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How To Use WEEKDAY() Function in Google Sheets


Returns a number representing the day of the week of the date provided.

Common questions about the WEEKDAY formula:
1. What does the WEEKDAY formula do?  Tells you which day of the week, as a number, the value is that you put into it.
2. What inputs does the formula require? A date.

How can the WEEKDAY formula be used appropriately?
The WEEKDAY formula will return the weekday number that is associated with the provided date. It is appropriate to use this formula when coding within Google Sheets to display the day of the week corresponding to a certain date.

How can the WEEKDAY formula be commonly mistyped?
The formula can be mistyped as WEKDAY, or WEEKDDAY, or WEAKDDAY, or WEAKDAY, or WEEK, or WEEKDY, or WEEKDIY, or WEEKDOY, or WAAKDAY

What are some common ways the WEEKDAY formula is used inappropriately?
The formula should only be used to return a numerical value, corresponding to the day of the week. Attempting to use it to display specific text may not work as intended.  It's easy to think that the weekday will return either true or false. But that's not how the WEEKDAY formula works.

What are some common pitfalls when using the WEEKDAY formula?
The WEEKDAY formula requires a date. Additionally, if the date is entered in the wrong format the formula may not return the correct output. You might enter a date in a different format than it expects and the result will be wrong. But it's not an error, it's just the wrong day of the week, as a number, Than it should be.

What are common mistakes when using the WEEKDAY Formula?
A common mistake when using the WEEKDAY formula is failing to format the date correctly. Additionally, forgetting to use quotation marks will result in incorrect output.

The most common mistake when using the WEEKDAY formula is to forget that bad data will result in bad results. If your data is wrong the first place, there is no data veracity within WEEKDAY formula to say that your original date is wrong.  If it's wrongly formatted, like the day and the month are reversed, it won't tell you that.

You will have to ensure that the underlying data is correct for WEEKDAY to work as intended.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the WEEKDAY Formula?
A common misconception is that the WEEKDAY formula will return the name of the day of the week instead of the numerical value. Additionally, people may think that the formula will return either true or false, true if it is a weekday and false if it is a weekend. This is wrong.

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How To Actually Use WEEKDAY() in Sheets

WEEKDAY(date, [type])

1Better Sheets Tutorial

Create a year progress bar to see how much of the year is gone. Great motivational chart to watch count up to 100%.

Learn more about the WEEKDAY() formula:

How to use the WEEKDAY formula in Google Sheets

The WEEKDAY formula in Google Sheets returns the weekday value (usually ranging from 0 to 7) for a given date.

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