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Better Sheets Videos Checklist

About this Tutorial

How to create a video checklist. Create a sheet with check boxes that you check off to mark the videos as seen. Great for those creating lead magnets or checklist digital products. Enables you to create a video course without having to download/upload any videos. Your users can keep track of their progress and get all the benefit of your knowledge.

Video Transcript

 Hello, welcome to a very special Better Sheets video where I am going to be producing right now. In this video, the number one asked for number one requested thing, feature, whatever you want to call it I'm creating a video list. We're going to have check boxes that you can mark them as seen.

You'll have a list of every available Better Sheets video right now. Excluding this one because I'm recording it right now. We're also going to be creating a progress bar for you so you can copy this sheet. You, once you see this in the loom folder, you have a link. Also you're probably going to be emailed this video because it's a, it is like the number one most asked for thing.

 And I will be making a lot of things in this video. Like we're gonna do a filter for unseen videos. We're gonna create mini courses. I think we're definitely gonna create a sheet that we can sort, that it'll already be sorted by views and by reaction counts. And then I'm gonna do something that I have never done before in the history of better sheets.

You are going to be able to edit this sheet. So I will actually open this up to be edited by anyone you are. You are the only ones that are gonna have access to this sheet right now. And for the foreseeable future only, only members are gonna have access. But you're gonna be able to edit this sheet because as you watch videos, if you notice that like something is interesting, some, there's a formula that you.

To remember that's in that video. Then note it in the sheet the original sheet. And we will then have a members created formulas list. You can also write notes. I'll have I think, two columns for you to be able to edit. One of them is going to be like any formulas that exist in that sheet that in that video that you think are important to.

No note, note it down. That is one that is, a couple people have asked for a list of every formula that's in each video. I'm gonna leave that up to you and I'll also come back and, and edit and add some of that later. But we're not gonna do that on this video. But I'm gonna allow you to come back and edit that and add some notes because we have ever because cause we have the ability, everyone is going to be able to edit.

I am interested in seeing what are the changes, what are the actual edits that happen and in what timeframe do they happen? So I'm also going to add a change log, which I think is very interesting to everyone watching this video. How to do that if you are interested in adding this to your own.

I think this is the one mo, one of the most interesting options. , I think this is one of the most interesting parts of this video will be how we create that change log we're gonna be using, we're gonna be writing a script. It's a fairly simple script. I fairly, I think I know all of it but we'll do it on the fly.

I think I know how to do it all, but well, obviously it's gonna be different once.  start. So it's already been a couple minutes you want and see how I'm creating this. The first 90% of this is pretty simple. I think the hardest part is gonna be having me remember how to do a progress bar. It's one of the videos, and it's actually four of the videos, is how to create different progress bars.

We're gonna create one progress bar for you so that when you copy the sheet and you have your own.  You can mark as seeing, check the check boxes and you'll know which videos you've seen. Okay, so I'm starting from scratch. I have nothing in this videos sheet except I have a CSV file of all of the videos.

So I'm gonna import these and we're gonna get started right away. Upload, I think it is, have it on another screen. Here we go. We're gonna get some interesting data from this. This is actually data from Loom. We have a, we're gonna have a link. We're gonna replace current sheet import data. We're gonna have a loom link for every video.

We have a video name. We can delete this column of the creator. It's me, creator. Email is deleted as well. You have my. Already. We can delete that column. We can delete that column. We have the video duration, which is awesome. There's all of the video names. We are going to, how do I do this?  View Freeze One Row.

Okay. You have views. We have unique viewers. I'm actually going to delete this column. We're gonna leave the number of view. , we're gonna delete number of downloads. We comments, let's delete those cuz most of them have one comment. It's me telling you where the sheet is. Reactions. We are going to keep this because this will be one of our filters we used or sorts.

We're gonna filter by most popular, and we're gonna sort by reactions. So your reactions, your, if you are watching on Loom and you click an emoji, th that will have real impact on other people's viewing because we'll see. Which I don't even know. I don't even know the answer. I don't know. What are the most React to videos I see right here.

Add checkbox to turn on dark Mode has 10, but is that the most? We don't know. There are right now a hundred. I think, let me see. 143 videos. Whoa. So, so that's a lot of things. We can delete all of these and we want video creation date. I think that's important because you might, there are a few people who already watched the loom videos in the Loom folder in the order that I've produced.

if you want to continue doing that. And then just sort by this then sort by this column F and you have that. Okay. We want a mark as seen checkbox, right? So we have all of our videos, we have all of our links. I think this can be a little more elegant, but let's just get through getting the data in there first.

We're gonna insert what are we gonna insert a checkbox. Whoa. Checkbox. Boom. We got a checkbox. I wanted to delete all of these. Just again, one of those pet peeves of mine of having these extra columns and extra rows. You know, sometimes you just get lost over there. Alright, we don't need that.

What we do wanna do is add a progress bar, right? Like, let's check our progress so far cuz we've done two. We have done this and this, we have our video list. The most requested thing of anything I've ever done is just give me a list of all the videos. There. You got it. If you wanna stop watching this video, you, you can go down in the description, get the link, and just get that list.

You got it. You get ready. You got 143 videos to go to through check boxes. We have those now. We wanna put here like a little count, right? Let's do equals let's do videos yet. Videos scene there. And we're gonna do an and, and we're gonna do count if. And our range is a two to a and our criterion is true.

Done. So we have a little counter. It's not a progress bar, but it's a counter. And this should just double check. It works. There we go. Seven. And it's just counting. How many are true? 1 43. Boom. Zero. Okay. Now where should we put our progress bar? I'd like to put it in the header here. So let's see.

Insert row. , let's do this as well. I'm gonna do view grid lines off. We've gotta get those off. That's good. Does that work? View, grid line, I think I clicked it twice. And we wanna put a, where do we want to put our progress part? Maybe here? Just right there. So old spark line. What's our data? It's going to be count if.

Ba ba ba ba ba.

I guess it's gonna be the same thing, right? So we could just grab this. Do see, let's do old spark line again. Our data is gonna be this count. If, all right, what are our options? This is always, this is always difficult syntax. We need our curly. Everything is broken up by semicolons. We want first two quotations chart type.

It's going to be then bar, zip bar, and then max is going to be, what is the max? It is count, I guess. Count all.  A two to a, is that correct? What is that number? No, let's do C, C two to C, right? Let's see what that does and let's. . There we go. We got orange. Let's make that, let's make that color green because it's always hard to get if, if you have never done a spark line before, it's always very difficult to figure out color cuz of a bar chart.

It's, I think it's color one without checking color one. Let's do it green. We like green here. Green's are color. There we go. So let's just double check that that is going to fulfill.  it all that is 100% filled up. Progress bar is complete. Let's just put a little border around it. Let's just do that charcoal eat thing.

Let's make it nice, thick. Let's make it thick.

See what that looks like. Yeah, that looks okay. , I think it could be better. You could also just take the, the, the, the border off. I don't think the border does much here. Let's see. Yep, that looks good. We have a progress bar. We have video seen. So now we are we can also reverse this, right? We can say yet to be seen how many videos to go.

We might put that actually, what if we did this? Actually, this is a really fun thing. Let's do, let's force this to be two lines. I think we do that videos to go and then, and we're gonna take the count, all of C2 to C minus count if a three to. . True. And now, whoops. . Oh, . That's why I did a two here. And it's like, oh, it can't count itself.

So this is also c3. There we go. Video scene videos to go. And as you count down,  one is added and the other one counts down. And then you also have a progress bar. We are really putting the overkill there, but I think this is fun to show you again how to make a little quick progress bar. So we have done this, what is next?

What is next? Filter for unseen videos. So sometimes you might be going through this and you might not wanna scroll down and see the videos. You wanna see just. , which videos have I not yet seen? So we're gonna create a just duplicate this yet to watch. I don't know if that's a good name there. We want to actually delete all of the, this column.

Let's just leave that there. And this is gonna be a really simple filter here, but. I'm gonna delete all of this and just put the filter. All right. Equals filter. Range is gonna be videos. B two G Oh, I didn't spell that correctly. It's a capital V. There we go. What's the condition? Videos A to a is equal to false.

I stole videos. Wrong, geez. So let's see what we get here. We get our videos, but what happens? There's gonna be a weird thing that happens if we watch them all right? And now we go to our yet to watch videos and we have an na. We have an. Well, we don't want just an error. We, because we know, okay, if, and a that means a good thing, right?

That means a really, really awesome, you've watched oh, the videos. There you go. So now you get a nice little Easter egg. Get a nice little message. Once you've watched all the videos, you have no more videos to watch. Maybe this, that's what it should be called, videos.  videos to watch. There you go. So now we're gonna go back through here and we can see that it just shows us, let's see everything but two.

So we want two videos to show up here. Three videos. Oh my god. What did I do wrong? There it is. Okay. Yeah, exactly. There was supposed to be three videos in there. We have three videos in here. Great. Perfect. This is working out perfectly. All right. We have our. Filter for unseen videos, mini courses. I already have a few mini courses on the website, so if you want to get a, a searchable you, you want this list.

But if you want the website, better sheets.co/videos. And you haven't gotten to try it out yet. Feel free to email me. And I just need to send you a link in order to sign up. It's a separate thing, but it's still Free, or you've already purchased better sheets so you get access to it. But I have these mini courses here and I think these are really great starters for dashboards, progress bars, and scripting.

And I think these are super useful to people who are sort of in that intermediate range. Like you've used Google Sheets a long time and you're trying to get not just better, but like new skills in Google Sheets. These three things, I think do the best. , like set of videos that you should watch in order and it's very important you watch them in order because they build on each other.

Whereas most of the other videos are very one off. Like if you don't watch any other videos and you just watch that one video, it's fine. These sets of videos are very important to watch together, so they are linked here. They have links here. I'm gonna create those in.  A tab here. I'm not gonna show you that right now.

I'm actually gonna take a, it's gonna look like a one second has passed by. And then we're gonna create the most popular filters and stuff. So I'll build a mini courses off video and I'll come back and it's just a second and we're back. Here's a courses ready for you to. View. You can click on any of these four videos under each of these and you have the video.

Next up on our roadmap is we are gonna create our most popular, so we're gonna create a sort sheet. All right, so let's just find the orange here. And we have these, I guess we can check these off as well. Most popular. So we are going to need this to duplicate this. Duplicate and we're gonna do one sort,

sort by views again. We don't necessarily, you're just looking to watch videos now. You're not looking to like set them in place in these views. We're just going to sort z to a and there we. . So that is the, oh, it's the intro video to the whole thing. Everyone's watched that the most. That's really simple.

Maybe we should take that one off. Cause that's probably not like interesting to you. Unless you haven't seen that. Let's just keep it and we're just gonna keep the top, I guess we're just gonna have these assorted, right, and then we're just gonna duplicate. And this is just a really nice little user. I don't.

What to call it. But you don't have to do this sorting, I'm doing this sorting for you. So, oh, bill the dashboard part three. Wow. That's the most, that is really interesting. That's the most reacted to, so it was correct. The most, one with the most views was not the most reacted to, and and actually now that I think about it, let's do something else here.

Let me insert one to.  and we're gonna do reaction percent. I don't know, I'm just interested in this, seeing if this is gonna be a different sort than the other one that we're gonna view by. Nope. Format number percent. There we go. So now we paste this down. What has the most highest reaction percentage?

and that probably is going to give us more insights. Oh my god. Can star ratings. Oh yeah. Like that's outta checkbox to dark mode that Yeah. These videos get data with comments. Two out of four, four out of nine here. Four Ways to Change column. That is a surprising one if you haven't watched this. Very surprising how interesting it is to know how to forward different ways to change the column with very, it's surprisingly interesting.

That's why I made the video cuz I was like, I'm surprised not, I didn't know these. Yeah. This is so interesting. So our most reactions is this one, but our highest reaction percentage is, can. Can we add, I'm gonna do it by this. I think this is the more interesting sort by reaction. So reaction percent, I'm gonna say.

So again, this is just a nice little thing for, for users, so if you want to sort this, you, you absolutely can, you can you can make your own copy of this. Again, just go up to file, make a copy, or there might be a link with the slash. . And then you can sort however you want, but I just made these tabs for you so that you can sort them as you wish.

In a future version of this, I might make it updateable so that this is actually a filter. And you know what, let's do that instead actually right now, so that these two sheets will automatically update if you update this video's tab. So I'll do that right now. Insert. . And what did we have here?

We had reaction percentage percent. I gotta spell reaction, right? Reaction percentage equals this, divided by this and our, that's not right. Sitting here. And then we want to show it as a percentage. There we go. Okay. And I think we just need to add one more column here to the right and again, rename this reaction percent.

All right, now we just delete all of this stuff. I think this is fun here. We're gonna go equal sort. What are we gonna sort range videos B three to.  and sort column is gonna be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. No for uses. It's gonna be 1, 2, 3, 4, column four. Is it ascending? False, it's descending. Let's see, sort by views.

There we go. We got this sort of by view, so now this sheet is automatically just, it's just a view, so it'll be automatically updated if we ever update our videos. , same with sort by reaction percentage. Again, just delete all of this and equal sort and you know where I'm going with this. Videos can probably yell at the screen and say, and figure out what I'm gonna do.

B three column H short column 1, 2 3 4 56. Just counting the number of columns here. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. And we want it. False is it's decent. . There we go. And we have all of our columns. We want just for views sake, let me do this as well. I sort of want, I want, okay, so the issue is do we wanna show the check boxes because they're not, if you check box, if you check off a box here, then.

it won't check off, off here, so I don't wanna show it to you, but I do want to see this progress. Okay. So wonder what would happen if I don't, what if I do this? I'm just gonna copy this formula. Yeah. And. , paste that formula right here. Just be able to see that a little bit. And I don't know why, but I think I wanna be able to see that even when I'm here, just as a little bit of a motivation of like, which videos do I wanna see?

And now you might be yelling at me and being like, oh, you should have shown the progress bar too. Could Sure. Go ahead. Edit that because you have added access to this. Again, I'm gonna make a backup in case this goes badly, but I believe you are a decent human being and you can have added access to this.

And we should be adding edit access to the end. So not edit. This is what you need to be editing is right here on the right. We have two columns that you can. . I mean, you can edit anything really. But let's go with here. Formulas. Formulas in video so we can be able to search to that and notes. If you wanna add any viewer notes, actually member notes, just go ahead and edit inside of this cell for this video.

What I'm gonna do over here is shorten this a little bit. All right?  And then we're gonna freeze these three columns. I hope you no, this what I'm going to go see. View, freeze, up to curve. There we go. So we have all of these. And now as we go to the right, we have our formulas. In the video, we have member notes.

You can edit these. And if you go, if you see a video like this priority matrix here. . You know what, I'm gonna just sort this cuz you probably, probably the first thing you're want to do is see the first few videos. Those are all the videos made in the order that I've made them sort of. Now you can go through and you can add the formulas here.

And now what you're gonna do here is just type in the formula. Let's make it a comma separated value. Things like this is a bookmarklet, so this has like JavaScript in it. Maybe you're gonna be like JavaScript is needed you know out of sheets beyond, or beyond sheets or something like that.

Anytime. We're gonna add formula here. We're gonna use spark line here. We're gonna use it here, here, here. , right? So if you see a formula that you're like, oh, you know, others would wanna see this cuz it's a good use of this formula or this formula exists in this video, go ahead and edit. And edit to here.

Okay, you can edit this. Let's keep going. Oh, that was the next thing.  great. But what we need to do is we need to be able to. . I don't, just because I don't know what's gonna happen. I just wanna see what are the changes people make and in what order do they make them. So I'm gonna go to, to a script editor.

We're gonna create a change log. This is a really cool thing. I think you can add to any of your sheets once you know how to do it. I have some notes here, so I'm gonna look over here on my notes. Here we go. Okay. So what we need to do is we need to create an oned function. . First we're just gonna name our, our project.

So it's videos checklist, code base. I don't know, we can name it anything we want. The function we're writing is on edit and it's on edit with a capital E. This is like very similar to the on open one. It is anything you want to do on any edit. This is where you need to write it inside of this function here.

It's not like where you create, it's not a custom function that we. Where we name it at, whatever we wanna name it. This is literally on edit, is what we have to name it. And now what's gonna happen is this function will run every single time. No matter what happens. Any single time an edit is made, you add something, you delete something, you change something, you ch you move something.

It will, it will give this function. And what's the functions going to have? Thing inside. Sometimes you, we call it event, I'm gonna call it e. It's just anything that happens that is the object basically. And now let's say, so e has some things we have range that we can get. But we what it'll, I've done this before and it will just literally give us range.

This is a range object. We need to actually get the A one notation. And you'll see that soon. We also want, what is the old value? Meaning what was the cell? If, if it's a single cell, what's the cell value that it was before? And then what's a new one? And it's change, right? And that's value. So these three things we need to return and we need to put them in a, in a particular place.

So let's call this the range . , we're gonna call this yay. Old value

and variable, yay . New value. Okay, those are, those are our, our. Variables that we have now we need to get them right. Well, first off, let's just see what it does. So we're gonna do logger log and we're going to look at this a couple times and see range. We're gonna do logger do log. Yay. Old value. I dt know why I'm cracking up on that logger dot log.

Yay. New value. Okay, but I mean we, we know the order that they are. They're first, second, or third. But let's just give ourselves a little bit more text here. The range is  and we're gonna add a plusing.

Old is, and then a in quote and a. . Okay. So give us some spaces just to, so we can read this. Newie is, and we're gonna have a plus line, and we're gonna give us some spaces so we can read this easier. All right, we're gonna save this. Now let's view our log so we can see what's going on as we do it, right?

So let's go back to our video checklist. Let's say somebody goes to videos.  and changes a formula here and says bookmark. Bookmark, click. Okay, let's go to our simple trigger on edit. It's completed. See what our log is? Log is native code. That's weird. Okay. Oldie is undefined. Newey is bookmarklet. So this undefined seems like it was like cuz it was nothing.

So let's change that again and be like, oh, this wasn't, we're just gonna add to a bookmarklet. No formulas do. Let's go back to our log. Let's see what happens then. Newi is bookmarklet, no formulas, so we don't have, let's refresh that. See if there is a ranges function. Native code that looks weird. Old D is bookmarklet.

Newi, is that, so let's see what happened in our code. Get a one or two. Oh, you know what? I forgot this part. So now we should be able to get that value.

Yay. Yay. Let's look at our logs. No logs available. Let's.  range is I six. Cool. So we have the actual range. We just don't have the sheet. Hmm. Let's, but we do have the old info and the new info. Great. Let's do one thing I'm gonna do, I'm gonna go away cuz I can't figure out what the sheet is. Let me go figure that out and I'll be right back.

Okay. So we're gonna test this out. So I think it's the sheet is gonna.  this e range dot get active sheet. And so we are logging it as the sheet is the sheet. Let's see. I, I literally haven't tested this yet, so we will see if this works. Create, so this definitely has transposed and it, let's see what happens.

Just go to our new trigger. . Oh G. Actor sheet is not a function at, on at all, man. Alright, I gotta go find, figure out if whatever it's supposed to be. Okay. So it could be just actually get sheet. Get sheet. Let's see if that works. Oh, this is exciting. Let's go back here. Transpose formula. It's going to be there.

And let's see, let's cross our fingers. It's failed Complet. . What is sheet is? Sheet? Is that the sheet? No, that's not the sheet, but where that is Sheet. So . Oh. Get name. We need to add, get name to it. Get sheet dot get name. There we go. That's gonna get us, that's gonna get us the name of the sheet. I don't know why this is taking so long.

Use alternating colors. I don't know. We're gonna do. Designs. Let's see that. Let's, Ooh, this is exciting. Did we get it? Did we get it? Let's see, our trigger completed. Our log is J eight on videos. Perfect. Great. We have our, what we, we need undefined means there was nothing in this sheet before. Great. So we can print these to the log.

We now need to print them to a sheet called change log. So that is the big problem that we need to solve right now. A change log is going to need change log. All right. What do we need? We need timestamp. We need I guess sheet then range and then old value. New value, right? That's all we need. Get rid of all of this stuff can actually get, we're gonna because we don't know how many changes we're gonna need.

So we're gonna add roses. We need them. Alright. Let's go to, So when you want to do variable SS equals spreadsheet app, this is like

everything uses this spreadsheet app dot okay. Active. This auto complete hopefully will get better active. . So we want to do variable ss change log, get sheet do you think we need to do this? Good.

Ship by name change on. Here we go. So that now we can write to that. What do we need to do? We need to do something. One second. Okay. We're definitely gonna need the last row. So just last row equals change log. Get,

get cholesterol. There we go. Now we want to write the variables to it. So we're gonna do ss no change log dot get range. Now our range is going to be.  Let's just double check. We're writing in the right place. Change all timestamp is one. So row is going to be last row plus one column is gonna be one.

Number of rows, number of columns, all one. And what are we gonna do? Set value new,

I think. What we have to do, let's just double check this. Actually, we, we will, once we have, we weren't also done, we wanna do the same exact thing. But instead of setting the value of the timestamp, we want to set the value of the first thing, which is what is the first thing we said? Sheet. So instead of set value, new date, we go.

ah,   the sheet and instead of the row is last row plus one. That is correct. But we want to, but these are, these are going to you know what? I just realized something. We wanna set values. No, let's do it This.  This might mess up, but I will, you'll see why , and we will come back and change it. So this is the second column.

Let's just try writing all of 'em. So we, if this problem occurs, I wanna see it epically an epic problem right now. So we need the range. We need one more. Okay. So we have the sheet, then we have the range. And that's going to be in this third column. So it's row column, number of rows, number of columns for that rotation.

Yeah, range. Sheet range. Old value. New value sheet range. Old value. New value, value. And again, we will see if this works or not. And if it doesn't work, I know. I have an idea, I have a, I have a suspicion that when it goes to the last row, once this is written, and this is one plus one every row, it's gonna, I, I have a suspicion these are going to chain be done.

You'll see. And we might actually have an error because we've, I forgot to do one thing, so let's go back to our videos. Let's go back here. Let's just delete this designs. Let's go see what happens in our, yep. So those are all completed. Nope. Failed. There we go. Failed. Why did it fail? Carrie? Get last row of null on edit.

Oh, no.

Change log.

See what happens on this. Did anything happen? Nothing happened. Okay. That was a weird mistake. I had no e here in change log, so it was Chang log log and that's probably why it was giving me an error and it continues to gimme an error and I  totally didn't even think about that to begin with. So let me change everything back to what it was.

And now just make sure that change it is actually correctly spelled. Change log, not Chang. Log. How many Chang beers have I drank so far? Zero. Let's. Now we got it. Awesome. So now we have a time stamp. Let's format this as number eight time. You want that whole thing. And I just realized, so it's not actually having a problem, but I want to insert a row here.

So I'm gonna do change log dot insert in, let's go back. Insert row after

insert, row after. And it's gonna be a number, an index number, but we have our last row, so actually. Move this down to here, and we're gonna do last row. Okay. So now every time there's an edit, we're gonna add a row, a blank row. But this last row is go, should change, should change based on the tape data in there, and it'll then add it to this plus one.

Okay, we have one more thing we want to make sure we do. Is we want, we want those values there. If there's gonna be a problem, if we change anything on the change log sheet. If the sheet is equal to change log, we don't want to do anything. We want it to skip so, , we do this. So if the sheet meaning this, the name of the sheet that we're doing the edited on is equal to change log is not equal.

Sorry, this, this, this bang, this, this exclamation mark equal sign is not equal to, is not equal to the lo the change log. Then we're going to do all of this. If not, if, if, if they are the same. If the change log is the is the sheet, we want to do nothing. So we put an extra. , we put that end down here, the the end of the curly bracket.

So now we have two curly brackets down there and we don't wanna do anything, right? We get the values and we just wanna be like, okay, don't do anything. That is it. So now if I go to two this and I delete that, nothing happens. And we can even see in. , it's completed. Our edit. Remove my face. Let's refresh.

Refresh. Let's get data. Data. No logs. Okay. I guess that's fine. If it least it's completing it. Oh, you know why? It's because this logging.  is down here inside of here. So we actually skipped all of that. Okay. That's good. That's perfect. It's doing exactly what we want it to do, which is nothing. All right.

Let's just double check a few edits as we go. We want videos. Let's just type in some numbers here. We're gonna do 1, 2, 3. We're gonna change that to three, two. I don't know. Let's look at our change log. There we go. We got old value. New value. We have the range. We have the sheet. We know what is going on in our, our sheet, even if we're not here, right?

If something goes on, we're like, Hey, what happened between now and a a day ago? We can look at these timestamps. And as you can see, we have 10 rows and it keeps adding rows, so we're never gonna run out a row. We go row column sheet and then we're gonna delete all that, that delete the, when we have multiple columns or multiple cells.

I don't think it, it does not do go through this gene. Oh, it does? Here it is. Oh, great. But it doesn't have an old value. New value. That's it. Okay. So we know the range has something done to it. Cool. So we now have a change log on our sheet. We have it. Timestamp form can always go back and check what happened.

What's the old value? What's the new value? What changed? Where did it change? And so now that is the end of our roadmap here of what this video will entail. It's been a long video. I'm so happy you have joined me. I'm going to delete the roadmap now. Okay. So you can't see that you're seeing it in this video now.

This sheet that you're watching now, I am maybe going to regret this, but hopefully not. We want to make this, whoops.

Anyone with a link can. . Okay. You're also able to wanted to make a couple. Oh, alright. That's it. You can edit everything. So I trust you. I trust that you'll make some good edits here. I'm gonna delete these. Know that all of your edits are going to. Oh here. False true change here. So also this change log is really good if you wanna keep track of your pace.

And I just thought of this now as you if you, if you go here, if you copy this and you start checking these off, I think.  get checked off so you get, you know, when you view them so you can keep your pace, you can make really cool stuff. I think with this change log, so to wrap up the video, we have every single video that is available to Beto Sheets members.

Now, that's you. Every single video that's available to you, now you have. , you have a checkbox, you can check it off to Mark as seen. You also have a couple of ways to sort or view these. You can sort this page absolutely but you can also sort by views, sort by reaction percentage. We found some really interesting stuff here that I would highly recommend.

I think more than 26 people should definitely watch this. This is one of the, the funnies. Silliest things I've ever done to a Google sheet. It was one of your me, one of you member asked Ken, he asked like, can we add star ratings? I said, yes. Here's how to do it. And it, and it become really fun. Another video I would recommend you watch if you haven't watched it yet, something I just made recently.

Now I'm, I'm blanking on the name. Adding icons to your sheets. Definitely. You should definitely, you should watch. I don't. That's a blasphemy that only two people have watched that more, much, much, much more. Oh yeah. And I definitely, I made this video, the Google Sheet story available on YouTube. It doesn't share on YouTube the, the sheet.

So I think you need to go to this link here to get the sheet from what I remember.  And there's also, yeah, it became a three video series on YouTube. I only put one of those videos, but man, that was super fun. We basically, inside of the sheet, you could make a link, a video link that will then disappear after 24 hours and also gets e gets emailed out to people if you want.

I think that's was really cool. We're, I'm really coming up with some really interesting use cases. We made a click track. If you haven't watched that one, oh my God, I might send another video later this week or next week about it. It is crazy. Basically a Bitly and a Google sheet Allscript all available for you.

I think eventually you'll get access to that script. Or you doing in that one? I don't remember. Alright. Thanks so much for watching. We have done the most requested thing of ever in all the history of Better Sheets Bite.