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Set up Stripe with Only Sheets

About this Tutorial

I will guide you through the process of setting up Stripe with Only Sheets. I will show you how to make a copy of Only Sheets in your Google Drive, configure the necessary settings in Stripe, and deploy a web app.

Additionally, I will explain how to create a payment link in Stripe and set up webhooks.

Finally, I will demonstrate how to revoke access to the sheet and answer any questions you may have. Please make sure to follow along and take notes as needed.

Watch the 1st set up video: https://bettersheets.co/tutorials/announcing-onlysheets-2-0

Video Transcript

0:00 Hello, so we're setting up Stripe with Only Sheets in this video. If you have not yet seen it, check out the announcement and the how to set up Only Sheets first.
0:09 I would recommend that highly. And if you are really gung-ho about Stripe, watch this video. I'll show you how to set it up with Only Sheets.
0:17 If you're looking for Gumroad, watch the other video here. It's in the description. Only Sheets 2.0 sheet you got. So let's go through Stripe.
0:25 So before anything else, make sure you make a copy of your, of Only Sheets in your Google Drive. I'm going to call this Stripe.
0:34 One just for my own use. I have Only Sheets. I have a log of it. And if you are using Stripe, there are two things you need to do in settings.
0:47 One, make sure your error email is your email. Replace mine with yours and then check that select processor is Stripe.
0:55 So that lets you know that this is for Stripe. We're setting up for Stripe. Alright in Stripe, however before we get to Stripe, let's do this.
1:06 Go up to extensions app script. You're gonna need your web app URL. The only thing you have to do over here is click deploy new deployment up here on the upper right.
1:17 You do not need to put in a description. The three things you do need is to select the type web app.
1:22 That's number one. Number two is make sure that you're executing as you, not me. I mean, it'll be me. It'll say me, but it'll have your email address there.
1:30 Do not put it as user accessing the web app. Make sure it executes as you or in your case, me.
1:37 Make sure third and final that who has access is anyone. These are the three most important things. Web app, me, anyone.
1:45 Click deploy. You're going to need this URL when we go over to Stripe. So make sure you copy it. I'll show you where to find it once if though you cannot find it.
1:57 Okay, so you do have to authorize access. This will take a moment. Just select your email and hit okay. Sorry, I mean hit allow.
2:13 So this is what it'll look like. You'll have the web app URL down here. You have a deployment ID. You don't need that right now.
2:18 What you do need to do is copy this URL. Click done. If you, however, do not do that, or you misplace it somehow, just go up to deploy, manage deployments and it'll be the top one here, the only one, but it will be the top one.
2:31 If you did put a description in, you'll see the description here instead of untitled. Copy this. This is the same web app URL as you just saw.
2:38 Alright I will, I just put it somewhere just to- keep it safe just in case I copy paste something else.
2:44 Okay, over in Google not in Google, outside of Google Sheets in Stripe, we're gonna, I just created a payment link for a, this is just test data here, I created a test account.
2:57 You can do a test one too, to just test it out if you want, but I created a- a payment link here to test things out.
3:04 So I have a product to do, you work with. What you will need to do, let me actually go to Stripe as well go to- one second.
3:23 You know what, I always forget where it is. I just go up into search and webhooks, developers, webhooks, that's where it is.
3:30 But I don't know where else to go. You go to webhooks, add endpoint, it's over on the right. You will need to confirm your password.
3:40 Let's see, doo doo doo doo. Okay. What we need to do is make sure you get that web app URL that we had before, wherever you saved it.
3:49 If it's still in your clipboard, then great. We didn't have to copy paste anything else. Paste it in here, endpoint URL.
3:57 Here's one difference that you're going to do beyond what we did in Gumroad, beyond what we have to do in Zoom.
4:02 Zapier, in Stripe, in particular, we're going to add a question mark after this URL, after this slash X, E-X-E-C, execute.
4:12 We're going to put a question mark and we're going to call it permalink. We're going to just write permalink equals.
4:18 Now, this is a code that you yourself, you create over in our Stripe. We want to share, like, let's say we want to share OnlySheets itself, like, we're going to sell OnlySheets through Stripe.
4:32 I would take this URL of a restricted sheet you do not have to share to the internet, you just take the URL.
4:38 I'm going to put it in here into Sheet URL. Delete this edit part, so it's just the slash at the end.
4:45 Our access level is going to be Viewer. Now here's what we do. The exact same text we put here under the Permalink column will be on our web webhook, the same permalink here.
4:58 So I'm going to write OnlySheets. One word, no spaces. Over on our Stripe Stripe OnlySheets version in our own Google Drive, I'm going to write OnlySheets.
5:09 The exact same thing. So this is the code that sort of, that connects the webhook to the sheet and allows the user email to go and everything works.
5:22 That's the thing I'm going to do. Makes it work. If you have some errors, that's probably the number one spot where you might have an error.
5:28 Number two might be you didn't finish all of this. Email notification. I put yes all the time. I never put no.
5:34 I do select spreadsheet. Again, if you've watched the how to set up OnlySheets, you saw that we can also use we can also use this with Google Slides.
5:42 Google Docs, Google Drive Folders. We don't need a Google Formal a Google Drive Folder name for this particular case. We just need the spreadsheet.
5:50 If we want to bundle it with other ones, we can bundle it here. If we want. I don't need to save anything.
5:56 Google Sheets saves automatically, but on our webhook, it will. It will not save automatically. We need to add this webhook.
6:05 We want to select events to listen to. The one I would say is charge.succeeded. That is the one. Not what I say.
6:14 That's what you need to select. Charge.succeeded. Here. Add events. Add endpoint. And now, any time anyone. Unbuys this product. We will, ah, this only sheets will work.
6:30 It should give them access. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to test this right now. This payment link.
6:35 I'm going to copy this. I'm going to open an incognito tab. Go to that. Buy. Now I'm going to add a totally different email address.
6:44 In Stripup you can test things with, 4, 2, 4, 2, 4, 2, 4, 2, 4, 2, 4, 2, 4, 2 Any month in the future?
6:54 Any CSV file? Any any CSC. No. Yeah, CSP. What is this,CVC? Name on card? Let's just put Andrew. Let's click pay.
7:08 So we're paying for our sheet, our product, in Stripe. Thank you for the payment. That's a test payment. Let's go back and see how long it might take our log.
7:18 There it is. It's already in there. And, if we go up to our share button, we have shared with one person.
7:26 We can click and see. It is the email that I entered. If I want to revoke for anything, so that's it.
7:31 That's Stripe integration with only sheets. You've done it. We've successfully done it. If you have get any errors, please feel free to email me, Andrew at BetterSheets.co.
7:41 But I'm going to also show you how to revoke. If we just select the line that we have in the active range like this one cell, right?
7:49 Select that email. We don't even have to copy paste it. We just have to go here, select, revoke active range user.
7:56 It's going to automatically go to that sheet, revoke that email that's there. And look, now our sheet is only shared privately.
8:05 We've revoked access. So that's it. That's how you set up Stripe to chart succeeded, remember webhook and endpoint. Make sure that permalink, if you're not sure about the permalink, just watch this video again and see how to use that permalink.
8:18 It's just a code you write yourself. But you have to write it in the URL and you have to write it here in