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How To Use TRIM() Function in Google Sheets


Removes leading and trailing spaces in a specified string.

Common Questions about the TRIM Formula
• What does the TRIM formula do?
• How do I use the TRIM formula?
• What is the syntax of the TRIM formula?

How can the TRIM formula be used appropriately?
• The TRIM formula can be used to trim any leading or trailing spaces in a cell or range of cells before further calculations or manipulating.

How can the TRIM formula be commonly mistyped?
• The TRIM formula must use all capital letters, starting with TRIM. Common mistypes are writing trim in lowercase or leaving out some letters.

What are some common ways the TRIM formula is used inappropriately?
• The TRIM formula should only be used on text that contains leading or trailing spaces. It should not be used to modify the text of a cell, as this can lead to inaccurate data.

What are some common pitfalls when using the TRIM formula?
• One of the common pitfalls is forgetting to use the right syntax with proper capitalization. Also, TRIM should not be used to modify the text in a cell, only to eliminate the spaces at the beginning and the end of the cell's contents.

What are common mistakes when using the TRIM Formula?
• Common mistakes include omitting the capitalization, forgetting to use the TRIM() syntax, and applying the formula to cells with no white spaces.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the TRIM Formula?
• Some users may think the TRIM formula can modify or alter the content of the cell itself, but it can only be used on text that contains leading or trailing white spaces."

How To Actually Use TRIM() in Sheets


1Better Sheets Tutorial

In this video, I will show you how to clean up a list of names that may have extra white spaces using a formula. I will demonstrate how to identify and remove the extra spaces programmatically, making the list of names unique. By using the TRIM formula, we can easily clean up the names and create a new list with only the unique names. No action is required from you, just watch and learn!

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