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How To Use VAR.S() Function in Google Sheets


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Common questions about the VAR.S formula:
1. What does the VAR.S formula do?
2. What function does the VAR.S formula have in Google Sheets?
3. How do I calculate the sample variance with the VAR.S formula?

How can the VAR.S formula be used appropriately:
1. To calculate the sample variance in a given set of data, use the VAR.S formula in Google Sheets.
2. Ensure that the range of data listed is complete and accurate.
3. Enter the data range that the VAR.S formula will evaluate.

How can the VAR.S formula be commonly mistyped:
1. Make sure that the parentheses are correctly written and closed.
2. Check that there is a period before the “S” at the end of VAR.S.

What are some common ways the VAR.S formula is used inappropriately:
1. Using the VAR.S formula to calculate the mean instead of the variance.
2. Using the VAR.S formula to calculate the variance of a population instead of a sample.
3. Failing to use the correct data range when entering the VAR.S formula, resulting in incorrect values.

What are some common pitfalls when using the VAR.S formula:
1. Making sure that the data range used is accurate and complete.
2. Using the correct range of values when entering the VAR.S formula.
3. Confusing the function of the VAR.S formula with the MEAN function.

What are common mistakes when using the VAR.S Formula:
1. Not correctly indicating the range of data for the VAR.S formula.
2. Not including a period between the “VAR” and the “S” in the formula.
3. Not double-checking the range of data entered into the formula before calculating the sample variance.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the VAR.S Formula:
1. Thinking that the VAR.S formula calculates the mean instead of the variance.
2. Thinking the VAR.S formula calculates the variance for a population instead of for a sample.
3. Assuming that the VAR.S formula automatically connects all the selected data points, rather than requiring users to input a range of data.

How To Actually Use VAR.S() in Sheets

VAR.S(value1, [value2, ...])

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