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Added Categories to 100 Twitter Templates Template

About this Tutorial

Add one more feature to the 100 Twitter Templates tool.

Video Transcript

 Hello, welcome. I just added one more feature here category. So your tweets as you write them, if you add more or if you want to take the templates that are here and you want to categorize them and only use them in particular situations. I have created a new tab, so the existing tweets.  exist here on this tweets tab.

I just added a new one called Tweets plus Categories. And if you go all the way over to the right, I have categories here that you can select from a dropdown menu. I've selected a few here for you, but if you want to create your own categories, you're more than welcome to. And you should just go over to the categories tab and enter anywhere here.

I made this count for you just to know how many are actually available for each category. This makes it easier to say perhaps you want to use this for a workflow. Instead of just saying, Hey, these are all my evergreen ones. Here's my timely ones, seasonal ones, event ones. Maybe you wanna create some kind of workflow with the team of say, hey, add on, you know, a hundred.

More templates to this for our social media team. But I want to approve all of them. So set up keywords such as yet to be approved and then approved for use. And what's cool is you can then, and you can add to this as much as you want but you can change these also, if you wanna say, create a workflow first and then categorize them based on what use.

Are they, are they good for q1, q2, q3, are they? Product updates, are they sales promotions? Are they seasonal? And, and you can write down a few seasons here. And then you can go over to the tweets plus categories tab, and all of those categories are available here right away. So if you are looking for a particular tweet and you want to sort or try filter by category, you can go to the, to this filter by category tab.

And I have up here in the green a dropdown menu that you can then, By sorry, filter by any of the categories. And then this works exactly the same way. You can add a url, you can add a hashtag here, quote someone. But just know that as you change this here, these to the right, don't change. So if you add any text or information over here and then change this, you'll have to go and clear that out.

So this might not necessarily be sort of useful for adding.  mentions or, or quotes or adding hashtags permanently, but this should help you. . So filter down to very specific tweets that you want to use. And, and these are tweet templates, right? So once you hit click to tweet, then you're gonna actually write out the whole tweet.

You can write it out there on natively on Twitter. But you can also keep your template here. Templates might be like countdowns promotions, 48 hours left, 24 hours left, 12 hours left kind of thing. You wanna sort of just write those out. Be able to just click and tweak those out as those times roll by or schedule them all at once.

And the randomizer still works only on the tweets tab, but hopefully this adds another dimension to your Twitter templates that you can use continuing on and, and be more useful. Bye.