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How To Use SLN() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the depreciation of an asset for one period using the straight-line method.

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  • What is the SLN formula?
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The SLN formula can be used to calculate the straight-line depreciation of an asset over a specified period of time. When used appropriately, the SLN formula takes the initial purchase price of the asset, the salvage value of the asset at the end of its lifecycle, and the number of accounting periods in the asset’s lifecycle as inputs, and then produces the proper depreciation amount for each accounting period.

The SLN formula can be commonly mistyped due to its complexity. The formula begins with “=SLN” and should be followed closely in order for the formula to produce the correct output. This mistake can be easily avoided by using the “Insert Function” dialog box and then double-checking the supplied inputs in the formula.

Common ways the SLN formula is used inappropriately include not including all of the inputs needed to produce a result, using incorrect inputs to produce a result, or incorrectly formatting the formula.

Common pitfalls when using the SLN formula include calculating depreciation amounts incorrectly due to incorrect inputs or formula errors, not fully understanding the implications of the formula, or not using the SLN formula appropriately for the asset in question.

Common mistakes when using the SLN Formula include incorrect inputs, incorrect calculations due to formula errors, incorrect formatting of the formula, or incorrect understanding of the implications of the SLN formula.

Common misconceptions people might have with the SLN Formula include assuming that all assets depreciate the same and can use the same SLN formula, assuming that the SLN formula works for all types of assets, or assuming that the SLN formula does not factor in salvage value at the end of the asset’s life.

How To Actually Use SLN() in Sheets

SLN(cost, salvage, life)

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