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Search for Photos in a Google Sheet

About this Tutorial

This feature is really handy for designers who want to create notes around designs and mockups to showcase to clients. As a photographer, I can also use this to create a searchable sheet with keywords for my photos. You can even use screenshots instead of Unsplash photos like I'm using here. Basically, all you have to do is insert the images into cells and use V lookup to search for them using the ID numbers. You can use this to mock up a newsletter, test out different thumbnails as a YouTuber, or create a landing page or workflow for your business. It's really easy to change the photos by just changing the ID number.

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Video Transcript

 Hey, cheat heads, I think, I don't know what to call you yet. Um, if you have any suggestions, email me back. Um, This video is gonna be pretty quick cuz it's just to show you a really cool function that you can do with photos inside of a Google sheet. Um, I'm using Unsplash photos here, but you can use something like screenshots.

Um, you can use, if you're a designer, you can use this to create sort of, um, Notes around, um, designs and mockups maybe, and use that to showcase to clients or if you are, obviously, if you're a photographer, you can make a searchable, um, Google sheet with some keywords, which I'll go into another video, uh, video about, um, maybe tomorrow.

Um, but here's what you can do is there's a few photos that I put inside of a cell. I've inserted them into a cell. Page search, all I have to do is the ID number and I can change that and I can quickly through a bunch of different, um, images. So basically this is, um, a V lookup and it's saying, whatever Z three, go find it in photo B, you see, and gimme the photo.

And what this is, what the photo is, is literally all I've done is gone insert. Image, image, image. And then I download, um, unpled photos as, uh, examples and uploaded them into the cell. And now what's interesting is you can then create this idea here and, uh, then go to search. And now you. Find that in here, in this sheet.

So what that's good for is you can maybe use this to mock up a newsletter and have different thumbnails or um, even test out different thumbnails if you're a YouTuber. If you are a business and you want to sort of create a landing page or a workflow and you wanna like switch things around, you can put the flows in images here.

and then quickly, um, lay, uh, lay them out in the wor in flow, you think, uh, they are by just adding id. And then you can change the idea pretty ID pretty quickly or change a photo pretty quickly by just changing the id. Um, so here's V lookup D three, which is up here, photos B, b2c. We're going to index two, and we're saying it's not sorted.

I just always do that, that it's not sorted if it's not very many. Um, So, uh, rose, it's absolutely fine. Just say it's not sorted and it'll look for the exact match. Um, yeah, really cool functionality here. I think you have, um, a lot of things you can do with this. Uh, hopefully this was very interesting to you.

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