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How To Use VARP() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the variance based on an entire population.

Common Questions About the VARP Formula:

• What does the VARP formula do?
• How do I use the VARP formula?
• What is the syntax of the VARP formula?
• When should the VARP formula be used?

How Can the VARP Formula be Used Appropriately?

The VARP formula can be used to calculate the variance of a range of numbers. When used in this capacity, it takes two arguments: a range of numbers and a logical value, which represents whether the range includes the population or a sample of it.

How Can the VARP Formula be Commonly Mistyped?

Some of the most common mistakes when typing the VARP formula are making typos when entering the formula's syntax or leaving a space between the ""="" and the beginning of the formula. Additionally, it's important to remember that the VARP formula has an uppercase ""V"" and a lowercase ""a"".

What are some Common Ways the VARP Formula is used Inappropriately?

The VARP formula can be used in an inappropriate way if it is used to calculate mean values or to calculate the variance within an incomplete range of values. It's important to be sure that the range of values is complete before using the VARP formula.

What are some Common Pitfalls When Using the VARP Formula?

• Using the VARP formula on a range of numbers that is incomplete.
• Putting too many or too few arguments into the VARP formula.
• Not formatting the range of numbers correctly.
• Not adjusting the values to suit the logic being used.

What are Common Mistakes when Using the VARP Formula?

Some common mistakes when using the VARP formula are entering the wrong syntax, not following the syntax properly, and omitting the logical value when entering the formula.

What are Common Misconceptions People Might Have With the VARP Formula?

A common misconception about the VARP formula is that it only calculates the variance for a population rather than a sample. Another misconception is that the VARP formula only works with two arguments, when in fact it can take up to three arguments. Finally, some people mistakenly believe that the VARP formula can calculate the mean for a range of numbers, which is not the case."

How To Actually Use VARP() in Sheets

VARP(value1, value2)

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