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Countdown Blank Row

About this Tutorial

Great for counting writing sessions, or tweets you're writing.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Hello, just wanted to share with you a little tactic that I do when I'm creating a sheet or writing in a sheet.
0:07 And I think this can help you if you write in sheets, if you write tweets, especially if you write tweets like I'm doing here, especially if you're writing small little copy or something, and you want to know how much you're doing, maybe you're doing it on a magnitude of order of magnitude of 10 dozens, or a hundred hundreds, thousands, and you want to start in stop and you want to know your progress.
0:31 Um, I did another video on a progress bar that shows sort of session times, but I think this will show you very quickly what I do.
0:41 And I don't do this for a sheet in the end. I only do it while I'm creating the sheet in order to sell the sheet.
0:48 So right now I'm taking a Twitter template sheet that I created called starter Twitter starters. Um, it's available for free for all better members and I'm turning it into a 365 tweets that sell.
1:03 So it's a similar idea where it's Twitter, a Twitter, um, tweets, but part of them like a starting word. And so all I'm doing is I'm going to do command shift down and I'm going to delete all of these.
1:17 You'll see all this stuff in the a column go away. Cause it has an F is blank. Not going to go into that in this video, but I want to make sure that I write 365 tweets or in this case I'm actually, it's powerful promotional or selling words.
1:36 So first off, I'm going to go down to the bottom. I'm going to add 265 rows. There you go. And at the very top, I'm going to add one more row.
1:48 And again, I'm not going to put this in the final, uh, sheet it's it's not going to go in there.
1:53 It's only going to be used right now for me to know how many tweets have I done. Uh, so I'll put in here equals count all, uh, account a, a B to B and it'll count right now.
2:07 It's a zero. Why does it say zero? Because it's two. So I do would be three, sorry. And now it's a zero.
2:15 Perfect. Because there is zero in here, right? So as I write this, um, promotional tweet here, that moves, is it one great, well, one thing that might be of interest to you is maybe you want to count down.
2:32 So this is counting operate. Every time you do one, it'll count up and up and up, but I want to count down.
2:37 I want to be like, how many do I have left? So I will do this. I will do 365 minus this.
2:47 So now I hit enter and I have 360 4. So I really want to have like some texts here also to remind myself that I need to delete this.
2:55 I don't want just a little tiny number that I forget later. So what I will do is I will wrap This with a concat the Nate.
3:01 I never remember how to spell that. Um, put that, uh, put a comma at the end and then space in quotes.
3:11 Uh, what I will do is I will say left to right. I did not spell concatenate correctly. Concat to Nate.
3:22 Ah, there we go. All right, hinder. Now it says 364 left to, right. So I will put this with a background of red, just so that I can see that maybe it's something I should be deleting.
3:35 I'll probably do the same here. Just want to background of red to know I got to delete that row later.
3:44 Now I like this because it helps me know how many do I have left counting down. Sometimes if you're doing fitness stuff, uh, they say, don't count up like your reps.
3:53 1, 2, 3, 4, they say count down from 10, 9, 8, 7. And that might give you some more, um, might give you some more motivation.
4:02 So counting down from 365, I got to write 365 tweet or promotion. But in this case, it's going to be words, single words or powerful phrases that are meant to sell or promote.
4:15 So, um, thanks for watching. I hope this is helpful for you to write a little countdown to what you need to do, get done.
4:23 Um, have any questions, let me know, but also keep watching the videos. Thanks for.