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2 Ways to Hide Data

About this Tutorial

Hide data with these simple tricks. Just using the IF() formula.

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Video Transcript

 Hello, welcome. Today we're gonna find data. Two ways to do that here at watching this video hides. We're gonna ask why, why are we gonna hide some data? Well, we wanna keep the eyeline clean. Sometimes. Sometimes we only wanna show data when we need it. Maybe there's an error and an error's gonna show really like a, a terrible Text we understand there's an error.

Maybe there's an error because it's divided by zero or that we haven't put in some data already. And we just wanna hide the error cause we already know that there's gonna be an error until we do something. The other reason might be more unique or, or cute where we might be creating some kind of quiz, some kind of test that only shows the answer when you get it right or only shows, you know, maybe.

A sheet will lead the user through a series of questions and you only wanna show the next one. When one question is answered or answered in a certain way, maybe choose your own adventure, whatever. There's a lot of reasons why we may. Want to hide some data at certain times. I'm gonna show you two ways to do that.

First, I'm gonna show you conditional formatting, which is a very manual but simple way to hide some data. And then the second way I'm gonna show you is through the if formula and a checkbox. This is very, very specific, but also very specific. You want making a quiz or some kinda mobile choice. Is why you might want to click the Jackson Sync.

Hello. So here this is condition formatting. First is if we have text. So in this cell I have the word buy, but if I change it to Hello, it shows up if I have anything other than hello, if I. Nice to see you. It, it is what I have though. If it says hello, hello. Nice to see you. It'll show up.

Let's change that. So what is this condition form is, is saying if this cell contains hello, then change the format. And this one is based on number 40, it show up. So it's one. Thousand, even if is 343, it'll show up. If it's 99, no. If it's 99.999 actually running up to a hundred 83. Oh no. If it's 23, it'll show up.

So what's interesting about these two is a, we. And actually do it over here. I'll do, I'll do the same thing. We go format, we go conditional.

And we're gonna say format rules gonna be text contained, and we want to present that to purple background and red text. That's weird. Green text done. So if this cell contains the word, hello.


And he get it to, hello?

Our normal state is a white background and a white text. So basically we're saying anything that's there is actually white text, white background. You can also change that to text. Black background and say, oh, there's some here. So if you get right, you say hello. Hello is different format.

In this one, we want to format greater than 99. This is actually greater than than nine. Nine, not 100, so it's greater than 89. That means if it's a hundred or up. , it's, we can also grade then or equal to 100 fine. And once say let's do a yellow text on this pink background.  and so now nothing is happening, right?

We, we, we can type in anything we want. It's the same, right? We can type in a number four, but once we do 101,002, we got got, so now we know above equal due the hundred, its 99, it's the same. And again, This just the last thing we have to do is set both the text and the background into the same color hidden.

We don't see it this way. We can hide data. Need a formula checkbox right here we see it. If B 13, this first we insert.

And then go, this is gonna take two arguments, actually three arguments, three things, have some kinda expression that is or false. And it's going to say, do the second thing. And if it's true, do the third thing. If it's false. So what we want it to do is we good check box. So that'll be our true false. So true is a check, and false is not.

You get this and when it is true, we want it to say hello when it is in com. If it's false, we want it to do absolutely nothing. Could say goodbye. Yeah, let's do that first to show you what that looks like.

And now if I click Hello, hello, goodbye help, goodbye. But sometimes check box to be, so all we have to do, we wanna, oh, here. Hello. We can also do the opposite, where if it is true, it is nothing and it's, it's false. It's something. So maybe it's like a to-do list. So I need to do, don't worry. And now when it's checked, I checked.

It says do. And when it's checked, it says nothing. Maybe that to laundry

and that you can change that and that one based on the checkbox. If you want more interesting things to do inside of Google Sheets and you wanna make your Google sheet sheets better sheets com for lifetime access right now. So I'll never charge you again. I'm charging this moment. $30 for lifetime access.

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