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Add Pics to Marketplace in a Google Sheet

About this Tutorial

Add pictures to your marketplace inside a google sheet. Might be great for garage sales, and community events.

Video Transcript

 Hello, welcome. So Nadia was asking can we add pictures to the marketplace? And this is how you do it. All I've done so far is I made a file I, I win file, make a copy, made a copy of the market placed in a Google sheet. And so this is how you would normally have it, but what I would add, add it as well.

So I went to the Sorry, I went to the form and I added image url. So the only way you can allow someone to add an image without having access to the document is to get the url, so the image has to exist online somewhere else. I grabbed a couple. URLs from Unsplash to test this out. So as long as the image maybe is hosted on Ger Ger or some other place at an HTML site, you can then use that image in a Google sheet.

And how we do it is pretty simple. We're just gonna go, like, we can, can even show you right here. We're just gonna do this image equals image. And then in parentheses we can add the url, grab this url.

In quotation marks, and then there's the image and it, it comes into Google Sheets as basically you can resize these, let's see.

And it'll become bigger. So it's, it's a little clunky, but we can do it. So let me delete this. And so, so far we've added to our form image url. And now what we're gonna do is I'm gonna go over to. So information or form responses. And now we have an image url. Okay? So in our filter one, we need to add that.

So we need to change the F to a G. Now we'll have the, it is going to overwrite in G two, so we need to move this over here to H. And so that means in our filter two, we need to change this as well.

And so we're gonna go H actually H. This is H.

So now we have our entire.

Roe has all the information we need still with this image as well. And now what is showing up in our marketplace is the name, the description, the price, and the contact. What we want as well is the image, so we can put it over here.

But what we need to do is what we're gonna grab.  this array formula, right? It's going to be B two to e Well, we know a few things. We want to grab this image and we might wanna, we might not want to put it over on the right, we wanna put, might wanna put it over on the left. So how do we get that? One way to do it is to use index match, or if you look up.

And so what I'll do is probably the description's going to be different. Each one we know the idea is, but we don't have that in the marketplace. So what we can do is we can put the image over on the left, can just put that a little bigger, the image here. Let's take,

we're gonna do an e, we'll do index. We're gonna look in filter two, we're gonna look at the G column. And we're gonna match it to, let's say we wanna match the name. In this case you can do the description or the name. Let's just do, do the description. We want to match c2. Nope. Let's C2 C 10. And we want to match it to

this description here. Zero match.

And now we have the url, but we don't want just the url. We want the actual image. We go image and we put that in quotation marks, and we now have an image. So now all we need to do is let's increase this a little bit to make it a little bit bigger. We might want to make it in the middle. And now we have an image for each of these items that is going to.

and that's how you get an image or a picture into marketplace. In a Google sheet. What might occur is you might not want to have it as a separate index match or if you look up, what you could do is move around. I think you can move around these. Items on the form. If you, if you create the form, you can keep this ID as the very right one, and you can put the picture in now.

But the, because I created the form and then added the image URL at the end, it always adds it to the right. So you can create your form with this image URL before the ID number. And so that you don't have to, you can even put it at the beginning if you want. Or you can move it around afterwards.

Like I have. Hopefully this helps. Bye.