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More LinkInBio Templates for Google Sheets | SheetInBio

About this Tutorial

You can easily add your own links and improve your bio for free.

Video Transcript

0:00 Who better sheet members and YouTube viewers. Thanks so much for checking out this video on how to implement a Lincoln bio template in your bio and have it a Google sheet.
0:11 So in December, 2020, I created what essentially is a Lincoln bio in a Google sheet. And it is a set of, um, links in a Google sheet that you can link to.
0:24 And I've created an extra set of templates right now, um, for free. So all members of better sheets got this in 2020 in end of 2020.
0:34 And what they got also is a way to track clicks. So in the member version, there is next to here, how many clicks each of these items got?
0:45 But this one that's free is available. It's just a few designs. So here's a dark buttons that you can duplicate and use.
0:52 You can have a dark background here, um, or I've created some really nice ones, like a white outline, very elegant way to display your links.
1:01 And you can also add, add more. You can copy and paste. These started down the line. I thought four looked best if you love notion, but you use Google sheets, I've made a version for you.
1:11 I actually use the Incode sands, um, uh, font here. So you might have to add that to your fonts up here, font more fonts, choose Incode sands also included some small versions just in case.
1:27 Um, you wanted a smaller, the one that worked much better on mobile. Actually these do work really great on mobile.
1:34 You can even check it out. As long as you have less than say 600 pixels wide here, I'd say it will work really good on mobile as viewer, but the small one you might like, uh, just because everything's smaller and you might want to add stuff to the right, or you might want to add things to this.
1:52 So how you use this as you have access to this sheet, it's actually already in my bio and I'll show you one extra step you can take.
2:01 If you want to put it in your Twitter, Twitter bio, make it look good at the end of this video, but just any of these templates, you can make an entire copy of this, um, sheet.
2:11 So over here, you're going to see probably a video, um, thumbnail here, but copy that. Just click here, copy the sheet into your drive.
2:20 It's going to bring you to a, uh, template preview. You just click use template up here in the right corner.
2:27 Let's see how that looks. Takes a minute for me to load use template. You're just going to click that. Okay.
2:34 It'll load up in your Google drive. Once it's in your Google drive, then you have access to all these templates and you can create them on a separate sheet, like an entire different worksheet, but just going to this down arrow, click the down arrow.
2:51 Let's see what happens. Click the down arrow and copy to new spreadsheet. And then you can name that spreadsheet. You get a whole link to that spreadsheet, and then you put that link.
3:01 Obviously you have to share with everyone public on the web, anyone on the internet with the link can open first.
3:06 You do that. Then you copy the entire URL and up at the top. So let's look at this URL here, take off all the stuff that says, edit all that stuff to the right and the edit one and add this template slash preview.
3:23 Okay. And that gets you this cool look here, um, or just delete all that edit stuff and you just get the raw URL and go to your Twitter bio or go to your Instagram bio.
3:37 We're going to click edit profile. You can see it already there. docs.google.com spreadsheets. And you just go to edit profile and you put it Here.
3:47 Oh my God, Where do we put it? It just went away. Okay, We got it back. So here's your profile.
3:56 You go to a website and paste it right there. And it looks like obviously docs.google.com. So if you want to, now there's a bonus for anyone that's watching this whole video.
4:06 Uh, if you want to make this look nice, it's a really simple thing to do is you can buy a domain by domain cheap cheapest, like a dollar or $2, if you want.
4:15 Like at that XYZ I have, um, also if you already have a domain, you can add sub domains and create your own redirecting.
4:23 So I'll show you that right now. And I use named.com and I just go to manage URL forwarding and I have sheet in bio dot better sheets.co.
4:31 So all I did is add a new sub domain sheet in bio, And then I forward to that URL, the URL of the spreadsheet, and that's what I got here.
4:44 And so now if I just go to sheet in bio and an extra E Xi in bio dot better sheet, Oh, it's going to redirect me To the Google sheet.
5:01 Okay. And that's how you can have a Google sheet in your, your, in your bio over here. So I'm gonna just put that in here and my profile, and this is gonna look a lot better than docs.google.com, right?
5:13 She didn't bio dot better sheets.co hit save. And this is what it will look like. Obviously it won't have the entire URL on this version.
5:22 Um, but it will show she didn't bio. Oh, he has the entire thing there. Sometimes if you have a longer sub domain or long URL, it might not show the entire thing.
5:30 So maybe on mobile, it might not show the whole thing, but she didn't BioDapt better sheets, stucco. And now in my Twitter profile, you can find my Lincoln bio, which will bring you over here to Lincoln bio templates.
5:42 I'm really excited. And hopefully a few of you can use this if you use it, uh, feel free to tag me at camp fee on Twitter and be like, Hey, check out my new bio.
5:53 Uh, she didn't bio or Lincoln bio buy better sheets, but tag me in it and I'm happy to help promote it, help retweet and share in the fun of having a Gucci in your bio.
6:04 Bye.