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How To Use TBILLEQ() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the equivalent annualized rate of return of a US Treasury Bill based on discount rate.

Common questions about the TBILLEQ formula include:
1. What does the TBILLEQ formula do?
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The TBILLEQ formula is used for calculating the true cost of a loan or bond, or the true yield of a loan or bond, by taking into account both the stated nominal rate and the periodic compounding of interest. Appropriate use of the formula requires entering the appropriate values correctly into each component.

The TBILLEQ formula can be commonly mistyped as TBILEQ, TBILLQE, TBLLEQ or also due to its complex components. A typographical error such as spelling the formula incorrectly, incorrectly using variables, or not including parenthesis or other symbols, can render the formula inoperable.

Common ways the TBILLEQ formula is used inappropriately include incorrect data types input such as entering numbers as text or entering text where a number is expected. Another use of the formula that produces inaccuracies is entering a period frequency such as Daily or Weekly without having the daily or weekly earning calculations taken into account.

Common pitfalls when using the TBILLEQ formula include forgetting to enter the formula in the conventional form, which may lead to a calculation error. In addition, not providing all of the necessary components will render the formula as numerical errors or #VALUE! results.

Common mistakes when using the TBILLEQ Formula include forgetting or incorrectly entering important components such as values, functions and operators. It is also important to check the results of the formula to make sure it is producing the expected and correct results.

Common misconceptions people might have with the TBILLEQ Formula include not understanding how to use the formula correctly, believing they can calculate the effective yield of a loan or bond without using the formula, or believing the results of the formula are wrong.

How To Actually Use TBILLEQ() in Sheets

TBILLEQ(settlement, maturity, discount)

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TBILLEQ function in Excel

The TBILLEQ function in Microsoft® Excel is used to calculate the bond-equivalent yield for a Treasury Bill. Follow the steps given in this video to use the TBILLEQ function in Microsoft® Excel.

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