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Use Row() For Math You Need to Iterate

About this Tutorial

Create easy to use math iterators with the ROW() formula. It tells you the row your cell is on, but why do you need that? you can iterate math equations! It's neat!

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Video Transcript

0:00 Hey. So I just had a question from a member who asks, uh, so we have this number, like we have 44 here, 44 there, maybe different numbers, uh, down a row.
0:13 But what we wanna do in B column, what they wanna do is do equals a one. Then they want to divide by 24 here and see auto fill will do divide by 4 24 all the way down, but they don't wanna do that.
0:31 On the second column, they wanna do divide by 23, uh, divide by 22. And they want to increment this division downwards, uh, by one each time, right, 22.
0:43 And this is gonna be very tedious, right? If I have to add this num do this number all the way down.
0:51 Right? So no matter what you have to do, think about this sort of construct. If I have a number that I want to iterate, uh, maybe I want to add maybe the actual thing is I want to add by.
1:05 I want to do, uh, equals a one plus one. And then if I auto fill, it's just plus one, but actually I want in this row, I wanna do plus two in this show I wanna do plus three.
1:17 Uh, I might wanna do exponential numbers, right? Multiply by one, then two, then three, or, um, to the factor of 1, 2, 3, like there's a few different use cases, right?
1:28 Um, we wanna do some math, but we want to not do exactly the same thing we wanna iterate. So here's the solution.
1:36 And you'll know it by the title of this, uh, video it's called use Roe. So we're going to introduce you to the row formula.
1:44 And let me just first off introduce you to the row formula as it is. If we type in equals row and we do parenthesis, we don't have to put anything inside.
1:52 We just put the row. It is an index of the row. So whatever row this is on, it will show you the number.
1:59 And this number is, uh, not an order, but an actual number. You can use it in math. So what happens if we let's say this is all 44 and we do equals a one plus Rowe and nothing inside of the parenthesis of Rowe, we just need to have the parenthesis there.
2:20 That's 45. And if we copy and paste this down, you see this a six is changing, but this row is not changing.
2:27 The actual formula here is not changing, but the number inside of it is, so this is six and this is one.
2:35 And we can sometimes if we hover over, it might sell us what's going on. Um, so this is the answers using Rowe for the members question.
2:46 They, they want to do this a one divided by 24 here. Right? Great. But you can also do 25 minus row.
2:58 And Now if we move this down, actually let me put this in parenthesis divided by 25 minus row. This is probably the answer here.
3:11 Um, now it's still 25 minus row, but this row is two. And so we have different answers all the way down, right?
3:19 And this was the answer, right? Using Roe as, um, in math to figure this out. And I've used this a few times and it almost always works.
3:29 I want to give you one extra piece of information that might save you in some situations, Roe will work if you leave everything as is now, right?
3:43 But if we, this might be intuitive, you might have already figured this out. But if you didn't, it's very good to know if I move this from, if I take this entire row and I move it to the top.
3:54 Now this row is one. It is indexing, literally whatever row it is on. So you CA you can use this in your math, but watch out, you can't really move things around.
4:09 Let's see. Let's, uh, let's um, let's sort this, if we sort it, yes, it's sort, these are sorted and these are changed, but these rows, as they move will re-calculate <laugh>, and it'll be different numbers than you expected.
4:30 So if you are looking to do something similar, I can recommend using a row, but I can't recommend using row.
4:38 And then changing the order <laugh> of things, hopefully that helps. Hopefully this helps you do some cool little math formulas.
4:47 Maybe you were, um, typing in something very manually, uh, and iterating through certain numbers. You know, if we want to do this by two, we can do that.
5:00 And that's gonna give us a different number, right? Row times, two row, times, five row, times X. Um, this should be very helpful in some situations for you.
5:13 Hopefully this helped bite.