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How To Use TEXTJOIN() Function in Google Sheets


Combines the text from multiple strings and/or arrays, with a specifiable delimiter separating the different texts. While the JOIN formula cannot skip empty cells, the TEXTJOIN formula can skip empty cells.

Common Questions About the TEXTJOIN Formula:
How does the TEXTJOIN formula work? Just like the JOIN formula but can also skip empty cells.

What types of elements can be combined using the TEXTJOIN formula? Strings.

How Can the TEXTJOIN Formula be Used Appropriately?
To join text and numbers across columns or rows. To clean up a range of data. To combine data from two spreadsheets into a single column or row

How Can the TEXTJOIN Formula be Commonly Mistyped?
It's common to mistype TEXTJOIN as TEXT JOIN, or TXT, or TXTJOIN, or TEXTJON, or TXTJON, or TEX JON, or TEXT JON.

What Are Some Common Ways the TEXTJOIN Formula is Used Inappropriately?
Using commas in the wrong places. Leaving out one of the arguments when entering the formula. Accidentally entering incorrect cell references. Mixing up the order of the arguments. Using the formula to add too many elements.

What Are Some Common Pitfalls When Using The TEXTJOIN Formula?Forgetting to adjust the delimiter as needed. You can use two quotes for a blank, but you might accidentily add a space when you really wanted nothing. Getting duplicates when joining multiple columns. Leaving out quotes in strings

What Are Common Mistakes When Using The TEXTJOIN Formula?
Not using the correct delimiter in the formula. TEXTJOIN does not check the veracity of your delimiter. If you use the wrong delimiter, that's up to you.

What Are Common Misconceptions People May Have With The TEXTJOIN Formula?
1.That it will only work on text strings.
2.That it only works for elements of the same type.
3.That it can only combine two elements.

How To Actually Use TEXTJOIN() in Sheets

TEXTJOIN(delimiter, ignore_empty, text1, [text2], …)

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