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How to Make An Easter Egg Hunt in a Google Sheet - by BetterSheets.co

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Create a pastel colored hunting game, just in time for Easter.

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 Hello, welcome to How to Make Any Story Hunt. So this past week I created an Easter Egg Gun Hair's actually looks like and how it works and how it's fun is sort of you click on these check boxes, animals and eggs show up. Once you reach all of the eggs this score will turn into a color and say, you want, so how?

I will just cheat here and show you what that looks like. And see the score becomes blue. It only score, it only does that when you get all of the eggs. So if you found all the eggs, even if you find, don't find all of the other thing items. This turns on and off with this. So I'll share with you how I did that and how I did all of these sort of, These appear and disappear things.

I used an if statement, I did the counter here. I'll share with you everything. First, I just wanna share with you one thing to see if you wanna see all of the formulas in the sheet, you can select all of the cells, go up to view show formulas, and then you can see all the formulas. Unfortunately, they're gonna be in the format that you did.

So, like this is all in Google Sands. This is comic Sands font. So it's funny that the formula will show up.  In the font that you have. So this also is very hard to read. So let's go in here. I took out the equal sentence. We can actually look at what the if statement is like. So first I'll go through the if statement.

It's a checkbox here that if it's true, an if statement is three arguments a true or false statement in the first argument. And then if it's true, it'll say the second thing and then if it's false, it'll say the third thing. So my if statement here, I did FD one, which is the checkbox, and let's just check is true, unchecked is false.

And so I put this emoji here. If originally when I tried to do this, I actually tried to make it so that the emoji was the same color as the background and that didn't work. So I ended up with this if statement to just show it or not show it. And what I like to do sometimes with if statements is put in the second part, the false where just nothing so it's blank.

So that it only appears when you do something. I also made the choice over here. , every cell has something you don't have to do that you can actually delete some of the cells if you want. But I just wanted to make it so that the moment someone interacts with this something happens guaranteed a hundred percent.

And that's important if you're sharing sheets with other people that if you ask them to do something that they're not confused, they underst. You know what to do. Check the box. Check the box, or uncheck the box. And that's something actually viscerally happens, right? The way that I did this score is just a count if statement and I counted all of the columns and I said, if it's true, count it.

That's it. That's how you get the score. These fine functions are a little more difficult. I had to do this in two. . First I had to do a count if statement to just count the amount of these that there are. Absolutely, you can just do that by hand. You can just count them. But as you can see here, a count down, so account if statement is gonna count up, but this, you wanted to know how many are there and then how many are left.

And so what this is, is a, I just found the count 11 and then minus the count. If so, now you get a countdown to, we need to find 10 more. And that's you know, a little tricky thing to do or fun thing to do. If you're, if you're looking for, say, like a progress bar typically shows you how many you have.

Have done. But if you do something where it's like a countdown it, it helps people understand how much they, how much work they have to do, how much work is left. So you can take from this fun example, you can use that again and again or Google Sheets later. And then how did I do the changing of the numbers is I knew.

That essentially you won if you got this eggs down to zero, right? And so what I do here is I, let me show you in conditional formatting tools, format conditional formatting is a basic custom formula.

and the custom formula is if B five is equal to zero, I know there's two. This is the most confusing part about custom formulas and conditional formatting is that you have to add an equal sign at the beginning, no matter what your formula is. So this stopped me for quite a long time by, from using these custom formulas.

But the first equal sign is actually like an is like an IS statement, like the for custom formula is.  B five. So you have to add that equal sign. This is very similar to programming where you assign things with an equal sign, but if you wanna look for val, like compare, you have to use two equal sign.

So you have to use like an equal sign to meet B is, and then another equal sign to be equals two. So is equal two is actually two equal sign and programming. But here you have to add the equal sign. Then B five equals zero, so that. You can say, okay, whenever this is B five, make it this background, highlight color, like really bright.

Immediately you see this difference you've won. Could have also, I could have also changed this to something like an if statement, like, if this is above zero, lower score wins, and then I could have changed this with any statement to like, you've won once this. Absolutely, there's a lot of more stuff we could do with it.

But I wanted to share this with you and how to make this, and I hope you can use these cool tools to make a Easter egg hunt yourself or some, or use these interesting features in your own Google Sheets. The last thing I'll say before letting you go is that I doing this all the time on Better sheets.co.

I have a lifetime access deal right now. You can find out. Bring cool features to life. Really creative uses of Google Sheets. Make your Google Sheets better. I'm offering lifetime access. I'll never chart you again. For all the videos at this moment, there's 22 videos. There's probably gonna be about a hundred videos.

within the next three or four weeks. And the last thing I'll leave you with is these background colors are all custom. And how you, how I did that and how you can do that is go here to custom I literally just picked a palette of four pastel Easter egg colors and used this hex key. So Google Sheet has a lot of really awesome customization features you can do just as long as you know where to find them.

It, it's really odd that it's hidden down. In this custom you'll have to actually click custom and change this hex number. But yeah hope you enjoyed this. Hope you got a little bit out of it and thought of some cool features to do. Use this if statement to show and, and show emojis with some check boxes.

Thanks. Bye.