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How To Use REGEXREPLACE() Function in Google Sheets


Replaces part of a text string with a different text string using regular expressions.

Common Questions About the REGEXREPLACE Formula:
Q1: What is the REGEXREPLACE formula?
Q2: How does the REGEXREPLACE formula work?
Q3: What are some practical uses of the REGEXREPLACE formula?

How Can the REGEXREPLACE Formula Be Used Appropriately?
The REGEXREPLACE formula can be used to search and replace parts of a text string based on certain search terms, pattern matching, and regular expressions. This can be used to convert text strings into custom formats, validate data, automate tedious tasks, and more.

How Can the REGEXREPLACE Formula Be Commonly Mistyped?
Common mistypings of the REGEXREPLACE formula include mistyping the formula’s name as REGEXPALCE, or REGEX  or REGEXPALC instead of “REGEXREPLACE”. Other mistypings of the formula can include leaving out the “RE” part when referring to the formula. Or you can misttype it by typing out "REGULAREXPRESSIONREPLACE". Other ways to misttype are REGEXRE, or REGEXREPLICATE, or REPLACEREGEX, or REPLACEGEX.

What Are Some Common Ways the REGEXREPLACE Formula Is Used Inappropriately?
Some common uses of the REGEXREPLACE formula that are not recommended include editing cell formulas directly, instead of using the formula in an automated data processing workflow. Additionally, attempting to substitute entire rows or columns of data with the REGEXREPLACE formula can cause errors and unintended outcomes.

What Are Some Common Pitfalls When Using the REGEXREPLACE Formula?
Common pitfalls of the REGEXREPLACE formula include failing to properly define a pattern to search for (commonly known as a “regular expression”) when using this function. Additionally, using overly complicated search terms and patterns can make it difficult to debug errors in the formula’s results, or even cause the formula to fail entirely.

What Are Common Mistakes When Using the REGEXREPLACE Formula?
Common mistakes made when using the REGEXREPLACE formula include using incorrect or incomplete search terms, failing to include necessary escape characters, and neglecting to use the formula with an automated data processing workflow.

What Are Common Misconceptions People Might Have With the REGEXREPLACE Formula?
Common misconceptions with the REGEXREPLACE formula include believing that it is only suitable for text strings, and believing that the formula is difficult to use even though it is relatively straightforward and easy to learn.

How To Actually Use REGEXREPLACE() in Sheets

REGEXREPLACE(text, regular_expression, replacement)

1Better Sheets Tutorial

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Google Sheets - RegEx REGEXREPLACE, Functions Exctract, Replace, Match Tutorial - Part 3

Video tutorial series about Google Sheets RegEx functions, how to work with text suing REGEXEXTRACT, REGEXMATCH, REGEXREPLACE functions. You will learn all the basics of regular expression, how to extract text using REGEXEXTRACT, how to replace text using REGEXREPLACE, how to make logical tests and use it for conditional formatting using REGEXMATCH. Unfortunately these functions are not available in Microsoft Excel.

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