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Figuring out the 80/20 Rule with a Running Sum Total

About this Tutorial

I figured out that 20% of my videos are getting 80% of the watch time on my YouTube channel, and I actually used a Google sheet to figure this out.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Hey, so I figured out that 20% of my videos are getting 80% of the watch time on my YouTube channel, and I actually used a Google sheet to figure this out.
0:11 So I wanted to share with you how I figured this out. One thing I did is I downloaded the lifetime views lifetime total from my YouTube channel.
0:20 I'm not gonna go into how I, I did that. That's like a couple clicks on your YouTube channel and your channel history, not channel history, channel dashboard.
0:30 But what you do get is you get a few other pieces of information and actually you can get a lot of information.
0:36 Here I have the content, the ID of it, the video title, publish time. I have views and watch time. That's all I got here.
0:45 I actually deleted a few columns just to make this easier to view.  I'm gonna actually move my face sort of down here because we're working over here.
0:54 I added this column called watch time percentage, and what I did is I created a running sum total. So I said I wanted to figure out this watch time in the e column.
1:05 I wanted to say, okay, where does 80%, I actually was trying to figure out, does does the 80 20% rule apply and it almost smack dab did.
1:15 And I will show you why. So here I said and I'll do this now actually, I, I did watch time and you can see down here around the 80% mark here.
1:28 Let's see right there, 80% we have 41 of these videos titles amount to 80% of my total watch time. I also have, we can just select all of these.
1:44 I have 213, not 212, yeah, 213. Okay, so we have 41 divided by 213 is 19.2%. So 19.2% of my videos are getting 80% of my watch time.
2:06 Isn't that crazy? And now I'm gonna show you how to do this step by step because I wanna see if this same for views as well as watch time.
2:14 Okay? So first off, I do an equal sign here. I should move over here. I do equals what we need to do is we need to find the sum of the views.
2:24 We're doing the D column colon D three. Now this looks weird, right? Because you're like, well I just wanna know the percentage of this D three views versus the total, which is here in line two.
2:37 Now this line two was created from the sheet from YouTube download. And actually what's really cool is you can you don't have to export and then upload into a Google sheet.
2:47 You can just open in a Google sheet. So it opened this right away from YouTube channel information from that dashboard.
2:55 So this total, by the way, is in a weird place. I didn't do It, it, I'm just telling you that right now.
3:02 And so our, we're gonna divide it, right? We wanna find the percentage. So we go some of D three. Don't worry about the D three colon D three yet.
3:08 I'll get to that. We're just gonna do this total view. I have 121,000 views. So if we just hit enter, it's gonna ask us to autofill.
3:18 We can do this later. We have a percentage, so let's make a percentage. So that's 9.71%. We want though, I don't know why it didn't do this, colon D three, we want to move this down and we wanna autofill it cuz essentially if we just do D three divided by D two it's gonna change that second one.
3:40 This D three I think you can tell here is changing as well. We don't want that to change. So what we need to do is we need to add a dollar sign in front of the D and in front of the, the two this holds it, this sort of stops it from moving.
3:55 So we can move it and we can say, okay, now here's the percentage of each one, but we don't want each percentage.
4:02 We wanted to add up all of the other ones before. So we're gonna go back up to D three, colon D three.
4:09 And on the first one, we wanna hold the first side of this colon. So we're gonna do dollar sign right there.
4:17 Now if we copy paste this, the second part of that colon, D three to D three, the changes to D four, but the three stays the same.
4:28 So now we have a running total, a running sum divided by the same total. So now we know, okay, everything from this line up added together is the percentage here.
4:41 So right away, the first video, this top video building live countdown in Google Sheet's accounts were 9% of my views.
4:50 And ch just talking about these two videos accounts for 17% <laugh>. Okay? So right off the bat, we are way different from the 80 20 rule because only two out of 213 videos pretty much two and a half, I guess we'll say, let's say three.
5:14 So three out of 213, that's like 1.4% of my videos account for 22% of my views. So it definitely is the watch time.
5:27 And we can copy paste this all the way down. We can also, if we wrote this, by the way, let's delete this and write this again, starting from scratch.
5:38 Some we want to do d not deco three D dollar sign three colon D four without the dollar sign. We wanna sum that and then we wanna do dollar sign D, dollar sign two.
5:53 And when we hit enter, oh, it doesn't do it, it Doesn't do the auto fill anymore, but we can just drag this we can double it.
6:04 We can copy and paste this all the way down, or we can drag the little.in the bottom right corner. We can drag that down as well.
6:12 Oh, and I actually did it wrong cuz this is supposed to be D to D three. There's 9.1% copy paste that again.
6:20 And now we get, okay, where did we hit the 80% mark of watch time was like this one right here.
6:30 Interesting. Oh wait, <laugh>, I was wrong. Why, why did I say that before? I, oh my god, I totally said that before so wrong.
6:39 Not 20% of my views.  Statistics are so weird. Okay. No, I'm looking for 80%, not 20%. No, this is not, I was wrong in my statement before.
6:51 Okay, so now we're looking for 80%. Where does that show up? It shows up a little bit later, right there at the 58 mark.
7:02 So 58 divided by 2 13, 27 0.2% of my videos account for 80% of the views. Not, not two videos for 20%.
7:13 That's not the right 80 20 rule. This is the right one. Yeah, it's, it's still generally around it. I mean the watch time one was smack dab like 1% off or less than a percent not off.
7:26 This is around 7% different. But again, in that range. So now we have views percentage, and I hope this was a really fun video for you to see both how you might figure out some interesting stats in your YouTube channel and also how you can do a su a running sum total over here.
7:49 Using these dollar signs I think are the most important part of this to figure out that those things stop, the dollar sign stops it, and then if you copy paste it will change the relative of that colon.
8:02 That, that range. Cool. Thanks for watching. Bye.