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Learn simple keyboard shortcuts to save you time

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Learn some simple keyboard shortcuts.

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 Hello, welcome to Better Sheets. We're gonna talk about some of the most basic keyboard shortcuts that incredibly time saving and are gonna make you so much faster when using Google Sheets. Here they are. We're gonna talk about pace values. We're gonna talk about going to the end.  and then I'm gonna let you go because if you are getting this for free, you're gonna get the pace values and the command up and down that go to end one.

And I think those two are gonna make you so much faster. If you wanna continue and see how to select large amounts of data and you want to even hear about the use cases of clear formatting, go ahead and pay for lifetime access to better sheets.co right now. , that video is waiting for you once you become a member.

But today let's just go through these really, really, really awesome keyboard shortcuts that I use. . What's happened is we have like, say a list of lots of data right here, right? And we have a column that has a formula in. But we have, let's move that all the way down here. Let's do this. So we have, all of these are formula.

Now we don't want to copy the formula. If we do that, command C, command V over here in the column D, if we, if we just copy and paste, we're gonna get that formula again. And that formula is gonna change to. One over right here. It, it is a two and it's gonna change to C2 here. And that's really, really to deal with.

And, and we just want, Gracie, we just want this data over here just for some reason, right? So what we do is we do command C to copy and then we hold down the shift key command and V two CO two PACE values. . So all we're doing is painting the values. This is incredibly useful if we wanna grab this data, right?

But also if we wanna create like a little summary page, we want like, maybe the top three, maybe it's some kind of ranking system. Top three, get a nice color, get higher, bigger text. And we, we wanna grab the top three, move 'em over here and, oh, we made a mistake. The actual top three over here, we want the full names and we don't wanna have to redo this formatting, so we do.

Then move over here, shift command V, and there we have the, the winners, the these top three. Or maybe we are like, oh, again, we don't want their full name here. We just want their first names. , we don't have to do the formatting ever again. We just have to sh command copy, and then shift command V for copy paste values.

Really, really useful keyboard shortcut if you're using a PC or if you have a different setup. Then here I'll show you what it looks like. You go. Copy is command C. You can find out the keyboard shortcut here, and then your.  Pace Values is in Pace Special, and it's the first one here. Pace values only here shows me command shift and V on yours.

If you're using a pc, it'll tell you something else here. Go ahead and find it there. That's pace value. Next one. This is so useful when I'm moving around data. So let's, let's kill this row, right? If we wanna kill an entire row, most of the time we're gonna just go over to this column and header, right above the, the first column.

Click here and we got the whole column. But say, say we don't want the entire column. Maybe we just want, let's have maybe some blank spaces here, right?  and we just want, oh no, we got a top 10. We have these 10, and then we have maybe some blank spaces, or let's not kill that data. Let's just insert one above, right?

We have this top 10. We just want this top 10. And honestly, if we only have a few cells to highlight, you just want to click and drag. Right? But what if it was the top 100? What if this was down here? You know, we where. Struggling to scroll down hundreds of, of rows. So here's what you should do. You hold down the command and you hit the down arrow.

And what that's gonna do is it doesn't take you to the end of the column though. What it's doing is it's taking you to, when it's the next non, the last non empty route. And so it to get through the empty ones, you. Click command and down arrow again. Click and demand command and down arrow again and again.

And this is a really good way to get through the data very fast. If, for instance, we had, let's just let's just not have those there, right? We, let's do this. Let's go to the top. And now you can see that just with holding down command. Going down and hitting the down. I can get to the very bottom if there's no empty cells.

This is really, really handy to get through lots of data. I mean, it's only 61 rows in this one, but maybe there's hundreds or thousands. I've had, I've had to go through data where there was like empty roads on like a hundred. A hundred rows out of like 10,000 and I, I, all I had to do was hold down the command key and click the downer.

I had to not, I never had to scroll through and look at this visually again. Now, if you are getting this for free, you have gotten hopefully some awesome, awesome tips. Now go ahead and get more over@bettersheets.co sign up for lifetime access. Right. And if you are a paid member, we're gonna keep on going and I'm gonna share with you how to highlight and select all of those rows you can even see shift.

And then I'm gonna show you how to, how and why we use clear formatting. Thank you so much. Bye.