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Generate Coupon Codes from a Google Sheet - Announcing Coupon Code Maker

About this Tutorial

You can now generate 100% off unique 1 time use Gumroad Coupon codes from a Google Sheet.
It's $30, available now.
Lifetime members get it for free

What does Coupon Code Maker do?
Coupon Code Maker is designed for generating coupon codes, particularly useful for sellers on Gumroad. The tool, simplifies the process of creating large quantities of unique, single-use coupon codes.

The tool leverages Google Apps Script for its functionality, indicating a strong reliance on automation and API interactions. It's particularly noted for its ability to generate a high volume of codes quickly and efficiently, which can be exported as CSV files for use on platforms like AppSumo and others. This is important for marketing and selling products effectively on various online marketplaces.

There will be continuous updates to Coupon Code Maker. Get it now for a 1-time payment and you'll get all future upgrades for free.

If you're wondering how to build something like this check out Spreadsheet Automation 101 and Supercharge Your Sheets, two courses available for monthly members and lifetime members alike.

Video Transcript

0:00 Welcome Better Sheets members. I want to introduce you to Coupon Code Maker. This is a Coupon Code Generating Google Sheet.
0:09 I'm gonna, in this video, explain a little bit of why I made this and make well, make it. This is your day if you are a lifetime member because it's absolutely free for lifetime members.
0:20 If you're watching this video and you're a monthly member it is $30 just to get this Google Sheet. I will explain a little bit of why it, or why it exists how it works via Apps Script.
0:32 Where you can learn how to make it sort of a, a few other videos or courses that if you're watching this as a monthly member you can definitely, definitely learn this via some of the, the courses and videos that I have available.
0:49 Because it's essentially being done with Apps Script. Okay, so, let's get that out of the way, especially, including for lifetime members.
0:57 If you're a lifetime member and you're like, hey, yeah, I'm great, I can get it, but I would love to learn how to create something like this.
1:05 Go to spreadsheet automation 101, which is a course on better sheets, if you're looking for the course on Udemy, it's, it's actually master spreadsheet automation, and that actually also includes supercharger spreadsheets, which is all about APIs.
1:21 Supercharger spreadsheets is a course on better sheets that is available for monthly members and it's all about accessing APIs. What I did is I'm accessing Gumroad's API, and so I would take those two courses and I think those are the basics of learning how to access this API and get data back.
1:43 That's all I'm going to say about that. What it is, let's talk about why it exists and what it is.
1:49 So it is a tool that I actually use my, myself. I had to create coupon codes on Gumroad. So I sell products on Gumroad and if you're looking for it as a, as a lifetime member, bettersheets.co slash tools, go down, scroll to coupon code maker, go here, and there'll be a link.
2:09 To get now, if you are a lifetime member, the coupon code will be included in the link there. If you're not you will have to pay for it on Gumroad for $30, but let's talk about why.
2:21 Yeah, I sell a bunch of stuff on Gumroad. I sell templates on Gumroad. I sell tools like this. Only sheets on Gumroad.
2:27 And in order to sell on Gumroad, you need a market. You need to get it out into the market and let people know about it.
2:33 Get them discovering what it is that you do. And what I did is I also wanted to list products on apps.
2:41 Sumo marketplace, because Gumroad Discover is sort of Gumroad's marketplace ish. I don't want to say it is a real marketplace because I don't think people really, many people really go there and I don't think it's t********* enough.
2:54 But app Sumo marketplace, people are looking to buy things to make their business. And to list on there, one of the coolest things about app Sumo marketplace is you don't necessarily have to host your product there.
3:05 You can host it on Gumroad and give app Sumo 100% off coupons, meaning one time use unique code. And give them the codes and then they sell the codes so that the buyer gets the product for free.
3:20 And I know that might sound complicated to some people, but essentially I host a product on Gumroad, deliver it through there, and then somebody buys a code on app Sumo which I provide!
3:30 And app Sumo then gives them the code, the person then goes and purchases for zero dollars on Gumroad, the product, and everyone is happy about this, right?
3:40 AppSumo Marketplace is happy because they take a 30% cut. I'm happy because I'm selling. AppSumo Marketplace is happy because they take a 30% cut.
3:56 I'm happy because I'm happy because gum road. But instead and what happened is I needed to create something like 5,000 coupon codes and in early on what I did is I created one coupon code and then had 5,000 uses but of course you can see the security issues with that giving in every single person, every
4:19 single buyer, the exact same code presents crazy issues where someone's just gonna like let that go and get a thousand signups without paying.
4:29 So what I wanted to do on Gumroad was create unique codes that were 100% off one time use I started doing it by hand and of course clicking those buttons.
4:38 It's a GUI system little few buttons to click even three or four or five six clicks and it's like oh my god this is gonna take not just days but weeks to do then I figured out a way to do it through the API but I was doing it with curl commands and then I would generate the the codes and I didn't have
4:54 a CSV file to upload to absooma so I had to make that in addition. So I made a SaaS product in 2021 I actually created coupon code maker.com I created it and then I just got focused on better sheets.
5:07 I didn't continue working on it but now coupon code maker is a google sheet and so what I did is I combined the best of creating through an API so I can generate a thousand codes or five thousand codes in one click I can also save all of the codes made in a google sheet which I can export as a, not a
5:28 PDF, I can export as a PDF too but I can also export as a CSV and upload it directly to AppSumo.
5:35 All of these things are great because it greatly reduces the amount of time and stress that I have over selling these products and also makes sure that these products are able to actually be sold instead of just sitting on Gumroad as a sales page and nobody goes there.
5:49 People are going to AppSumo, they're looking for it and there's other platforms like, like Timo Sassila there's a lot of other LTD platforms which sell coupon codes and so you can give them a CSV file, a new CSV file, and now you can generate a thousand codes for each platform with this tool.
6:10 Okay, so that's the why. Hey, this is coupon code maker. Go get it. It is a Google Sheet. And again, I use it.
6:16 So I'm going to be adding a bunch of new features to it. I also love it because what you can do, well, what you used to be able to do and what I'll be adding soon.
6:24 This is now December 1st, 2023 when I am making this video, there might be updates. If you watch this video after that, there might be updates coupon code maker, but I'm hoping to add the ability to make like single use percentage off coupons like 99% off and 98% off and 97% off.
6:43 All the way from 99 to 1 create those all in one click. I want to create things where there's a coupon code for every single country in the world.
6:50 Like one kind of like the name of the country is the coupon code. I also want to be able to generate coupon codes and email them to a email list.
6:58 This is a great. Great if you create a new product and you want people to use it right away who are already say your lifetime members or their their customers from your past.
7:08 You're like, hey, I just want to get people in the door and using this. So I'm going to send it to 10 customers.
7:14 So you should be able to generate a code and email that the customer right away and say, hey, here's a code for this product I just made.
7:20 Check it out. Yeah, so lifetime members, there's a few thousand of you. So go check it out for free. You'll get it for free.
7:27 If you're not a lifetime member and watching this and you're like, I want to generate coupon codes. Go check it out for 30 bucks.
7:34 That's a lifetime deal. So you'll get all of the upgrades. Once you buy it through gum road, you'll be on the list and I'll email you when there are updates to the Google sheet file.
7:44 And again, if you're looking to make something like this where you want to create a really cool tool in. Inside of Google, he's a connects to API's check out supercharge your spreadsheet skills on better sheets dot co slash courses.
7:59 And I would also recommend, where is it somewhere, supercharge your sheets, there it is. There's so many things with it. In that, in that course, I don't do that many things. Like, I, I do some cool things in sheets, but then I also email from sheets, I email data, but oh my God, Apps Script is just 
8:31 literally like the best thing that's ever happened to Google sheets. You will do so many things with it. Like, generate a thousand coupon codes in one click, kind of thing.
8:42 I'm really excited about this. I just made it and have made it available to lifetime members and members if you want to purchase it, go ahead.
8:49 30 bucks. Really excited. Get, get it going. Bye.