emails from Apps Script and you will learn how to access APIs.
08:29 We use OpenMD like IMDB for movie posters in that course. Really simple stuff to just call an API and then get a response.
08:41 So go watch that now if you're not familiar. You can start selling API integrated Google Sheets with OnlySheets. So yeah, OnlySheets is really good for selling something that some other user is going to use in their Google Drive.
08:56 But if you're creating an individual sheet for a personal service an agency then I don't think OnlySheets is for you.
09:05 But please feel free to continue asking for it because it's probably going to be a different product, but I will try to, I actually have a couple videos here on BetterSheets that go over that, how to create a Google Sheet copy for each individual user based on their email address or their name.
09:18 You can do it real, it's really simple. Okay, what now, fourth part. We're going to set up OnlySheets in a while, in a few minutes, but now I want to explain what is the difference between OnlySheets 1.0 and 2.0.
09:32 So, OnlySheets 2.0 works quote-unquote exactly as 1.0 did, but it has a few more features. So again I will go into the setup soon, but basically you're going to deploy this project in your own Google Drive, you're going to have to copy the sheet first, and what does it do?
09:48 You will be able to set up a, on here settings, a sheet URL, the access levels can be viewer most of the time.
09:54 You're going to create the permalink, or if you're selling Gumroad, it'll be created for you. You'll be able to say yes to email notification.
10:01 We'll go through all of this later in this video. You can even. It's not even only Google Sheets. You can actually sell Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Google Slides, Google Docs, and Google Folders, Google Drive Folders.
10:17 It was originally only available for Gumroad, and Gumroad allowed, like, had a couple of things, like Gumroad Ping, was the feature, sort of, we used to use Gumroad.
10:27 But that'll be in a separate video on how to use it with Gumroad. I'll also make a separate video for how to use it with Stripe, and a different one for Zapier and all of the other webhook endpoints.
10:38 So there'll be three other videos to watch if you want to set up one of those three payment processors. One of the issues I ran into myself was that a sheet URL has, a sheet you share has a 600 person limit.
10:53 Now, some people got around that by doing groups and adding people to a group. Great, great little work around. But I wanted to make it much more robust.
11:02 So in Google sheet and only sheets. It's 2.0. We can, it now, when you share it with up to 550 people, it will make a copy for you and then send you an email with the link of the copy so that you can come in and change your settings.
11:18 It will also give you milestones. Every 50 people shared, you'll get an email saying, here's your milestone. The first time someone, buys your sheet and it's shared and only sheets works for the very first time, you'll get an email.
11:30 Those are really important emails to know how many people are using this sheet. You'll also, on the log page, get a viewer count so you can see as people come in and they start getting your sheet.
11:41 You'll see their email address as before. You'll see there's any errors here. You'll also see what sheet there'll be a link directly to the sheet that they have access to and then the total view count.
11:52 So as that adds up, you can see, hey, scroll down to the bottom. How many people are shared on the sheet?
11:58 You also have this only sheets menu, which you can revoke access. The top one revoke access allows you to literally put in any email address and any sheet URL and revoke access of that person from that URL.
12:09 But if you are on this log and you see an email that you're like, oh, this sheet, I don't want this person to get access to the sheet.
12:16 You just have to have the email address the cursor on it, the, the cell active, and then you can revoke access.
12:25 It will automatically grab this URL email address and the sheet on that same line and it will revoke access of that person.
12:33 So you can go through a few people if you, if you want to revoke access for any particular reason. What else?
12:41 So shared milestones, makes a copy, revoke any user, oh bundles. This is really cool. So if you know, okay I'm selling one sheet but I actually like, in a package, I want to actually share them two other sheets which I do with Better Letters or newsletter creator it used to be called and I have 
13:03 like four or five sheets that I want to. Share when somebody buys the first one. So what you can do is you will literally get a list of all the permalinks in here so you can create multiple sheets and then bundle them together so that it says, okay if I buy this URL, bundle it with this URL.
13:20 So once it gives access to the first one, it'll do the exact same thing, go through the lines. F- Find that person and add them.
13:27 So that, so you can bundle like two, three sheets together if somebody buys one. Very, very powerful on Etsy, on Gumroad, when you're trying to sell a set of say you want to sell the last three months of contact leads or something as a upgrade.
13:47 If you want to sell workflows and planners together like one spreadsheet is a planner, one spreadsheet is a workflow one sheet is a checklist, right?
13:55 You don't have to add those all in one sheet as tabs. You can actually have them as separate works separate spreadsheets.
14:02 Cool. Oh, and also like the biggest difference is that it now works with. Stripe and gum road and Zapier and anywhere else that you can actually create a web hook endpoint, which I will go into in another video.
14:15 All right. Thanks for watching this video. This has been 14 minutes and now we're going to get to the setup.
14:19 So this is the setup part of only sheets 2.0. If you are not familiar with Google sheets at all. I beg you go watch other videos here on better sheets.
14:30 But the first thing you're going to need to do if you're going to want to use only sheets 2.0 is you're going to need a Google sheet to sell for instance.
14:40 Until you're going to need some payment processor. I would recommend if you've never sold anything ever before on Google. Online choose gum road.
14:48 Stripe is good. It's a little tiny bit technical, but I will show you step by step in another video how to set up Stripe and I will show you how to set up gum road as well.
14:59 But the first thing you want to do with only sheets, you have access to only sheets 2.0. You've bought it.
15:04 You've watched this. If you're watching this video and you're a member. Go down below. I have a link to buy it for free.
15:09 Better sheet members get it for free. So you get a link a lifetime members get it. If you're watching this and you only have access to videos or templates, then go buy it.
15:18 I think still $30 for only sheets. It'll be available on gum road. So go buy it. You'll, there'll be a link down below, but lifetime member.
15:26 You have it completely free. Copy the sheet, get access to the sheet, URL, get access to the URL, go up to file, make a copy.
15:36 If I give you access, if you get view access then just literally click on copy, copy it to your own Google drive.
15:43 Make sure that it is you. And you have ownership access. That is the two important parts. Copy and make sure you have ownership access.
15:53 The next thing you're going to do is go up to extensions, app script. Don't worry, this is going to take just a few minutes, like less than five minutes to set up.
16:00 Go up to app script. It will open this page. You don't have to edit anything here. Oh actually, before I go, make sure you change this error email to your email address.
16:12 I should actually add that one second. There we go. Edit your email in settings. On the setting page, make sure that is your email address here in B.
16:48 Three. That's very keen. Okay. Now, go up to app script, extensions app script, click deploy, click new deployment. You're going to have to make a couple of changes maybe.
17:00 Make sure the select type is web app. You don't need to write any description. Don't worry. You can if you want, but no need.
17:07 So ever execute, make sure it is you. So in this case, it's me, but in K in your case, it'll be you, but it'll save me the word me.
17:14 And then you'll have your email address. Make sure who has access is anyone. So why that is important is because if you only if you're if you change it to only myself, then it's only you.
17:27 Or logged in domain that can access any sheet. But if it's anyone, then the URL that we're going to create here soon will be accessible to anyone, which is really, really important.
17:37 So click anyone click deploy and what you're going to need out of this will authorize access will do all of this.
17:44 Select it. Select authorize access. We'll be right back. Allow. It'll send you as send as email edit and see all of your Google Drive stuff, but again, make sure it's on your Google Drive.
17:56 This is not executing on my site. You're not sending me any information. Make sure this web app URL copy this.
18:03 This is the most important part now. Couple things. Thanks for watching. Thanks for watching. In many places. In Gumroad, if you select your processor Gumroad, you're going to use it in ping.
18:23 If you select Stripe, you're going to use it as a webhook endpoint. If you use Zapier, you're going to set up your webhook with that URL and then you're going to have to add, I think, a permalink and stuff.
18:34 Oh, and you're probably going to have to add permalink in Stripe. But again, those are in separate videos per which account, which payment processor you use.
18:43 But the thing is that URL, that web app URL that you deployed, that's the key. To everything. Okay. So, I'll have a separate video for each of these payment processors you've now deployed as a web app.
18:56 Now, make sure we set up our sheet properly. Over in settings, have a sheet URL. You can copy and paste any sheet URL here.
19:05 For this case, I'm going to use only sheet. It's URL. Make sure you delete all the edit slash, but make sure there's a slash at the end.
19:14 Access level, you're probably most likely going to add viewer. You can add editor if you want, but almost no reason to do that.
19:23 So, select viewer. In Gumroad's case, you're going to put in whatever Permalink Gumroad gives you in Stripe's case, you're going to be putting your own Stripe your own code here.
19:33 Like a sheet code that you make up that now this Stripe endpoint is connected to this page and they talk to each other.
19:42 So it'll be code, some code here. Some text. Email notification, I would love it. I would always say yes because the way that only sheets works is the way that Google sheets works, that when we add a viewer in the way that only sheets adds it, it does not automatically send a email like if 
20:00 you just manually share a sheet. So I would add the email notification that's only sheets sending the email from your Google account.
20:08 If it's a spreadsheet, if it is not a spreadsheet, if it's a slides, a Google slide or Google document, make the change here.
20:18 If it is Google folder or Google Drive folder, we are not using the URL, we are using the folder name, so you'll need to make sure it is a unique folder name in unique to your Google Drive.
20:30 That's the only key asterisk, but make sure also that document type is folder. If you want to bundle it, you'll have other permalinks here.
20:39 See the code there is now available if I add another sheet. Let's say I add another sheet here, and I say another code.
20:50 Now, in my bundled, I have another code that I can bundle this with, if I wanted a bundle. Most likely you're probably not going to bundle it with anything, so just hit delete.
21:00 Now, again, make sure we have our error email, sheet URL, make sure we have just the URL and the slash, not any edit, not any sheet.
21:08 ID, and everything. The next thing I'm going to do, so now, what you can do is test. Gumroad has a way to test as a anyone.
21:19 You can test purchases there. You can send Zapier Webhook tests. Stripe has a way to test Webhook endpoints as well.
21:28 And reading the log. So, reading the log, email will be filled in whenever the customer has an email address. You'll see the email.
21:37 If there's an error here feel free to email me. Any errors that you encounter, screenshot it. Show me what you're working with.
21:44 Show me what you've done. You will see the email and the sheet that they have been shared on and the viewer account here.
21:52 Those are very important things to see. You also see the date just in case you want to see how many people are buying your thing each day.
22:02 And you also have, like, a good list. This is actually a really good way to keep a list of all your customers that have bought something from you or even if you're using it as a lead magnet, a secondary source of truth of, hey, these are the people who have access.
22:14 There are some known errors. I will go through that right now is and maybe also in another video as I gain more, but some possible email address errors.
22:23 If people are trying to get access with a Hotmail account, Yahoo account, non Google. Drive app applicable account. So even if they do have a Gmail, maybe there's some errors there.
22:37 You might see an error. Actually, you won't see an error anymore. It used to be an error if when people used a plus sign in their in their you are up in their email address that no longer exists.
22:49 They can use a plus sign, but it does strip away. Only sheets will strip away everything past the plus sign between the plus sign and the at sign.
22:58 So that might be a little weird for your users. If you end up using this, these email addresses for your email list as a secondary place, you won't get that plus sign.
23:12 It'll be stripped away. There are some possible, it is a possibility that people will be asking for edit access via email.
23:20 You will get the notification by email. It's, what it is, is they have been granted access as a viewer and then they might need a refund.
23:29 It will refresh the page if it works too fast. Gumroad will do this all the time. It'll send them like, hey, you've got an access, but OnlySheets needs like 30 seconds to work because it needs like send the information back and forth and add them as a add them as a viewer.
23:46 So sometimes people will try to get access to the URL. And they don't have access yet. It's literally 30 seconds left and they will ask for access.
23:55 And it is it is default in the email. It will ask you for edit access. So it'll freak you out if it happens for the first time.
24:05 People are asking for edit access. And you're like, no, no, no. You get viewer access. But like, Oh, OnlySheets it's worked.
24:11 You have viewer access and you're asking for edit access. Why are you asking for edit access? It happens all the time.
24:15 It's a default. What I do is two things. I will give them view access. I will change the edit to viewer and give them view access just to double check.
24:26 And then I will reply to that email and say, Hey, just checking in. Did you get KEEP IT HERE ON MID-MORNING, Did you get access yet?
24:33 Literally that's a couple sentences if that. You could, if you wish, just email a reply and be like, Hey, did you get access yet?
24:42 I see you should have gotten access or you could, if you have a sheet that you're really just selling, I would not.
24:50 Add people as a viewer that way. I would just email them back and be like, Hey, did you get access yet?
24:54 Just checking. There might be some errors. There might be some issues. I have seen in the past that only sheets has about 5% errors or one in every 20 people that get, try to get access.
25:03 Don't get access one reason or another. It could be a Hotmail account, Yahoo account. The plus sign used to be a case, but it's not.
25:10 The case anymore. There are also some possible permalink issues. Just double check that truly it is exactly the same code like copy and paste it.
25:21 Sometimes there are some weird characters like capital I's or lowercase L's or some weird spaces or some a space at the end of the permalink code.
25:30 It might show up on one side or the other and they don't match. If the permalink doesn't match, you might actually get an error here in your log that someone's tried to buy it and it'll say no match.
25:43 That means that the permalink is erring in some way. They're not matching. It hasn't found a match. One other reason.
25:50 It might be if you've somehow deleted any of these rows here. Make sure that this is the twelfth row starting with the permalinks.
26:02 Again, just double check that those codes are correct. If you're editing it yourself or making it yourself, especially with Stripe or Zapier.
26:11 Just double check that it's actually correct. Stripe is going to be a little weird. I'll show you in another video how to set up Stripe, but you're going to have to add that permalink equals some text there.
26:22 And I hope I explained, I hope I have explained the permalink properly. It's sort of just a short code for the web app or the payment processor to send a little tiny code that says this is the code that they bot and then only sheets no look through this permanent code and find the sheet okay we 
26:44 have the we know the email address and we know the sheet that they want access to now we gotta marry them that they're gonna kiss we're gonna put them we're gonna add them together and that's the permalink I'm just gonna call it permalink that's what it's called in gumroad on other places just literally
26:58 a little text piece of code all right thanks for watching this if you have any questions feel free email me anytime you're a better sheets member over at andrew at better sheets co I'm looking forward to seeing how only sheets 2.0 is used in the wire