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How To Use TEXT() Function in Google Sheets


Converts a number into text according to a specified format.

Common Questions about the TEXT Formula:
- What is the syntax for the TEXT formula?
- What data types can be used in the TEXT formula?
- What are the most useful parameters/arguments for the TEXT formula?

How can the TEXT Formula be used appropriately?
- The TEXT formula can be used to format numbers or text into readable formats. For example, you can use TEXT to set a custom number format, like currency or percentage.

How can the TEXT formula be commonly mistyped?
- Mistyping the syntax for the formula or including a wrong parameter can lead to mistakes. Common missteps include typos, forgetting a closing parenthesis, or using wrong data types.

What are some common ways the TEXT formula is used inappropriately?
- Using the TEXT formula inappropriately can lead to inaccurate data. This can happen when using the wrong format type for the data, or when trying to use the formula on incompatible data types.

What are some common pitfalls when using the TEXT formula?
- Incorrectly using the format, parameters, syntax, and data types can lead to inaccurate results or output. It is important to make sure all elements are correct before finalizing the formula.

What are common mistakes when using the TEXT Formula?
- Common mistakes include wrong syntax, using the wrong parameters/arguments, forgetting to include a closing parenthesis, and using wrong data types.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the TEXT Formula?
- People may think that they can use the TEXT formula to change the structure of data or to manipulate the formatting of cells. This is not the case; the TEXT formula should be used to only help appropriately format data and numbers into a readable format.

How To Actually Use TEXT() in Sheets

TEXT(number, format)

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