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How To Use YIELDDISC() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the annual yield of a discount (non-interest-bearing) security, based on price.

Common Questions About the YIELDDISC Formula:
1. What is the YIELDDISC formula?
2. How do I calculate YIELDDISC in Google Sheets?
3. What should I keep in mind when using the YIELDDISC formula?

How Can the YIELDDISC Formula be Used Appropriately:
The YIELDDISC formula can be used to calculate the annual yield on investment based on its cost, current market price and annual coupon rate. The parameters of the YIELDDISC formula are the cost of investment, annual coupon rate, market price, settlement date, maturity date and frequency of payments; these are all necessary to determine the annual yield.

How Can the YIELDDISC Formula Be Commonly Mistyped:
The most common mistake when typing the YIELDDISC formula is not including all of the necessary parameters or inputting them in the wrong order. Additionally, forgetting to include the quotation marks around dates when inputting them can lead to a mistake in the formula. This formula can also be mistyped as YEILDDISC, YIELDISC, YIELDDSC, YIELDIDSC.

What Are Some Common Ways the YIELDDISC Formula is Used Inappropriately:
Using the YIELDDISC formula without all necessary information to fill out the parameters can result in inaccurate or inappropriate yields. Additionally, entering the incorrect values for the parameters can lead to incorrect yields.

What Are Some Common Pitfalls When Using the YIELDDISC Formula?
The YIELDDISC formula can be tricky to properly set up correctly in order to calculate appropriately. Forgetting to include some of the necessary parameters, inputting them in the wrong order, or forgetting to use quotation marks when inputting date values can lead to an inaccuracy or error in the result.

What Are Common Mistakes When Using the YIELDDISC Formula?
1. Not including all necessary parameters
2. Inputting parameters in the incorrect order
3. Forgetting to

How To Actually Use YIELDDISC() in Sheets

YIELDDISC(settlement, maturity, price, redemption, [day_count_convention])

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How to use YIELDDISC function in Excel

he YIELDDISC function in Microsoft® Excel is used to calculate the annual yield of a discounted security. Looking for methods to use the YIELDDISC function in Microsoft® Excel, just follow the easy steps shown in this video.

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