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Create A Video Course in a Google Sheet | LMS in a Google Sheet

About this Tutorial

Set up a list of video links, and a checklist for others to use.

Video Transcript

0:00 Okay. This video is a quick overview of how I built this a video course or learning management system in a Google sheet.
0:07 Um, not going to go too, too deep, but we'll point out some really cool stuff that I think you can use in your sheets as well.
0:16 So, um, first off the main part of this template, and also I'm going to go into, I think later in the video, all of the ways that you can, we use this template and how you can use it to sell your own video course.
0:31 But right now let's dive in. So this is the videos tab. Uh, here we just listed your name and a video link.
0:37 Of course, if you want to make this a little bit better visually you can do, um, put the link in the video name by just doing command K.
0:46 Um, this takes a little bit of manual effort, so, um, and I'm leaving that up to you. Okay. I think for the purposes it was doing this for writing a separate video name and a video separate live video link helps.
1:00 So use a really know what to click. There's a few percentage of people that I don't know that the link exists here, if it's there.
1:10 Um, but what happens as a user or someone who's trying to learn, watch your videos as they check off. So they'll make a copy copy of the sheet as well.
1:19 They can check off, um, as they see them, this progress bar goes and what happens is it, sparkline pretty simple chart type bar where the maximum count is a count.
1:31 All of, all of this C3 to C4 team or to the end of CS, we can actually add a lot, yeah.
1:37 More videos and it'll automatically update this, um, formula, the colors, black hair. You can change that color just by changing this word here to say green, and you can see it's now green.
1:51 Um, one extra thing that I added here instead of getting to 100%, you'll see, watch what happens. It changes to the text course complete.
2:02 Um, you can change that text here. If you want to change it to anything else, or you can even get rid of it.
2:07 If you want an actual full 100% bar, I want to point out this as well. Um, sometimes I noticed that using progress bars a lot, it's hard to understand it's a great visual representation yeah.
2:23 Of, um, space being filled right. And your progress. But it doesn't, it doesn't have a fine tune. Like you can't say, Oh, I'm literally 50% of the way through, or I've seen 10 videos.
2:37 And if you have more than the viewport here, so like if you have 20, 30, 50, or a hundred videos, um, it's going to be hard to see that on the progress bar, the progress bar is going to help you just visually see that you're, you know, moving along.
2:52 But, um, so I wanted to add this text and what I did here is I did account F and same thing, count all.
2:58 Um, I counted all and then I counted if they're true. And I subtracted the ones that are true from the ones that are also, uh, a checkbox is just a visual representation of the data that's as true or false.
3:12 So you can count these by just counting if it's true there. Um, and then I also offered a more visually pleasing sort of mini course where I call it mini courses.
3:25 You can actually use this as your video course, because I've already also made a progress bar here. You'll see that pop up.
3:33 And I think this is more interesting because it's sort of combining the, uh, interactive to do list videos that I've shared with you and, um, the progress bar videos.
3:44 So again, you can change the color of the progress bar here. This one doesn't change to complete. It just shows the complete bar, but I did add conditional formatting so that the color selected goes away on it and then becomes the background color.
4:01 If you want to change that, if you do want to change this background color, um, what you'll need to do is go to format, go to conditional formatting.
4:09 And there let's see here, there's the custom formula. And all you have to do is change this background color to whatever the background color you do choose.
4:23 Um, I've also made a few different versions of this. If you like different color schemes, this is a neon. Um, and when you click it also will go away.
4:37 And I think this presents an interesting visual journey for someone who is watching your videos and watching your video course, right, of course has 95% of people don't complete a course.
4:51 Um, and this, I think helps people, once they start, this gets crossed off the box, turns to the background and the progress bar a lot is happening, right?
5:03 And so it's really fun and feels like, Oh, I'm actually progressing through this course. Um, I also have a minimum one just in case you don't want to have that like lot of colors, um, and these just get crossed off and the progress bar still exists there again, you can change the progress bar.
5:21 My favorite though, in my favorite little Easter egg is right here is this one that almost has the colors of clubhouse this beige.
5:29 And then I read as you click up click the first one, we'll give it a second to show up a what's going to happen is that this gets crossed off the progress bar.
5:46 It goes on starts the background changes. So our visual, our visual eye turns to number two, but also the little emoji point finger down shows up.
5:59 And what happens when I click the second one that emoji moves. And so just by turning off the emoji here and turning off on the emoji here, we get a almost movement almost say visual movement through this video course.
6:18 So a few ways I think you can use this template is to curate YouTube videos and just find some really cool stuff to teach or learn.
6:29 Also, I think you can create your own video courses. If you use something like I do, which is loom, uh, you can put the loom links here or use a hosting site like Wistia or even Google drive.
6:44 And these don't necessarily have to be video linked all the way through think these links could be, um, worksheets, templates, PDFs, um, articles.
6:56 You can just rename this link, right? And then as people go, they click through. And also, I think one really cool addition to this might be now, this is all theoretical, but if you could sell this to say 10, 20 people, right.
7:14 Create a course and you know that like they are clicking through here and you know, that this videos tab is called videos, or you'll rename this maybe to the name of your course or something, and maybe have these mini courses or you'll use these mini courses as the course, whatever it is, you'll know what the tab is called.
7:32 What you possibly could do is make a sheet where, or, um, have them make a copy and then send you the link.
7:42 And you could then monitor people's progression through your course. Um, that's it bit of an advanced thing that I don't know exactly how to implement that, but I think that's an interesting idea.
7:55 Um, and if you're interested in that, please reply down below or email me, and I'm happy to help walk you through a possible solution, but it's a little, um, menu, whole labor and work to get the individual links from other users, right from the people that are using your course and then copying it.
8:16 And you need a copy, a copy of that sheet. Um, what is also possible different types of mini courses you can use the same videos like I do is I will take sort of 20 videos or 30 videos and only use like four or five in a mini course.
8:35 Um, this might help people get started, or it might help people learn a specific topic within the larger topic you're teaching.
8:45 But I do think, um, this is an really interesting, I seen a template that has a lot of use cases.
8:53 And when you go to use it, please me know what you do with it. Also, um, feel free to copy this, this template, create your own video course with your own links and put it on just like this, put it on Gumroad or put it on app Sumo or some other site, and I'm happy to help, uh, promote it and really excited to see what you're teaching.
9:17 Um, or if you're giving away for free, you might also think of creating a mini course four to five videos and add that as an add on to something like a free, um, Gumroad maybe four or five videos on the Gumroad page, and then use that to upsell a larger video course.
9:37 Um, if you want to know more about how to sell Google sheets, I do have, I'll put a link here on the, um, I'll put a link here to the guide that I'm writing.
9:48 Thank you for watching. Bye.