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How To Use IMAGE() Function in Google Sheets


Inserts an image into a cell.

The IMAGE formula in Google Sheets allows you to insert an image into a cell based on a specified URL. Here are answers to the questions you raised:

Common questions about the IMAGE formula:
How do I use the IMAGE formula in Google Sheets?
What is the correct syntax for the IMAGE formula?
Can I use the IMAGE formula to insert images from my local computer?
Can I resize the inserted image using the IMAGE formula?
Does the IMAGE formula support dynamic image URLs?

Appropriate use of the IMAGE formula:
Inserting company logos or icons into spreadsheets for branding purposes.
Displaying product images in an inventory or catalog sheet.
Adding visual elements to enhance the presentation of data or reports.
Including screenshots or images of charts, graphs, or diagrams relevant to the spreadsheet content.

Common mistypings of the IMAGE formula:
Misspelling the word "IMAGE" as "IMAGES" or "IMAG" in the formula.
Incorrectly capitalizing the formula as "Image" instead of "IMAGE."
Neglecting to include the equal sign (=) at the beginning of the formula.

Inappropriate use of the IMAGE formula:
Inserting large images that exceed the cell's dimensions, resulting in distorted or cropped images.
Using the IMAGE formula for non-visual data, such as numeric or textual values.
Trying to insert images from non-publicly accessible URLs that require authentication or permission.

Common pitfalls when using the IMAGE formula:
Using a broken or invalid image URL, which will result in a broken image icon or an error message.
Depending on external image URLs that may change or become unavailable over time, causing broken images.
Forgetting to update image URLs when sharing or distributing the spreadsheet, leading to broken image links.

Common mistakes when using the IMAGE formula:
Forgetting to enclose the image URL within quotation marks (" ") in the formula.
Failing to specify the cell reference where the IMAGE formula should be placed, resulting in errors or unexpected behavior.
Accidentally overwriting an existing IMAGE formula with incorrect or incomplete information, leading to broken image links.

Common misconceptions about the IMAGE formula:
Assuming the IMAGE formula can directly embed images into the spreadsheet file, rather than referencing external URLs.
Believing that the IMAGE formula can resize or manipulate the inserted images beyond the original dimensions provided by the URL.
Mistakenly thinking that the IMAGE formula supports uploading images from local storage without relying on external URLs.

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How To Actually Use IMAGE() in Sheets

IMAGE(url, [mode], [height], [width])

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